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Joe Lynn Turner - Belly Of The Beast
Releasedate: October 28, 2022
feat. Joe Lynn Turner

After selling millions of records, playing to countless fans, and fronting some of the most influential rock bands in history, Joe Lynn Turner, joining forces with producer Peter Tägtgren, speaks his mind as loudly as possible on his eleventh full-length offering and Mascot Label Group debut, "Belly Of The Beast".

Deep Purple - Live in Verona 2011
Releasedate: October 28, 2022
feat. Roger Glover & Don Airey

This concert was recorded at the the Arena di Verona, a Roman amphitheater originally built in 30 AD, on 18 July 2011. Released before in Japan on 2CD. DVD in 2014 by Eagle Rock Entertainment. The audio album was released on October 8, 2014 by Ward Records. Ear Music will re-release it on 2CD on October 28, 2022.

Sunstorm - Still Roaring: The Studio Session
Releasedate: October 21, 2022
feat. Ronnie Romero

On the heels of their newest studio album, "Brothers In Arms", Sunstorm have released a special new live release, "Still Roaring: The Studio Session". Includes performances of songs from the band's two most recent releases as well as previous ones.

Deep Purple - Live in Tokyo 2001
Releasedate: October 7, 2022
feat. Roger Glover & Ronnie James Dio

Deep Purple's stay in Tokyo is unique thanks to a cooperation with celebrated conductor Paul Mann, the Shin Nihon Philharmonic Select Orchestra and none other than Ronnie James Dio. It contains a full-length rendition of Jon Lord's masterful three-piece 'Concerto'.

Deep Purple - Live in Hong Kong 2001
Releasedate: October 7, 2022
feat. Roger Glover

'Live In Hong Kong 2001' features Deep Purple on top of their game, in the midst of their Asia Tour in 2001. On March 20th, they took to the stage in Hong Kong's Coliseum, the city's largest concert hall at the time. Here, we see Purple as a raw and immediate live-act, without background singers, guest vocals, added string quartets or any other bells and whistles.

La Paz - For One Night Only
Releasedate: September 30, 2022
feat. Doogie White

For One Night Only was recorded in March 2016 in The Cathouse, Glasgow. Release date is midnight 30th September 2022 and should be available in digital format on all major platforms for download or streaming from that date. CD options may be available in future.

Deep Purple - Extras: The Now What?! B-Sides And Bonus Songs
Releasedate: September 8, 2022
feat. Roger Glover & Don Airey

Extras: The Now What?! B-Sides And Bonus Songs" is a digital compilation that is available on all streaming platforms as well as a specially priced digital download via earMUSIC. This compilation has rare tracks with b-sides, bonus songs and a live track.

Ruffyunz - Ruffyunz II
Releasedate: August 30, 2022
feat. Bobby Rondinelli & Don Airey

Ruffyunz is a partnership between Randy Pratt (Cactus/The Lizards), Emmy winning engineer JZ Barrell, and singer Ed Terry and a collection of drum, guitar and keyboard masters. Guest artists featured on the band’s new album “Ruffyunz II” are Bobby Rondinelli, Don Airey, Dave Meniketti, Pat Thrall, Tracy G. & Joel Hoekstra.

Deep Purple - Bombay Calling
Releasedate: August 26, 2022
feat. Roger Glover

Deep Purple's 'Bombay Calling - Live in '95' is remastered and released in August 2022. This live take had only been available on bootleg-quality DVD so far. 'Bombay Calling' was recorded in early 1995 and is one of the first shows Deep Purple played with Steve Morse showcasing some of the new material that would later make it onto 'Purpendicular'.

Alcatrazz - The Official Bootleg Boxset Vol 2 1983-1984
Releasedate: August 26, 2022
feat. Graham Bonnet

Second collection of rare and unreleased live recordings by Alcatrazz. Live Recordings from Huntingdon Beach California 1983, Osaka Japan 1984, Albuquerque New Mexico 1984, Cleveland Ohio 1984 and Jackson New Jersey 1984 plus three instrumental demo tracks.

Sunstorm - Brothers In Arms
Releasedate: August 12, 2022
feat. Ronnie Romero

Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release of "Brothers In Arms", the new Sunstorm album, the second to feature new lead vocalist Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, Michael Schenker, Lords of Black). Romero's debut album with Sunstorm, “Afterlife” was released in early 2021.

Intelligent Music Project - Unconditioned
Releasedate: July 27, 2021
feat. Ronnie Romero

The legendary Simon Phillips (TOTO, Protocol) returns as percussionist and musical co-producer of the new album, while the lead vocalist on this release will again be one of the most popular names in rock music today: Ronnie Romero (Rainbow, MSG). This will be Romero’s third album with Intelligent Music Project.

Taz Taylor Band - Nocturnal
Releasedate: July 15, 2022
feat. Graham Bonnet, Doogie White

Guitarist Taz Taylor, already familiar to many in the hard rock world via his previous albums "Welcome To America", "Straight Up" and 2017's "Pressure & Time" is back with his latest album "Nocturnal" Featuring some of rock's finest vocalists: Doogie White, Graham Bonnet, David Reece, Mark Boals & Chandler Mogel.

Michael Schenker Group - Universal
Releasedate: May 27, 2022
feat. Ronnie Romero, Tony Carey, Bobby Rondinelli & Bob Daisley

Michael Schenker Group announces new studio album, Universal, to be released on May 27th via Atomic Fire Records. With a tribute ('Calling Baal'/'A King Has Gone') to the immortal Ronnie James Dio featuring ex-Rainbow members Tony Carey, Bobby Rondinelli and Bob Daisley. Ronnie Romero is also present on a number of tracks on this album.

Graham Bonnet Band - Day Out In Nowhere
Releasedate: May 13, 2022
feat. Graham Bonnet, Don Airey

"Day Out In Nowhere" will be the Graham Bonnet Band's third release with Frontiers Music Srl, following the well-received and critically praised "The Book" and "Meanwhile, Back In The Garage". It also sees performance and co-writing guest appearances from Jeff Loomis, John Tempesta, Mike Tempesta, Roy Z and Don Airey, to name a few.

Ted Nugent - Detroit Muscle
Releasedate: April 29, 2022
feat. Greg Smith

Ted Nugent's upcoming album is called Detroit Muscle and is slated for release on April 29, 2022 via Pavement Music. The album is produced by Michael Lutz and Nugent. Detroit Muscle is available for pre-order on CD, vinyl, and has special t-shirt bundles.

Axel Rudi Pell - Lost XXIII
Releasedate: April 15, 2022
feat. Bobby Rondinelli

Axel Rudi Pell's new album Lost XXIII consists of ten brand-new songs (plus intro) and will be available as a digipak, CD, double vinyl album, strictly limited box set and for digital download. Lost XXIII is Pell's 21st studio recording and – like all previous albums in his 33-year solo career – will be out on Steamhammer/SPV.

Ronnie Romero - Raised On Radio
Releasedate: April 15, 2022
feat. Ronnie Romero

Ronnie Romero has announced the release of a unique covers album, "Raised On Radio". The album features covers of classics that have meant something special to Romero. Songs by legendary acts like Survivor, Bad Company, Foreigner, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and more are given Romero's talented vocal treatment here.

Bible Black - The Complete Recordings 1981-1983
Releasedate: April 14, 2022
feat. Craig Gruber, Gary Driscoll & Mickey Lee Soule

Bible Black was an East Coast American band formed by former Elf/Rainbow musicians Gary Driscoll and Craig Gruber, along with Andrew 'Duck' McDonald. Bible Black are one of the best kept secrets of the US Metal scene from the early 80's, their album "The Complete Recordings 1981-1983" will be released on April 14th 2022 via Louder Than Loud Records.

Legacy - A Tribute to Leslie West
Releasedate: March 25, 2022
feat. Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie Romero & Bobby Rondinelli

Legacy: A Tribute To Leslie West features 12 songs recorded by Leslie West's friends and also artists who were directly influenced by him featuring Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie Romero & Bobby Rondinelli. Leslie West died three days before Christmas on 22nd December 2020 from a cardiac arrest. He was 75 years old.

Star One - Revel In Time
Releasedate: February 18, 2022
feat. Joe Lynn Turner & Jens Johansson

Arjen Lucassen (Ayreon) is back with a new Star One album titled Revel In Time. The new album comes more than 10 years since the previous release and is due out on February 18, 2022 on InsideOutMusic. CD 2 features alternate versions of the same songs as CD 1, but with different vocalists.

The Ferrymen - One More River To Cross
Releasedate: January 21, 2022
feat. Ronnie Romero

The Ferrymen have become an established name amongst European melodic metal fans after their first two successful albums and said fans should now prepare themselves for album three! The trio, formed by Magnus Karlsson, vocalist Ronnie Romero and thunderous drummer Mike Terrana have wrapped up work on "One More River To Cross".

Tony Martin - Thorns
Releasedate: January 14, 2022
feat. Greg Smith

The year 2022 is off to a fantastic start with the upcoming release by Tony Martin's "Thorns" on Battlegod Productions. The release has been long anticipated after Martin’s last solo effort in 2005 titled Scream. Tony Martin has co-written the album with guitarist Scott McClellan, recruiting Danny Needham (drums), Magnus Rosén (bass) and Greg Smith (bass).