La Paz
For One Night Only


1. Introduction - Tom Russell
2.Too Good To Lose
3. This Boy
4. Lesson In Love
4. Little Black Book Of Songs
5. Don't Drink With The Devil
6. De La Luz/Devil In Disguise
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Daughter Of Time
9. Light The Fire
10. Kill The King

Line up:

Doogie White - vocals
Chic McSherry - guitar
Alex Carmichael - bass
Andy Mason - keyboards
Paul McManus - drums

Record Label / Year of Release:

Digital Release 2022


Release Notes:

For One Night Only was recorded in March 2016 in The Cathouse, Glasgow. Release date - midnighth 30th September 2022 and should be available in digital format on all major platforms for download or streaming from that date. CD options may be available in future.


Back in the day, La Paz were a formidable live act from when they formed in 1984 right up until they split in 1988, playing hundreds of gigs up and down the country: (memorably) from one man and a dog in a bar near the town of Lanark all the way up to London's legendary Marquee Club, as well as outdoors to thousands of roaring fans at festivals in Kelvingrove Park and Milton Keynes. They earned their chops and they walked the talk.

Since reforming in 2009 (just for fun), La Paz focussed more on recording some well received studio albums: Granite (2012); The Dark And The Light (2013) and Shut Up And Rawk (2016). During this period they only played live on a few occassions in various venues around the UK, almost always for one night only with all gate proceeds going to charity. When planning a live album, most bands rehearse for several weeks (if not months), are generally at the zenith of their career and are playing at their tightest. The production crew are also on top of their game and the sound, lights and everything that goes into a professional touring act is running like a well-oiled machine. And, although it's all supposed to be live, we all know it's normally a composite of several shows which are then "remixed" (i.e. re-recorded) in a studio to add some polish. Well...this album is none of those things.

La Paz hadn't played together since they headlined the opening night of Hard Rock Hell in 2014. Prior to the Cathouse gig, they had 2 night's rehearsal together and they had never worked with the stage and sound crew before. In other words, what you get on For One Night Only is the best they had to give on the night. Same as it ever was in La Paz: you either knew your shit or you bombed. There was never much room for error. Which is as it should be - right? After the show, the album was mixed within a matter of weeks in Empire Studios, Frankfurt by the incredible Rolf Munkes...and then the record company decided not to release it.

Shit happens

After that the band all got busy with their other lives - that is just how La Paz works: they only speak when they have something to say (although it's usually worth hearing). So the live mix sat there...and sat there...until Chic decided it was time to make some noise again. And here it is - warts and all - For One Night Only.

Loud is best. Alcohol smoothes out the bum notes. Play it as a full album in track order so that you get the feeling of being at the gig yourself. If you were there on the night some good memories await. If you weren't, well you better listen hard cos who knows if they will ever do it again...but never say never, right?


Rhona Walters - management, love and support
Tom Russell - for being the Godfather of Rock and MC on the night.
Rolf Munkes - the best ears in the business
Davy Waugh and Robert Fields - for always taking a chance and booking us when others didn't
Lorna MacAnespie - photography
Steven Blood - cover art
The Gun Crew - stage and sound Wee Davy and Dante - merch (the one before April)
Produced by Chic McSherry
Mixed and Mastered by Rolf Munkes
(Lightly) Remastered by Chic McSherry (so blame him if it sounds shite...)