New Roger Glover solo cd "If Life Was Easy" out in July

If Life Was Easy is the fifth solo album by Deep Purple's bass player Roger Glover. It will be published by EarMusic/Edel on July 8, 2011. The album was recorded in 2007 but due to personal reasons it wasn't released until now. Like its predecessor, Snapshot (2002), it features The Guilty Party which includes Randall Bramblett and Gillian Glover. Guest appearances are from Nazareth's Dan McCafferty and Pete Agnew as well as Walther Galley and Sahaj Ticotin.


"Don't Look Now (Everything Has Changed)" (Glover/Bramblett)
"Box Of Tricks" (Glover)
"Moonlight" (Glover)
"The Car Won't Start" (Glover)
"The Dream I Had" (Glover)
"Stand Together" (Glover/Bramblett)
"If Life Was Easy" (Glover)
"Welcome To The Moon" (Glover)
"Set Your Imagination Free" (Glover/Glover)
"When Life Gets To The Bone" (Glover)
"When The Day Is Done" (Glover)
"Staring Into Space" (Glover)
"Get Away (Can't Let You)" (Glover/Glover)
"The Ghost Of Your Smile" (Glover)
"Cruel World" (Glover)
"Feel Like A King" (Glover)

Roger Glover notes about the album

This hodgepodge collection of songs reveals or obscures a range of emotions over a turbulent decade; separation, divorce, injustice, uncertainty, new love, escape, fatherhood, grand-fatherhood, emigration, touring and losing my mother are some of the extreme highs and lows during this storm-tossed period. All were written wherever I was living – on a MacPro with ProTools and a few instruments and gadgets – extra musicians were added in the studio as needed. By the way, I know that it should be If Life Were Easy – it’s a subtle irony.

I am most grateful to The Guilty Party, my collaborators, whose patience and talent has graced these humble efforts; Joe Bonadio – musical director, Randall Bramblett, Oz Noy, Nicky Moroch, Joe Mennonna. My guests; Gillian Glover, Dan Cafferty, Pete Agnew, Walther Gallay, Mickey Lee Soule, Sahaj Ticotin, Sim Jones, Don Airey, Eliot Denenberg, Harvey Jones.

Roger Glover, May 2011


Roger Glover - bass, vocals, baglama, guitar, piano, programming, percussion, harmonica, synthesizer
Randall Bramblett – vocals, keyboards, saxophone
Joe Bonadio – drums, percussion, electric drill
Oz Noy – guitars
Harvey Jones – syntesizers
Eliot Denenberg – drums, guitar atmosphere
Joe Mennonna – horns, horn arrangement
Nick Moroch – guitar
Dan McCafferty – vocals
Pete Agnew - vocals
Gillian Glover – vocals
Walther Galley – vocals
Mickey Lee Soule – vocals
Sahaj Ticotin – vocals
Sim Jones - strings, string arrangement
Don Airey – pianet

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Roger Glover announces New Solo Album title

DEEP PURPLE bassist Roger Glover has posted a lengthy update on his official web site. An excerpt follows:

"The U.S. tour is over and we're now scattered all over the place like autumn leaves in the breeze. Most people go away for their holidays — we go home.

"The best perk of what I do is to travel. I remember as a kid thinking that I would never ever be able to afford a ticket to America, that mythical land where great music came from. It seemed such an impossible dream. Some time later, in 1972, I became blasι about it, bored, sitting in a lounge at Heathrow on the verge of yet another DEEP PURPLE American tour — spoiled rotten. These days I relish the thought of travelling and never lose sight of the fact that I am lucky enough to be places that most will never see. As if that wasn't enough we receive such welcomes when we get there. What did I do right?

"Anyway, it's been a busy year of touring (how unusual!) but earlier, in January, I started work on my next solo project. Peter Denenberg is again my engineer and co-producer and we spent five days in Acme Studios in Mamaroneck, New York laying down tracks. It sounds like a lot in five days but I had a lot of the material already recorded in demo form on my home system (Mac, ProTools, a couple of microphones, assorted guitars, basses, keyboards, tea and smokes). A couple of these demos will probably not be touched. Several were enhanced by the 'band' and the rest we recorded from scratch, live in the studio. The musicians present were Randall Bramblett (vocals, keyboards, sax), Joe Bonadio (drums and percussion), Oz Noy (guitars), and Gillian Glover (vocals and co-writer of some of the songs). Extra work was done by Harvey Jones (who specializes in creative keyboard noises) and Joe Mennonna (sax and arrangements). Of the roughly twenty-three original ideas I started out with, only about fourteen remain as I have thrown out the weakest. The vocals so far feature Randall, Gillian and me. I include some snapshots from the studio.

"Touring with DEEP PURPLE put a halt to my solo album although I continue to tinker with it on the few days I get to be home. My hope is to finish it over the winter and have it ready by early next year. The title (of course, always subject to a second look) is 'Close-Up'."

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