Greg Smith reveals on Facebook it's over for Over The Rainbow

Last Monday Greg Smith posted on his Facebook page the message "RIP OTR!".

His answer to a fan who asked "why?" is "Good point, and good question my friend.. I have no good answer as to why we couldn't keep it together.. There are problems but in my opinion not big enough ones to finish the band.. .. But I'm only one member!"

[source: Greg Smith on Facebook - April 11, 2011]

Some personal words from Jürgen Blackmore:

Hey Friends, I am sorry to tell you this bad news, but there was no way tokeep this band together. It wasn´t something, no....WE ARE STILL FRIENDS!!! It was just the missing free time for this project.

But, I promise, I still will be playing live for you, but not under this NAME and not in this FORMATION. In the future, my focus is based on MY music.... but of course I will keep playing the Rainbow and Deep Purple music for you. The new project is called J.R.BLACKMORE & FRIENDS. We are in the studio now creating new music to share with you!

After I finish my new ALBUM at the end of 2011, I will start playing live again! Maybe you will be surprised in some cases... so you can wait eagerly. ;-) I would be very happy to see you again and THANK YOU for supporting me.

Cheers, J.R.Blackmore

[source: J.R.Blackmore Official site - May 16, 2011]

Free tickets to win for the Over The Rainbow gig in Malmö

Blackmore's Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club launched a competition to win 2 free tickets for the Over The Rainbow gig in Malmö.

"In order to make Over The Rainbow’s return to Sweden even more festive we’re having a competition in collaboration with KB, in which two lucky fans will be fortunate enough to win 2 tickets each to the concert in Malmo 13 October."

To be in with a chance of winning, simply answer the questions below along with your name and city in an email to no later than 2 October. Please put "OTR Malmo" in the subject line.

1. What was the title of the first Rainbow album with Joe Lynn Turner?
2. Bobby Rondinelli has played at KB before as a support act to Glenn Hughes. What was the name of that band?

Winners will be selected at random from all those who have answered the questions correctly, and will be informed by email. Only one entry per person.

Clue: All answers are available at the site. Good luck!

[thanks to: Paul Deblond - Blackmore's Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club:]

Do you have any questions for Joe Lynn Turner and Bobby Rondinelli?

Blackmore's Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club wants to let you know: To celebrate that Over The Rainbow returns to Sweden for two more shows this year, we have been granted an exclusive interview with both Joe Lynn Turner and Bobby Rondinelli. And the best part of it is that you the fans are free to send in your questions for Joe and Bobby. So please send in your questions no later than 15 August to:

I know it's a bit of short notice. However, I'll try to stretch the date if Joe's and Bobby's schedule will allow it. If so, I'll let you know. Looking forward to your questions.


You now can find both questions and answers on

[thanks to: Paul Deblond - Blackmore's Night Official Scandinavian Fan Club:]

Tony Carey has left Over The Rainbow - USA Dates with Paul Morris on Keyboards

Press Release:


(New York, NY) After he received a great reception from over 12,000 fans at the Sweden Rock Festival, Over The Rainbow has officially added keyboardist Paul Morris to the band's roster for several USA concert dates in July. Like all members of OVER THE RAINBOW (with the exception of guitarist Jurgen "J.R." Blackmore), Morris was also part of RAINBOW as he recorded and toured with the band from 1994 through 1997.

Confirmed dates:
July 3: Toyota Park, Bridgeview IL, USA
July 4: Downtown Street Festival, El Paso TX, USA
July 6: Ocean City Music Pier, Ocean City NJ, USA
July 8: DTE Energy Music Theatre/Palace Sports and Entertainment, Auburn Hills MI, USA
July 10: Crocodile Rock Cafe, Allentown PA, USA
July 11: The Stone Pony, Asbury Park NJ, USA

Keyboardist Tony Carey has left the band and all of the members of Over The Rainbow, its management and staff wish Tony much success in all of his future endeavors. They emphasize that there is no ill will toward Tony and they all respect his decision.

Over The Rainbow would like to take the time to thank all of their fans for their incredible and loyal support and look forward to bringing the great music of all eras of Rainbow to the USA next month and to Russia and Europe in the fall.

Over The Rainbow is:
Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984)
Drums: Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983)
Bass: Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997)
Guitar: Jurgen ("J.R.") Blackmore

[thanks to: Lisa Walker (Virtual Assistant to Joe Lynn Turner)]

Over The Rainbow Announces Temporary Change to Roster for Sweden Rock Festival


(New York, NY):
Over The Rainbow adds Ex-Rainbow Keyboardist Paul Morris to the band's roster on the following tour date:

Sweden Rock Festival - June 4
Headlining Sweden Stage

Tony Carey, the original and permanent keyboardist for the band, is unavailable to perform on this date. After the return from the successful Over The Rainbow Japan tour, Carey developed a gastrointestinal disorder that requires immediate treatment. His doctors have recommended that he refrain from touring and travelling for a short period of time.

Carey and the other members agreed that for the sake of the fans' demand to see Over The Rainbow, that the 'show must go on' at Sweden Rock Festival as long as the integrity of the band's concept remained intact.

Like all members of Over The Rainbow (EXCEPT Jurgen Blackmore), Paul Morris was also a member of Rainbow. He recorded and toured with them from 1994 through 1997. Morris looks forward to playing the great Rainbow classics from all Rainbow eras just as he did during his tenure with the band.

Over The Rainbow is:

Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984)
Drums: Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983)
Bass: Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997)
Guitar: Jurgen ("J.R.") Blackmore
Keyboards: Tony Carey (Rainbow 1975-1978)
(Sweden Rock Festival) Keyboards: Paul Morris (Rainbow 1994-1997)

[thanks to: Lisa Walker (Virtual Assistant to Joe Lynn Turner)]

OTR will do an official signing session at June 4th - Sweden Rock Festival

OTR-Signing Session at Sweden Rock Fest

WHERE: The Rock Shop
WHEN: 6:30 PM (18:30) local time
NOTE: Session will be limited to 25 minutes

Please contact The Rock Shop directly for any rules and other information.

[thanks to: Lisa Walker & Lorna]

Over the Rainbow announces concert dates in Japan

Press Release: January 20, 2009

(New York, NY-USA) Over The Rainbow, the new project featuring former Rainbow musicians and a second generation Blackmore on guitar, will take the stage in Japan this spring.

April 27: Namba Hatch (Osaka)
April 29: Diamond Hall (Nagoya)
May 1: Kosei-Nenkin Hall (Tokyo)

Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984)
Guitar: Jurgen ("J.R.") Blackmore
Keyboards: Tony Carey (Rainbow 1975-1977)
Drums: Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1982)
Bass: Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997)

For Japanese fans, this will be their first glimpse at the younger Blackmore in their country. Jurgen, "J.R." Blackmore, son of the founder of Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore, is looking forward to handling guitar duties for Over The Rainbow in a country that has always embraced the melodic hard rock sound that made Rainbow famous. He says, "I have never been to Japan before but it was always my big dream. So, my dream comes true, to meet the Japanese Rock fans live."

Drummer Bobby Rondinelli reminisces, "Japan was always like a second home for Rainbow and I'm really looking forward to going home with Over The Rainbow."

Some of the most memorable shows in Rainbow?s history took place at the legendary Budokan arena. Singer Joe Lynn Turner recalls, "Those concerts at the Budokan were among the greatest highlights of my career. I have since gone back and played many shows in Japan as a solo artist and with other projects. The audiences in Japan are among the best in the world. They have kept the spirit of classic melodic hard rock alive."

Keyboardist Tony Carey adds, "The last time I played in Japan was in 1976 with Rainbow. I had a great time and now, all these years later, we're coming back to rock the house down. You might not need to lock up your daughters anymore-but wear heavy shoes or we'll blow you off your feet.?

[thanks to: Lisa Walker, Virtual Assistant to Joe Lynn Turner AND Over The Rainbow]

First Over the Rainbow date in Russia announced

The first date of the new Rainbow tribute "Over The Rainbow" has been announced. The band with Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Carey, Bobby Rondinelli, Greg Smith and Jürgen R. Blackmore will play the B1 Maximum in Moscow on February 18th.

The venue's website announces the band as "Rainbow" Featuring Jürgen Richard Blackmore.

Ritchie Blackmore agreed and told Jürgen to do Over The Rainbow

Dear friends, today i want directly talk to you.

Maybe some of you read, that I am going back on Tour with "Over The Rainbow". In case of this I want to tell you some background information. I did get a phone call for a couple of time where Joe and Bobby ask me if I would like to do this Project.

I said…please give me some time... I will think about it: Actually I never liked to do something like this!

In this time I did often get phone calls... so I went to my dad. We both talked about this Project and he said: Go on... do it.

That was the first step in this direction.

After that I was reading in the web, talked to Fans, and many different people about this and all of them said: Please Do it! In the End I also meet people who never had the chance to see Rainbow live and they all told me what a big wish it is to see this Band live... I thought ok... that’s it and meet Joe in Germany. We both talked about everything and in case that Joe is such a nice guy I said in the end: YES OK!

In this Project I don’t want to present me or put on my father’s shoes or even lay on his back... NO

It is only for millions of rock fans who always had this dream to see this Band live. I am not my Father and I "NEVER" can replace him, but i will try to give these Fans one time the chance to see this Thing happen... because my Dad, never will do Rainbow again, he is lucky and happy with his new style ….but i will try my best and hope you will enjoy it.

All these Things gave me the feeling to do this thing and stay to this decision.

So for all Fans who want to enjoy this great musicians like: Tony Carey, Joe Lynn Turner, Bobby Rondinelli and Greg Smith together with me on stage, I am very happy and proud to bring this present to all of you.

For all fans and who wanna be in the future Yes... I am happy to see you all at these shows.

Take care
J.R.Blackmore (Rock´n Roll)

[source: J.R.Blackmore Official Site

Press release: Ex-Rainbow Members Unite for OVER THE RAINBOW:

---Press Release---

Ex-Rainbow Members Unite for OVER THE RAINBOW: J.R. BLACKMORE---son of Ritchie Blackmore---on guitar

(New York, NY-USA) Former Rainbow musicians Joe Lynn Turner, Tony Carey, Bobby Rondinelli and Greg Smith have united with a second generation Blackmore to form Over The Rainbow.

Over The Rainbow is:
Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow 1980-1984)
Keyboards: Tony Carey (Rainbow 1975-1978)
Drums: Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow 1980-1983)
Bass: Greg Smith (Rainbow 1994-1997)
Guitar: Jürgen ("J.R.") Blackmore

Carey, who has produced several artists including Joe Cocker and David Knopfler since his Rainbow days says, "Having done everything from country to opera, I thought it would be fun to play some rock again without the burden of singing everything."

Rondinelli adds, "Over the Rainbow re-unites members of one of the most distinctive sounding bands of all time and introduces a hidden treasure to the world in J.R. Blackmore."

The son of the iconic Rainbow founder/guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, is Jurgen ("J.R.") Blackmore. J.R. is a critically acclaimed guitarist in his own right and agreed to join this endeavor after realizing how intense the demand was for a Rainbow "reunion." Over The Rainbow marks the first time that four members from three different eras of Rainbow will take the stage together along with J.R. Blackmore.

Rainbow has spawned over 20 albums (five Gold, four Silver), seven Billboard Hot 100 and Mainstream Rock tracks, six Top 75 UK songs and at least seven MTV frequently played videos. Their longest tenure was from its inception through 1984 when it went on hiatus so Blackmore could reform Deep Purple. A decade later, Rainbow toured and recorded an album. Since then, Ritchie Blackmore has turned his focus toward Blackmore’s Night.

Since 1998, former members of Rainbow and their respective management offices have been bombarded with requests for Rainbow to reunite. Carey, Rondinelli, Smith and Turner answered "the call" but agreed that the only legitimate way that this could be accomplished was with a Blackmore on guitar. Enter: J.R. Blackmore.

How does the younger Blackmore feel about sharing the stage with musicians he grew up watching perform in concert with his legendary father? "I have not worked with them," says Blackmore, "But, I have admired them since I was young. That makes them like brothers.”

Greg Smith agrees that the market for Rainbow’s brand of rock is under served. "I know there is a big demand for this music,” he says, “The fact that all members are ex-Rainbow from different periods in the band's history will give the music the integrity it deserves. A Blackmore on guitar will give it even more authenticity."

While Joe Lynn Turner has fond memories of collaborating with and great respect for Ritchie Blackmore, he's looking forward to working with his son. He states, “J.R. is the only logical choice for the guitar slot for Over The Rainbow. I have followed some of his projects over the years now. He's very talented."

Over the Rainbow will begin touring in Russia during February of 2009.

[thanks to: Lisa Walker, Virtual Assistant to Joe Lynn Turner AND Over The Rainbow]

Jürgen Blackmore to tour with ex-Rainbow members as Over The Rainbow

It looks like the hotly debated Purple Rainbow story is getting an unexpected twist. A press release from Russian promoters Prestige Concert states that the new band will be called Over The Rainbow and will consist of:

Joe Lynn Turner — vocals
Bobby Rondinelli — drums
Tony Carey — keyboards
Greg Smith — bass
Jürgen Blackmore — guitar (yes, Ritchie’s son)

The band is said to start its world tour in February in Russia.

[thanks to: Rob Fodder, The Highway Star &]

TONY CAREY: "I wasn't aware of another band with the name Purple Rainbow"

Tony Carey told us he wasn't aware of the Dutch tribute band with the same name. He said: "the world's a big place - I doubt if we'll be playing the same venues... :)".

On our question if the band already had their eye on a bassplayer? he surprisingly replied: "I think I'll play bass myself, actually".

[thanks to: Tony Carey]


Line-Up: Joe Lynn Turner ­ Rainbow / Deep Purple; Bobby Rondinelli - Rainbow / Black Sabbath; Tony Carey - Rainbow / Planet P. Project; Craig Goldy ­ Dio.

Press Release / Purple Rainbow ­ Vintage ­ The Hardrock Years! Purple Rainbow features an incredible line-up of musicians from the most famous bands in hard rock. They were the cornerstones of a stellar array of hard rock superbands, from Deep Purple and Rainbow to Black Sabbath and Dio.

Now the members of Purple Rainbow have fulfilled a personal and professional dream and stepped into the spotlight to present the music that is their passion. Driven by their love of performing and their desire to revive the golden years of hard rock, they're staging a return to authentic music that comes from the heart and soul. Every individual member a winner, together they're an unstoppable force. No doubt about it - this is the most spectacular new band of the year.

The list of their classic songs is never-ending - "Man on the Silver Mountain", "Stargazer", "Long Live Rock 'n' Roll", "Smoke on the Water", "Highway Star", "Burn", "Tarot Woman"...

The music is at the core of hard rock's musical heritage. The name "Purple Rainbow" says it all. Vintage hard rock from the people who invented it! Why book a copy when you can have the real thing? This promises to be the most exciting band in a long time." Stay tuned...


Tony Carey explains, "Now, the members of Purple Rainbow have fulfilled a personal and professional dream and stepped into the spotlight to present the music that is our passion. Driven by our love of performing and their desire to revive the golden years of hard rock, we're staging a return to authentic music that comes from the heart and soul."

The band is currently looking to book concerts in 2009.

[thanks to: Tony Carey & Lisa Walker, Virtual Assistant to Joe Lynn Turner]