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Japan Tour
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Fire Dance

Satan '84

World Tour '84

World Tour '84

Top Dog 84 - The Last Day In Osaka

Double Stranded

Osaka 1984

Over The Last Rainbow

The Day Before The Final Gig

Running Through My Memory

Running Through My Memory
Extended Version

Hellbent Driver

Over The Last Rainbow II

This Fantasy Is Real

Bent Out Of Budokan Day 1

Straight Between The Shape

Budokan 1984 1st Night

Bent Out Of Rainbow

The End

Japan Tour '84

Japan Tour 1984

Japan Tour 1984

Live in Japan 1984

On Stage '84

Last Stand

Tokyo Dreams

Last Concert In Japan '84

Shapely Bent

Chariot's Of Fire

Open The Last Door

Over The Last Rainbow III

The Following Is Purple

Archives: The Final Cut

Another Finyl Vinyl

This is only a list with what has come out through the years,
the Rainbow Fanclan do not sell, trade or deal in any other way in bootlegs!!