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USA Tour
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No Release

No Release In Virginia

Do You Like Earache Candy?

Live In Fairfax

San Francisco 1981

Lost In Inglewood

California Dreamin'

Never Surrender

Chicago '81

Spotlight Night In Chicago

Spotlight Night In Chicago

Detroit '81

Detroit 1981

Milwaukee 25-4-1981

Catch The Night - Pittsburgh '81

Magic in Long Island

Waterbury 3-5-1981

Ritchie Blackmore Solo



Coloured Rainbow

Coloured Rainbow

More Coloured Rainbow

Surrender To The Cure

Live In Boston

The Source In Concert

Ultimate Surrender

FM Broadcast

Master of KBFH 1981

Real Complete 1981 Boston

Spotlight Boston

Definitive Boston 1981

Surrender 1981

Ultimate Witchie's Night

Second Night in Philly

Albany 12-5-1981

European Tour
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Soundcheck II



Fire! 1981/6/3 Gotheburg

Difficult To Fire

Fire And Water

The Man In Black

The Man In Black

Rising Over Copenhagen

Copenhagen 6-5-1981

Something You Might Remember

European Night Helsinki '81

European Night Helsinki '81

Essen 10-6-1981

Love's Night

Live In Paris

Radio Parisienne

Difficult To Cure Tour - Paris '81

Difficult To Europe

Near Paris

Paris 1981

Bologne 1981

Lost in Hollywood (2lp)

Lost in Hollywood (2cd)

Lost in Hollywood (picture disc)

Down To Rotterdam

Down To Rotterdam

Rotterdam 1981

European Night Cologne '81

European Night Koln 81

Live In Brussels 1981

Lost In Stuttgart

Lost In Stuttgart



Catalunia 1981

Hola Arco Iris

Difficult to Play Midnight

Over Barcelona

Operation San Sebastian

UK Tour
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Soundcheck III

Soundcheck Tapes

Smikin' All Night '81

Smokin' All Night Long In London

London Rainbow Theatre July 8, 1981 (2cd)

Live At The Rainbow (3lp)

Rainbow Theatre 1981

Edinburgh 1981 2nd Night

False Dawn In Leeds

Leeds 1981 1st Night

Live in Leeds

Difficult To Cure In Leicester

Leicester Second Night

Incurable in Stafford

Spotlight Kid

Bright Night

Condition Critical

Rainbow Over Manchester

Made In England

Fire Over Newcastle

Second Night In Newcastle

Newcastle 1981 2nd Night

Lost In The England Night

Rainbow A Paris 1981 (3lp)

Radio Parrisienne

Difficult To Reappear

Difficult To Cure Europe 81

26.07.81 London Hammersmith

Hammersmith 1981: 1st Night

Hammersmith 1981: 2nd Night

Can't Happen Here (3lp)

Can't Happen Here (2cd)

Black Destroyer




Two Nights

Japan Tour
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Demon '81

What Happen Here

What Happen Here

No Smoke Without Fire

Another Fukuoka '81

Fire in 1981

Shades Of Whitchy

Shades Of Whitchy

Missing Point

Missing Link

Difficult To Deal


Surrender In The Black

Osaka 1981 2nd Night

Silver Night

Rises Over Japan - Day One

Difficult In Nagoya

Smoke On The Water

Rises Over Japan - Day Two

Kyoto N Yoru

Kyoto 1981

Live in Kyoto 1981

Difficult to Cure Japan Tour 1981: Kyoto Show

Kyoto 1981

Rises Over Japan - Day Three

Nowhere To Hide

Spotlight Night

Difficult To Leave A Record

Definitive Budokan 1981 1st Night

3 Nights At Budokan

Missing Gate

Blackmore-Turner Overdrive

Instrument Of Surrender

Difficult To Cure Japan Tour 1981

Rises Over Japan - Day Four

Crush The King

Live In Japan

Total Surrender

Surrender Documents

Definitive Surrender Documents

Rises Over Japan - Day Five

Now Joe Is Japanese

Friday Night

Budokan 1981 Final Night

This is only a list with what has come out through the years,
the Rainbow Fanclan do not sell, trade or deal in any other way in bootlegs!!