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Japan Tour
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Brain Dies Slowly

Full Moon

Triumphant Return

Long Live Three Kings

Captain Amazing & Mr. Cornflakes

Nagoya Tapes 1978

Back To Front

Live in Nagoya 1978

Nagoya 1978


The Ship From Hiroshima

Hiroshima 12 Jan, 1978

Hiroshima Japan


Hiroshima 1978

Swan Lake

Hiroshima 1978 Front Row

Great Hiroshima Accent

Perfect On Stage In Japan

Sadistic Rainbow

Dio Era Vol 3

I See A Glow

Satisfaction (lp)

Satisfaction (cd)

Satisfaction (2cd)

In The Hall Of The Mountain King

Starstruck - Rainbow On Tour 1978

Starstruck - Rainbow On Tour 1978



Succubus '78


Osaka 1978

Osaka 1978

East On The Winter 1978

An Die Freude

Live at the Koseinenkin Kaikan, Osaka 1978

Osaka Connection

Steel Breeze

Listen To This, Mr. Peach

Osaka 1978 2nd Night

Daisley Hero

Maido In Osaka

The City of Rainbow

Kyoto '78

Ritchie Is Blue Bell

Dark And Light

Dio Era Vol 4

Long Live Rainbow

Long Live Rainbow

Walk On The Rainbow

Walk On The Rainbow

Electric Warrior

Oh, Darin'

Black And Blue (2cd)

Black And Blue (4cd)

Captain Cornflakes

Osaka Third Night 1978

Definitive Osaka 1978 Final Night

Chaos At Concert

Live At Budokan 1978

Tokyo Firts Night

The King's Return

The King's Return

Sign Of Incident


Lick The Dick

Heavy Rock

Furious Speed

Unreleased Masters Tokyo

Budokan Unrepaired Version

Good To Be Back

Triumph & Tragedy

Triumph & Tragedy

Do You Catch Japan

Perfect On Stage

Perfect On Stage

Perfect On Stage in Japan


Cozy Powell On Stage

Made In Tokyo

Cozy Powell Show

Definitive Budokan 1978 2nd Night

Definitive Dynamo

Short But Hard And Heavy

Perfect On Stage In Japan

An Act Of God


Cold Winter

Freezing Blow

Freezing Blow (2nd Edition)


After Four Days

Third Stone From The Sun

Definitive Incomplete

Another Last Day

Still I'm Sad

Kerr-aannngg!! (lp)

Kerr-aannngg!! (cd)


The Last Day

Last Day


Silence Prayer

Definitely Over

Still I'm Sad

Who Has Seen The Rainbow

Budokan 1978 Final Night

USA Tour
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Long Live Rock'n'Roll (Rough Mix)

Don Kirchner's Rock Concert May 1978

Fresno Connection

CA Connection

Two Shows In '78

L.A. Connection

Definitive L.A. Connection

Louisville Gardens

Allentown, PA USA 28.05.1978


Over The USA

Screaming Through The Air

Act 2 '77-'78

Opening Act Leg

Hit The Rainbow

Hit The Rainbow 23/06/1978

I'm Losing Control

I'm Losing Control

I'm Losing Control

Somewhere Over The... Rainbow

Kill The King

The Third Eye

Tear Him Down


Definitive Atlanta

Definitive Atlanta

Over The America 1978

Monstars Party '76-'78

Live In Nashville

Nashville 1978

Nashville/Chicago 1978

Short Time Gig




Definitive Chicago 1978

Live 78

Houston 1978

At The End Of A Dream

End Of A Dream

End Of A Dream

Rainbow Eyes

Philadelphia 1978

This is only a list with what has come out through the years,
the Rainbow Fanclan do not sell, trade or deal in any other way in bootlegs!!