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UK Tour
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Fade To The Mersey

Rainbow Over Liverpool

Liverpool '83

Live in Liverpool '83

Whitley Bay '83

Whitley Bay 1983

Night After Night

Bent Out Of Control

Stranded In Stafford

Fire Night Stafford '83

Bristol '83

Bristly Bristol

England Night

Firedance At Bristol

Live At The Royal Concert Hall

Fool For Nottingham

Nottingham 1983

Live In Cardiff 1983

Cardiff 1984

Captured Live (Radio Promo LP)

Captured Live (Radio Promo LP)

Captured Live

Captured Live - Cardiff 1983

Cuptured Live

Heavy Metal Holocaust

Cardiff 1st Night

Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow

Rule Brittania

Rule Brittania

Death Alley Driver

Britanian David

Prince of Wales


Devil & Stargazer

Captured Live Revised

Bent Out Of Cardiff 1983

Monstars Party '80-'84

Definitive Cardiff 1983

St Davids Hall 9/15/83

Cardiff 15.9.83

Cardiff Second Night '83

Live In Cardiff Wales UK

London, England


Freshness Night

London 1983: 1st Night

Guitar Devil In London

New Rainbow World Tour 1983-84

Sweet Silence (LP)

Sweet Silence (CD)

London 1983 - 2nd Night

London 1983 - 2nd Night

Pure Night London '83

Stranded Death Alley

Stargazer (lp)

Stargazer (cd)

St Austell 1983

Woman From England

First Night In Edinburgh

Bent Out Of Shape Tour

Scotland Night

European Tour
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Stranded In Sweden

Monsters Night


Live In Gothenburg

Bent Out Of Rainbow

A Stockholm Salute

Falconer Teatret 1983

Bent Out Of Falconer

Helsinki 7.10.1983

Over Helsinki

US Tour
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Baltimore '83

Philadelphia '83

Philadelphia 1983

Bent Out Of Rainbow

Street Of Dreams

Philadelphia Days

Street Of Dreams



This is only a list with what has come out through the years,
the Rainbow Fanclan do not sell, trade or deal in any other way in bootlegs!!