Rainbow Fanclan Legacy Bootlegs

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Rises Over New Jersey

Rises Over New Jersey

One For The Road

Final Road

First Gig At Old Bridge

Moon Walker

The Jaxx

The Jaxx

The Jaxx

Over Jaxx

The Warehouse

The Warehouse Toronto

Twentieth Century Rainbow

Over Toronto

Ohio First Night

Ohio Night

Live In Ohio 1997

The Machine

Ritchie Adlibs Blues

Ritchie Adlibs Blues

Alrosa Villa

Final Chapter

King Of The Road

Harpo's Detroit

The Next Generation 1

The Rave

Doogie's Birthday Party

Doogie's Birthday Party

Tempe Of The King

Over California

3 Nights In L.A.

L.A. Connection

Hollywood 17-03-1997

First Night In Hollywood 97

Second Night In Hollywood 97

Billboard Live

Hollywood 1997 (1cd)

Hollywood 1997 (2cd)

Hollywood 1997 (version 2)

Palo Alto, CA 97

The Edge

The Edge

On The Edge

Mistreated In Denmark

Mistreated In Denmark

A Summer Night's Dream

Burn Like A Candle

Maybe Last Time

Maybe The Last Time

Maybe Next Time

Maybe Next Time - Final Concert

Maybe No Next Time

This is only a list with what has come out through the years,
the Rainbow Fanclan do not sell, trade or deal in any other way in bootlegs!!