Rainbow Fanclan Legacy Bootlegs

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In The End Of The World

In The End Of The World

King Of Stranger

Live in Santiago 1996

Live in Argentina I

Live in Argentina II

Ritchie's Dancing Tango

Black Masquerade

Black Masquerade

Ritchie Goes South

Balingen 96

SWF Open Air Fest 96

Balingen 21/07/1996

Mistreated at Festival

Made In Austria

Made In Austria

Stranger In All Of Vienna

Vienna Open Air 1996

Bavarian Masquerade

Ritchie Serenades Germany (10cd)

Come Back To Deutschland

A Bit Of A Wet Dream

Bit Of A Wet Dream

Wolf To Voselaar


Waltzing With Ritchie

Waltzing With Ritchie

Ritchie Falls Down

All About A Kiss

Back Again

Oslo 6-8-1996

Wolf In The Storm

Live At Rondo

Lidköping 1996

Lidköping 1996

Long Live Rainbow

Raymonds Parade

Skanderborg Festival
DK - 1996-08-10

Ritchie Goes To Skanderborg

Made In Denmark

Made In Denmark

Fired In Copenhagen

This is only a list with what has come out through the years,
the Rainbow Fanclan do not sell, trade or deal in any other way in bootlegs!!