Rainbow Fanclan Legacy Discography - New Albums
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Gotus - Gotus
Releasedate: January 19, 2024
feat. Ronnie Romero

Gotus emerged in 2019 when guitarist Mandy Meyer and drummer Pat Aeby came together to explore a new musical venture. The permanent lineup came together with the addition of Tony Castell and Alain Guy. Ronnie Romero stepped later in as the frontman. Gotus' album represents the natural progression for these musicians: heartfelt Hard Rock that pays homage to Meyer's musical history.

Alcatrazz - Rock Justice
Releasedate: January 26, 2024
feat. Graham Bonnet

Alcatrazz - Rock Justice, The Complete Recordings 1983-1986 4CD Box Set contains Alcatrazz's three studio albums with bonus tracks plus a CD of rare and unreleased material and mixes. Capitol Crimes The Unreleased Sessions (1985-1986) on CD4 is a new collection of rare and unreleased tracks recently unearthed from the vaults.

Lords of Black - Mechanics Of Predacity
Releasedate: April 15, 2024
feat. Ronnie Romero

Renowned for their mastery of prog-power, Lords of Black are set to captivate audiences once again with their sixth studio album, "Mechanics Of Predacity". Tony Hernando's exceptional musical composition, Ronnie Romero's emotive vocals, and the formidable rhythm section of bassist Dani Criado and drummer Jo Nunez converge in this release.