Mohammed Osama's Image of Rainbow Rising

Mohammed Osama's Image of Gates of Babylon & Kill the King

Vaclec Novak with his daughter and Ritchie Blackmore

Michael Eriksson's "Stranger In Us All" Collection

Brian Stephen's Castle Guitar

Thomas Eriksson's Painting of Ritchie Blackmore

Mark Cantin's Blackmore shrine

Willem te Riele - Rainbow Tattoo

Dio en Chile Wallpaper by Rodrigo Angulo

Catch the Rainbow Wallpaper by Rickie Brinkmore

Ritchie Blackmore Tribute by Sergej Fritzsch

Rainbow Concert Posters by Ulf Brömmelhörster

Painting of Ritchie Blackmore 1995 by Eric Schoolmeesters

More Paintings of Ritchie Blackmore by Eric Schoolmeesters

Sabrina Kaltner - Rainbow, Dio & Sabbath Tattoo

Heiko Langner - Rainbow Tattoo

Fredy Schlenter - Rainbow Tattoo

Oil Painting of Bent Out Of Shape by Eric Schoolmeesters

Ritchie Blackmore Candle by Jim Dunn

Rainbow Rising Painting by Jules Mills

Stargazer by Allan Youl

Rising Strat by Master Shake

Dale Gibson's Blackmore Shrine

Jaroslaw's Painting of Ritchie Blackmore

Tarik Burcoglu with Ritchie Blackmore & Candice Night

A Digital Painting by kublakhan0040

Vaclav Novak meet Over The Rainbow again

Vaclav Novak met Ronnie James Dio in 2007