Ronnie James Dio

A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio
10 July 1942 - 16 May 2010

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In Memoriam

  • Ronnie had a unique and wonderful voice He will be sadly missed in the rock and roll world.

    Ritchie Blackmore

  • A very great man lost his life today Ronnie James Dio was one of, if not the greatest singer I ever heard I remember trembling when I heard Rainbow Rising such was the passion and energy not only from Ritchie´s guitar but from that voice that shone above all else He was also a jolly decent chap who had time for all fans come rain, wind or shine.

    I first met Ronnie 10 years or so ago and he said " Ah! so ( maybe he had been in Japan) you are Doogie, I know who you are but never knew what you looked like Come in son and have a glass of wine, is red okay?" This was back stage at the Wembley Arena He dedicated Man On The Silver Mountain to me that night saying "to my new friend Doogie, you may have sung it, but I sang it first".

    We met a few times after that and discussed the loss of his thumb in the bizzare gardening accident We agreed gardening was the new RnR I had a tremendous affection for the man He was kind, considerate and wonderful fun My thoughts at this time go out to Wendy and to the extended Dio family You do know how much he was and is loved, for his music, his singing, his humanity.

    Catch the Rainbow. Ronnie. Catch the Rainbow...

    Doogie White

  • It was a horrible day yesterday I want to thank him for being a good friend, and drawing the map for me, when I was in doubt of the role I would play in Rainbow My musical background was so different from his but I listened and learned the way to be a replacement, as such and followed the master of hard rock singing, and the name he used to call me "Gray".. the only American that abbreviated my name that way. it was funny to hear.. Thanks Ron !! ...and Wendy I know will keep him in her heart forever.. My love goes out to him and his family.. only one Ronnie!

    Graham Bonnet

  • Today, with the sad passing of my friend and colleague, the world has lost a great man Not only was he a unique singer, musician and writer, he was a very special human being Long live Rock 'n' Roll and long live the memory of the great Ronnie James Dio He'll be sadly missed in many ways, bless him.

    Bob Daisley

  • A huge part of my life just disappeared Words are not enough, emotions are too much My sincere condolences to Ronnie's family and friends.

    Roger Glover

  • Today we not only lost a legend but we lost a friend Ronnie was a true gentleman of rock.. always kind and giving I was proud to know him.. everyone he touched was raised higher His energy and legacy will live on.. and i ... as a fellow member of Rainbow.. will continue to sing his praises and his songs May God hold him in his hands.. RIP.

    Joe Lynn Turner

  • It is a sad sad day I have lost someone who I looked up to as a teenager and that person became my good friend I shared many laughs, stories, drinks and good times with him on and off the road Ronnie I will miss you terribly and always think fondly of the times we spent together and of your tremendous talent Till we meet again my friend!

    Greg Smith

  • I was very sad to hear of Ronnie's passing, he was one of the best singers and writers ever, and every time I saw him he was a total gentleman, he will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

    Bobby Rondinelli

  • I feel very sad that Ronnie passed away, he was one of my biggest heroes He is gone from this stage (our earth) but he will be now on another stage somewhere else We will never forget you!

    Jürgen R Blackmore

  • Yesterday 16th May my dear, dear friend Ronnie James Dio passed away at 7.45am LA time I've been in total shock I just can't believe he's gone Ronnie was one of the nicest people you could ever meet, we had some fantastic times together Ronnie loved what he did, making music and performing on stage He loved his fans so much He was a kind man and would put himself out to help others I can honestly say it's truly been an honor to play at his side for all these years, his music will live on forever Our thoughts are with Wendy Dio who stood by Ronnie until the end, he loved her very much The man with the magic voice is a star amongst stars, a true professional I'll miss you so much my dear friend RIP - Tony

    Tony Iommi

  • Goodbye My Dear Friend

    Geezer Butler

  • My wife and I have sent our condolences and have felt very sad with the news of Ronnie's passing We wish to extend our positive thoughts and love to all those who loved Ronnie, and we salute him as a singer, performer, songwriter and arranger.

    Bill Ward

  • Hey, Ron, I never thought the day would come so suddenly Ronnie was everything to me He was my best friend, he was my brother I sat behind him on my drums each night and played, watching him sing, hearing his roaring voice through my monitors Every night he sent chills down my spine with his singing, inspiring me to push it further and play the best I can to the limit I always knew how lucky I was to be in a band with him, but to become friends was even more special.

    When I met Ronnie I was a kid, 21 years old, eyes wide opened He took me under his wing, he showed me the way, he was the greatest teacher and inspiration in my life and most of all, the greatest rock singer in the world! My heart is so broken We are now in a world without him and I will miss him so much I can only think of how fortunate I was to make music with him that was in his heart Music that will remain to be listened to by all his fans all over the world, whom he adored and loved! Ronnie, I love you, man!!

    Vinny Appice

  • I've known Ronnie since his days with Rainbow He was the best heavy metal singer to ever live He had so much power in his voice it was so intense He wrote great metal anthems I really got to know him well when my brother [Vinny Appice] started working with him in Black Sabbath, then DIO He was part of our family, coming to family functions for holidays, weddings etc He even came to my bachelor party and wedding in 1983 He was friends with my kids; he was family.

    We spent all day Saturday [May 15] at the hospital It was sad to see him like that He was truly loved by millions and by all the people he worked with All his close friends were around him at this time Again, truly loved by all his friends; amazing love from all It is hard to believe he is gone His spirit of life will live on in his music and we will never forget Ronnie James Dio, the great heavy metal singer, a friend for years and a brother to my brother Vinny.

    I've sent my sympathies out to Wendy [Ronnie's wife/manager] and Ronnie's family, as well as my brother Vinny, along with Geezer [Butler] and Tony [Iommi] Ronnie, we love you bro 'You will be missed' is an understatement!!

    Carmine Appice

  • I was very saddened to hear of the passing of Ronnie James Dio Metal has truly lost one of its greatest voices My heart goes out to his family and to his many fans Love and respect Rest in peace Ronnie.

    Ozzy Osbourne

  • How can I express what 17 years next to Ronnie now means to me? He has led me on an incredible journey I have been blessed by his presence, and his voice He was my surrogate father, my brother, my friend, my teacher AND my loyal advocate Our fearless leader He never let us down He was never not out to prove it Because he 'WAS' it Just a class act Life without him will never be the same Yet it is not because of these things, that I know He IS in Heaven But that's another story I will miss you, my dear friend RJD RIP.

    Scott Warren

  • I'm saddened beyond words I will miss the sound of your voice, your magical presence and your wondrous stories My only consolation is that your now free from your pain I love you, Ronnie.

    Rudy Sarzo

  • Ronnie James Dio is and was more than a legendary musician, friend and fellow band member, he was my family He is the reason anyone really even knows who I am at all and why I exist He rescued me from sleeping in a car on the streets of San Diego and Los Angeles and brought me into his world where dreams come true, kindness to strangers and fans, warmth, humility and integrity are paramount and where creativity could be without boundaries that could change people's lives forever Rest in peace, my dear friend I will miss you deeply always and forever.

    Craig Goldie

  • I'm going to miss him so much We lost a giant [on Sunday].. Just broken today I was blessed to share some music with him, but mostly, I am thankful his friendship Ronnie was a good-hearted, caring man He brought so much happiness through his music Thank you, Ronnie, for the gifts you shared with us.

    Ronnie made magic and Ronnie was and will always be golden Goodbye, Ronnie Love you forever.

    Doug Aldrich

  • I lost my best friend He was like a father to me I tried so hard to help him win his battle; I was right there with him He said to me one day, 'We're a team and we're gonna beat this.' I know he loved you all and was helped by your cards and prayers I am having a very tough time writing this, and I want you all to know I feel lucky and blessed to have known him Now, he has no more pain I miss him so much.

    Simon Wright

  • I am privileged to have been a part of Ronnie James Dio's life and music His closest ones are in my thoughts.

    Rowan Robertson (Guitarist in Dio 1989-1991)

  • I still can't believe he's gone And as the reality becomes more apparent, I get sadder and sadder But then something will happen like getting in my car and 'Stand Up and Shout' will come on the radio and it almost feels like the first time I've heard it I mean, I've played the song hundreds of times and heard it thousands, but it all suddenly becomes so clear and Ronnie's message comes barreling out of the speakers The empowerment, the voice that says, 'Yes, you can do it — anyone can.' That was Ronnie The common man who was anything but common A big voice and an even bigger heart That was my friend.

    I'm gonna miss him in ways I've never missed anyone else But thank God, I'll always have his body of work — all that wonderful music — to fall back on Memories and music I'm so privileged to have known, much less worked, with him And I honestly believe the world is a better place for all he achieved, for all the joy he brought so many people — myself included Rest in peace, Ron You truly will never be forgotten!

    Jeff Pilson (ex-Dio bassist)

    I hesitated a bit to write something about this, in a way it feels weird to use this sad day to attract attention to myself Then I realized I also feel a bit strange to not even comment in public I joined DIO-the-band for about a year in the early nineties, that's how I got to know Ronnie Him, and let's not forget Wendy, who is still very much alive They were a team When they took me in to the DIO family, I felt a bit like a cold puppy coming in from the rain I had previously just left Yngwie's band which was a really fun and creative situation, but it was at the same time also tremendously chaotic and stressful My time in DIO was simply one of the best times in my life.

    Jens Johnasson (ex-Dio keyboardplayer)

  • [I was] so very sad to hear of Ronnie's passing.. My thoughts, prayers and condolence to his family and friends.

    David Coverdale

  • It is a very sad day today.. I have lost a very dear friend Ronnie was a true leader of heavy metal.. an icon and a visionary.. There will never be another like him Ronnie gave me wisdom, and showed me great compassion when he was in Elf, all those years ago, when we were on tour together in my time in Deep Purple He was a beautiful soul, kind, considerate and a wonderful teacher Some day I'll be bringing your microphone up there with me, and we'll sing a song, and share a Vindaloo together.. I'll miss, you mate.

    Glenn Hughes

  • I would like, along with my wife and daughters, to express my sadness at the passing of Ronnie Dio Ronnie was a friend of many years standing and a truly delightful man His voice was an instrument of power and of beauty, and was a seminal influence in rock music His loss is even more devastating when considering how much more he would have had to offer us My heart goes out to dear Wendy, and my thoughts are also with Roger and Ritchie who were so close to him for so long.

    I will always cherish the memories of those remarkable nights at The Royal Albert Hall in September 1999 when, sitting on the stage with all the massed musicians of Deep Purple, the London Symphony Orchestra et al, Ronnie sang Roger's lovely song 'Sitting in a Dream' and brought us smiles and tears, and goosebumps as big as they come I shall forever connect that song with that moment and with Ronnie Rest in peace, my friend

    Jon Lord

  • Ronnie Dio was real musician He was a guy that everybody liked, and always sang loud, in tune, and strong, with that famous voice I watched him patiently deal with fans at the stage door, and patiently deal with me when I was lucky enough to back him up on our orchestra tour,(Deep Purple and Orchestra with special friends) We backed him up doing a couple of his tunes, and he was tactful and precise with his constructive comments He could tell if I played one note wrong I recall him telling me that he used to play trumpet, which might explain his very good ears.

    In the photo [on Steve Morse's website], with Craig Goldy, his guitarist, he was graciously signing autographs at the NAMM show, and taking time to say Hi to friends, as usual Everybody that ever met him will miss him, as well as anybody who ever heard him sing.

    Steve Morse

  • My dear friend Ronnie, Departed but not gone Resting peacefully (for a while) but never forgotten "I've had a sackful of mail since your passing; a sharing of grief and sorrow We all remember your huge voice, of course — my ears are still ringing: Your wicked humour and sense of decency: The utter professionalism and personality that inspired so much respect from your friends in music The list goes on but the quality that stands out above all others is your enduring generosity The one thing that we all treasure, the gift you gave us was your kindness We all agree you were the kindest man we ever knew Catch up later, mate.

    Ian Gillan

  • I first met Ronnie when I was recording The Butterfly Ball with Roger Glover in the early 70s The first song he did was 'Love Is All' and I have vivid memories of me and Roger sitting in the control room of Kingsway Recorders, then owned by Ian Gillan Roger pushed him to the limits telling me: 'No, he can do it better!' And every time he sang it, it DID get better and ended up superb There was a small TV monitor in the control room and we could see him fucking wrenching the song from his small frame The last time I saw Ron was when I did The Albert Hall with Deep Purple He said he couldn't do it in the original key.. but he fucking well could.

    After the Butterfly Ball, me and Ronnie went on to record some new songs, he was happy to sing anything as long as it wasn't shit I just thank God that I got to record with him, he had a voice that could handle anything Have a listen to 'Homeward'.. it's beautiful I'm privileged to have known and worked with him and his memory will live with me forever God bless you Ronnie.

    Eddie Hardin

  • R.I.P Ronnie James Dio Incredible vocalist.

    Neil Murray

  • I'm deeply saddened by the devastating news Ronnie was a dear friend and without a doubt the most brilliant of all Rock sirens He lives forever in our hearts and will never be a equaled Long Live Ronnie James Dio.

    Yngwie Malmsteen

  • We're totally shocked and sad about the loss of a true legend and one of the nicest guys in the whole Music business Our deepest condolences to Ronnie James Dio's family and friends Ronnie was and ever will be one of my heroes I remember when he said "Axel my son, let me hug you" at the beginning of last years Heaven & Hell German Tour, where we'd been the special guests It was such a great honor for us to open for them and we really enjoyed the tour I met Ronnie a couple of times during the last ten years and he always was very friendly and nice to me, my wife and my band...

    Ronnie.. thank you so much for all your music, lyrics, inspirations and friendship, you will live on forever in my heart and in my music Someday we will meet in Heaven or Hell..."

    Axel Rudi Pell

  • I'm truly upset, especially since he seemed to be rallying at the [Revolver] Golden Gods show [on April 8, 2010 at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California] Bon Voyage, Ronnie Rest in peace I'm devastated.

    Lemmy (Motorhead)

  • The first concert I ever went to was Deep Purple, playing in Gothenburg on the 'Stormbringer' tour (March 21, 1975) Ritchie Blackmore had already recorded the first rainbow album and this was his last tour with the Mark 3 lineup of Deep Purple I bought the first Rainbow album and when I heard Ronnie's voice I soon forgot about Deep Purple.

    The second album, 'Rising', is one of the important albums of my life and the song 'Stargazer' in particular Already then I felt the power and the passion coming out from his heart and lungs.. this was something new and exciting to me Like many others, I was disappointed when Ronnie left Rainbow, but instead I enjoyed the new material with Black Sabbath and I still rate some of that stuff the best metal songs of all time.

    When I recorded with Cozy Powell in 1997, he told me some great stories and I was hoping that one day Ronnie, Cozy and Ritchie might reform the classic [Rainbow] lineup That day in April 1998 when Cozy died was a sad one and now, those last 24 hours have been heartbreaking.

    Our hero is gone but his voice and music will live forever My sincerest condolences to Ronnie's close ones.

    Mats Levén (Yngwie Malmsteen, Therion)

  • Ronnie James Dio has passed away and my sorrow runs deeper than words can describe When the world became a colder place, Ronnie was a symbol of fire and honesty His magic will forever stay with me, and inspire me to go on My thoughts go to his wife Wendy, his family and friends, in their devastating loss I will honor Ronnie's memory, and he will always live in my heart and music.

    Jorn Lande

  • Ronnie died at 7:45 a.m this morning, but his music will live for eternity.


  • It's a shock to hear that Ronnie has gone Even though we had all known he was battling with cancer for some time, he was such a wiry fighter, and of such an amazingly optimistic nature, I think I assumed he would go on forever Well, he fought to the very end.. was gearing up to go back out on tour . I know this will be a very hard blow for my friend Tony Iommi When I last saw Ronnie in Los Angeles, he was as full of life and positivity as anybody I've ever known .. and sang up a storm with Heaven & Hell in the Universal Amphitheatre RIP Ronnie.

    Brian May

  • Dio was a shining light of rock/metal authenticity He was a completely dedicated artist with massive talent It's likely that his vital contributions will continue to inspire well into the future He is now legend But more than all this, Ronnie was a really cool guy I mean reeeally cool God bless you, brutha.

    Steve Vai

  • We are saddened by the passing of Ronnie James Dio In our opinion, Ronnie was the greatest metal singer of all time His unique vocal style influenced legions of metal singers around the globe His music was addictive, unique, and powerful! Dio deserves to go down in the history books with Elvis, Lennon, and Micheal Jackson Ronnie was the voice of metal and inspired an entire world to stand up and shout!! I personally met Ronnie a few times and he even bought me a drink!! He was a true gentlemen and inspiration to everyone in my band! I am now and always will be a Dio fan Long Live Ronnie James Dio!!

    Chris Impellitteri

  • We are filled with great sadness at the terrible news about our friend Ronnie James Dio Our condolences and love go to Wendy [Dio, Ronnie's wife/manager] and Ronnie's family Ronnie was a wonderful man and will be sorely missed.

    Judas Priest

  • Ronnie James Dio's voice will live forever, and continue to excite and inspire singers around the world He was a dear friend, and like millions of metalheads I will miss him deeply.

    Rob Halford (Judas Priest)

  • Ye, the incredible has happened The world today lost one of the greatest vocalists on the planet Al and the band would like to pass on their condolences to Wendy [Dio, Ronnie's wife/manager] and the rest of the Dio clan Ronnie's music will live on forever Rest in peace, Ronnie God bless.

    Al Atkins (Original Singer in Judas Priest)

  • A sad day, just a very sad day!!! We have lost a great human being and the best singer of rock in the world Ronnie was my hero and my friend, I will miss him and his kind words He taught me so much on stage and off stage I also would like so say that my heart is heavy for Wendy Dio [Ronnie's wife/manager], and we should all keep her in our thoughts and prayers I do not think of Wendy without Ronnie and I don't think of Ronnie without Wendy We all love you, Wendy.. and we all will miss you, Ronnie, and we love you for everything you have given us!

    Tim 'Ripper' Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, ex-Judas Priest)

  • It is with huge sadness we hear that Ronnie has lost his battle against stomach cancer, and our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife Wendy and family at this terrible time From his earlier years in Elf, Black Sabbath and DIO, right through to his most recent days fronting Heaven & Hell, Ronnie, time and again, proved his genius as a frontman, always giving his all to his fans and his music.

    Ronnie was not only an incredibly gifted singer but also a wonderfully warm, intelligent and generous person and this shone through both on and off stage leaving a positive mark on everyone he came into contact with A longstanding friend of Maiden, we played many shows together over the years and we will all miss him greatly The world has lost an irreplaceable talent and, first and foremost, one of the finest human beings you could ever wish to meet.

    Iron Maiden

  • Very saddened by the news of the passing of Ronnie James Dio He was the inspiration for me to start singing and join a metal band after seeing him perform in Birmingham Odeon many, many years ago on the 'Holy Diver' tour My thoughts are with Wendy [Ronnie's wife/manager] and the family On the few occasions I met Ronnie, he was an absolute gentleman, hero and superstar and an example to us all Thank you, Ronnie, for your wonderful work Rest in peace.

    Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden)

  • Today I heard my friend Ronnie Dio has lost his battle It is a great loss to us all His voice was always powerful and soaring; his phrasing was uniquely his, copied by many but never bettered I will miss him as we all will Deepest condolences to his family Somewhere in the night a candle burns for you To absent friends.

    Biff Byford (Saxon)

  • This is a very sad day today, as we have lost one of the true great rock singers of our time, Ronnie James Dio He was a wonderful man, and whenever our paths crossed on the road we always shared a laugh or two, and I can honestly say he was a true gentleman of the highest order, and a shining example to us all He will now be singing in rock 'n' roll heaven, which is our loss and their gain He will be sadly missed as a singer, writer and a friend, and he really did have a set of golden pipes that really set the standards for others to follow There will surely not be another one like him, and his music will live on forever.

    Mick Box (Uriah Heep)

  • The passing of Ronnie James Dio is a huge loss to the world of rock & roll He will be missed by millions of fans around the world He was an amazing artist, lovely human being, and a dear friend We will miss you, Ronnie.


  • I knew Ronnie for quite some time — he often came to Scorpions shows over the years Although he just passed away last weekend, I already really miss him Hanging out with Ronnie was always fun and we always had a great time laughing and joking Without a doubt, he will go down in history as one of the greatest singers in the world of heavy metal and hard rock The best way we should remember Ronnie and to celebrate his life is to break out any one of his classic recordings from Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, DIO, or Heaven & Hell Ronnie, you will never be forgotten.

    Herman Rarebell (ex-Scorpions)

  • I'm so sad and heartbroken it's still hard to even believe what has happened It feels like losing one of my best friends Ronnie was such an incredible inspiration to me both as a musician and as a person His tremendous talent, the depth of his voice, his sincere personality… It's difficult to put into words the wonderful soul that he was to his friends and fans around the world I've never seen a musician be as good to their fans the way Ronnie was I'm so grateful that we were able to support DIO many times throughout the years Ronnie meant the world to me I love him so much and miss him so deeply Rest in peace, Ronnie Your spirit will live on forever We love you.

    Doro Pesch

  • I terribly mourn the loss of him and celebrate him to the highest We have all lost a legendary vocalist and, as far as I'm concerned, a fine man beyond reproach For myself, I have lost what I considered a true friend in what can often be a cut-throat and unfriendly business Long live Ronnie James Dio.

    Dave Meniketti (Y & T)

  • Our condolences to the family of the great Ronnie James Dio There will never be another like him.

    John Sykes

  • Ronnie was such an inspiration to so many singers in our genre I can't imagine what 'metal' singers would sound like without him On top of all this, he was a really nice man that cared deeply about his fans and his friends As I listened to 'Stargazer' yesterday, I felt the sheer power of Ronnie's energy. He is still with us, if not in body, for sure in spirit and he and his voice and music will carry on 'There's no sun in the shadow of the wizard, See how he glides, Why he's lighter than air.' Love live Dio!

    Tony Harnell (ex-TNT)

  • On Sunday, May 16 we lost an amazing man, a fantastic musician, a true legend — Ronnie James Dio We offer our deepest condolences to his friends and family Being huge fans of his talent, we've been privileged to meet Ronnie James Dio in person while supporting his band a few years ago… and will always remember him as a great artist and a kind, caring and bright person… a true gentleman.

    Royal Hunt

  • It is with great sadness that we join with the rest of the metal world in mourning the passing of friend Ronnie James Dio He was a true gentleman, a voice of metal, and a good friend We toured with him and adored him He was one of the finest human beings, always a kind word, always thoughtful to all of those around him He humbled us with his presence and he will be the brightest star in rock 'n' roll heaven! Ronnie, you will be missed.