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Quotes from and about Ritchie Blackmore and Rainbow

Is there any unreleased recorded material from your time in Rainbow that could see the light of day?

Doogie White:From Rainbow there is 'Pagan Love Song', 'Wrong Side of Morning', 'Ask God for That', plus 8 and 16 track recordings of 'Stand and Fight', two different versions of 'Black Masquerade' with different melodies and lyrics and a couple of jammed things.

Fireworks Magazine - October 20, 2023

Are you hopeful that one day the real Rainbow can tour and you can get back onstage with Ritchie after all these years?

Joe Lynn Turner: When Hell freezes over, like the Eagles said. Hey, you know what, I'll play with them. You can make up with your ex-wife and go, "Come on, let's go out to dinner one night. What's the difference?" I don't hold animosity. Hate is a very negative emotion. It's a cancer inside. I don't have any of that.

Rolling Stone - April 22, 2023

Joe telling a story about Candice Night.

Joe Lynn Turner: I'll tell you a story about Candice. [Laughs.] During the recording in Florida of Slaves and Masters, we were having a football game with a radio station in Florida for charity. After the game, this girl comes up and goes, "Hi!" She's asking me all these questions. I finally get the idea, "Hey, wait a minute. She thinks I'm Ritchie." I go, "Excuse me, what's your name?" She goes, "Candy." I looked her up and down. Say, "I bet you're as sweet as candy," or some chauvinistic remark. I go, "I'm not Ritchie. I'm the singer. Ritchie is there doing an interview." She goes, "Oh, I m sorry." And she walks over to him. That was it. Oh, she also asked me, "What kind of music does he like?" I go, "Truthfully? Renaissance." She always wanted to be a singer and famous.

Rolling Stone - April 22, 2023

Doogie is grateful to Blackmore for giving him a break and making it possible for him to have a career in music

Doogie White:Ritchie is very good at bringing new people in and taking people not necessarily off the streets, but out of clothing shops, or out of being a coach builder or whatever," White said. "And then he sets you free to do [whatever]. He sucks you in, bleeds you dry and then sets you free, and you can go off and if you can find your wings, you can fly. Some do, some don't. And that's one of his great gifts to the world of rock and roll, is the amount of people who he has given careers to that you would maybe never have had of. And we've all got to be very grateful for that.

I mean, David Coverdale could still be selling suits in Redcar. You know, Ronnie Dio could still be trying to get ELF to do something. You know, Graham Bonnet could still be crooning away in Australia. I could still be sleeping on somebody's floor in London. But he gave us all this opportunity to go out there and make something of ourselves. And if you grasped it, you grasped it, and if you didn't, you didn't.

Vintage Rock Pod - April 17, 2023

Would you reunite with Blackmore or Malmsteen if they asked you back?

Doogie White: Definitely not! I'm not joking. You never go back. You always go forward. If I would go back it would feel like going back to an old girlfriend. And old girlfriends aren t lovely and sexy anymore.

Musicophilia - March 21, 2023

Is there any chance that we see Rainbow once more for we finally say farewell?

Ronnie Romero: I don't feel that it will happen again. Even if it would happen again and Ritchie wants to play more shows again... my feeling is that I don't want to do it anymore. I don't feel like I can do it again, I think that's not my place anymore... playing with Ritchie. You know I feel very grateful of the opportunity he gave me to have career, but I would not do it again.

The Classic Rock Podcast - February 17, 2023

Joe recently revealed his journey with alopecia for the first time.

Joe Lynn Turner: As far as the people I ve worked with, when I walked in to audition for Rainbow, Ritchie Blackmore and Roger Glover were at the board at the studio. One of the first things Ritchie said to me was, do you take your hair off to wash it or do you leave it on? And I said, either way. So he said, alright, fair enough, get in there and sing. And obviously, I got the job.

Metal Talk - November 13, 2022

In the early days, with bands like Ezra and Fandango, Joe was a guitar player who also sang. What changed that?

Joe Lynn Turner: Ritchie Blackmore was what changed that. I used to play a Chet Atkins acoustic-electric, but Ritchie gave me a silver anniversary Stratocaster with a scallop neck that he had scalloped with his own hands. I would play an Ode To Joy for the track Difficult to Cure.

A funny story is we were in Denmark and finished with the performance that night. We went down to breakfast the next day in the hotel, and Don Airey said to me, I think you re in trouble. . I said, why, what did I do now? And he held up the newspaper, and there was a picture of me on the guitar, really rocking out, and underneath it, it said Ritchie Blackmore. So some stupid photographer thought that I was Ritchie Blackmore. Sure enough, the manager came down about a half hour later, he held up the newspaper and said, you re off the guitar. [laughs].

Metal Talk - November 13, 2022

Ronnie Romero alluded to it recently, but do you think Ritchie is done with Rainbow?

Jens Johannson: I don't know. You never know. At the moment, of course, with the pandemic, everything went completely right down to zero, all activities. I think he's back to doing some stuff with Blackmore's Night. To be honest, that's where his heart is. If he has to focus on one band, that would be the number one priority. I was always joking that Blackmore's Night was 'the' band and Rainbow was his basement band. It was a lot of fun. But most people understood that this was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

Blabbermouth - October 10, 2022

What is the current status of Rainbow? Do you still keep in touch with Ritchie Blackmore?

Ronnie Romero: We normally keep in contact not very often, because, obviously, Ritchie is a very insulated person. But I don't think there's gonna be any plan in the near future because the pandemic was way complicated, obviously, for all the music business. Ritchie is not too much into the idea to make anything so far. And he is focused right now with Blackmore's Night. There's no plan so far; we were not informed about any plan. So we're just waiting for... With Ritchie, you never know maybe in a couple of days he's gonna come with an idea. You never know...

Misplaced Straws - April 19, 2022

Did Ritchie Blackmore not want to participate in the film 'Dreamers Never Die'?

Wendy Dio: Ritchie did not want anything to do with the film. His lawyers also informed us that they wanted to see as little Rainbow as possible in 'Dreamers Never Die'.

Arrow Lords of Metal - October 3, 2022

After Ronnie was asked to leave Rainbow, you were left penniless, which is quite a sad story actually, which fortunately gets attention in the film. Was that story ever actually solved by Blackmore.

Wendy Dio: Only after a lot of lawsuits did a little money come to us. Money that Ronnie was just entitled to. I believe he was only paid for one album in the end. After that we just gave up.

Arrow Lords of Metal - October 3, 2022

Blackmore tells ABC Audio that plans were in the works for Rainbow to play its first U.S. shows before the COVID-19 pandemic put all live events on hold, adding that he'll still be "up for it" once things are safer.

Ritchie Blackmore: We were all ready to do some American shows in New York and various other places. We'll see how it goes. I'm up for it. I like to kind of get the Strat and bash out now and again, and the band's all ready to go... It's in the pipeline, doing some shows.

ABC Audio - March 31, 2021

This December (2021) marks the 50th anniversary of the recording of Deep Purple's signature song "Smoke on the Water," which Blackmore co-wrote. Ritchie tells ABC Audio that he isn't planning anything special to commemorate the milestone.

Ritchie Blackmore: I'm not too keen on all these anniversaries, myself. I think sometimes it's a bit of an excuse to kind of rerelease something, and I think that's been released enough.

ABC Audio - March 31, 2021