Interview by Mike Eriksson (Atlantis Online)

This interview with three members of Ritchie Blackmoreīs Rainbow was made during the first leg of the "Strangers In Us All" Tour back in 1995. Singer Dougie White, bass player Greg Smith and drummer Chuck Burgi pretty much had a ball with this one. I consider it one of the best that I have ever done, certainly one of the funniest.

This interview with three members of Rainbow took place at the Sheraton Hotel in Stockholm on October 1 1995, the day after the bands very first concert of the "Stranger In Us All" World Tour that had been done in Finland the previous night. The interview was printed in DEEP PURPLE FOREVER issue 13 and also in MORE BLACK THAN PURPLE issue 2. The guys - singer Dougie White, bass player Greg Smith and drummer Chuck Burgi - were in high spirits and the conversation certainly had moments of cheer inspiration by all people involved

Some quotes by Greg, Chuck & Doogie from this interview:

Joe Lynn Turner told me some funny stories about when new band members of Rainbow came in, Ritchie used to have some pranks and stuff. Is he still doing it?

Greg Smith: It was right when I first joined up, and we were up in Cold Springs, and him and I at that time were sharing a room in the house. And I kept noticing that my pillow had a strange smell to it, you know, and was very bulky, very odd. It lasted a few days, until I finally reached inside and I saw his dirty socks, his filthy underwear, and T-shirts, and I was sleeping on them for about three nights.

What happened to you Chuck when you joined the band?

Chuck Burgi: Not a whole lot. I had my hotel room basically shut. And then we stayed in a castle on the UK tour - I had a room that was below the managers room, and I snuck into his room - I could have died - I crawled on the outside of the building, and I went down over the gutters, and Bruceīs window was open. I got in, and I just very slightly adjusted everything, because it was rumoured that he was in a room that a ghost was in. The next day he came down all freaked out, and somebody figured out that something had happened. The very next night after the show, I guess there was a show in Glasgow, we went back to Edinburgh, and when I went back to my room everything in my room was in the bathroom! Everything! I couldnīt get in the bathroom. I slept on the floor. I pissed out of the window because I couldnīt get into the bathroom.. And I never said anything to anybody, ever, and I think that bugged them the most! I just came down and said "Morning" (laughs).

About the live set. Has Ritchie asked you for suggestions, or has he picked out...? (laughs)

Doogie White: Yes, he asked me a while ago what I would like to do, and I suggested a few songs, and he said "No, weīre not doing that". Then he sort of came round to it a bit, and we have some songs in there that I suggested we do. Weīre doing "Temple Of The King", which is very exciting, which came about... his new guitar tech, a guy called Scott Hazel, is a singer as well, and he likes to sing "Temple Of The King", so we were just arseing around with it at rehearsals one day, and it has made it into the set, and it sounds brilliant! It sounds really good, very strong. I wanted to do "Kill The King", I wanted to do "Tarot Woman", I wanted to have a go at "Stargazer" or "Gates Of Babylon".

Does he give any reasons, or does he just say "No, I donīt want to do it"?

Doogie White: "No, I donīt want to do it...and donīt ask me again or Iīll beat you with a big stick!" (laughs). He has certain things that he likes and certain things that he doesnīt like, and he will not be persuaded one way or the other.

These are only some quotes of this (again) brilliant interview.
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