Past, Present & Future

Its no mystery that Joe Lynn Turner is one of my favorite singers, and if you think you haven't heard of him, even if you don't recognize the name, you have probably heard the voice. He has worked with so many artists and bands since the 1970s including but not limited to: Fandango, Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Deep Purple, Mother's Army, Brazen Abbot, Stuart Smith, and his own solo career. We've tried to touch upon most of these stages as well as get a little taste of the well of influences that inspire the genius that is Joe Lynn Turner.

1. You co-wrote some classic albums with Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow and then a great album with Deep Purple, what did you learn from working with Blackmore and the rest of the guys?

JLT: Professionalism...they are veteran rockers, guys who have been there and done it. There were a lot of great lessons learned.

2. After 'Slaves & Masters' I have heard that you and the DP guys wrote some killer tracks called 'Lost In The Machine' and 'Stroke Of Midnight' that didn't make 'The Battle Rages On', will these tracks ever see the light of day in a solo release?

JLT: Never say never, but I doubt it. Too many politics and people go through... Jim Peterick from "Survivor", co-wrote those tracks. Then I departed, D.P recorded "Battle"... then Ritchie left. I have copies of these songs. They should be released somehow.

3. The DP album 'The Battle Rages On' was somewhat of a let down, what stage did the tracks get to with you in the band and how different were the finished tracks with Gillan to those with you?

JLT:We had some completed tracks... some work in progress... it was a different album than "Battle". Some of the tracks were very different vocally. The songs weren't the same anymore.

4. You worked on a truly magnificent album in 'Odyssey' with Yngwie Malmsteen, was he difficult to work with compared to Ritchie?

JLT: They are both difficult to work with... but both are brilliant! Yngwie was younger and had more to learn. Ritchie was more seasoned.

5. You recently guested on Stuart Smith's debut release 'Heaven & Earth' where your tracks were the standouts for me, any plans to work with Stuart in the future?

JLT: Heaven and Earth came out great! Thanks for you praise! Stuart and I are talking to Frontiers Records for a possible recording together.

6. When you sing, every song is infused with emotion and passion. How do you maintain this level of intensity ?

JLT: It's a gift I have... I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse, because I'm that way all the time with everthing! Some people can't handle it, but that's too damn bad.

7. Your songs contain very lovely lyrics that evoke romantic mental imagery. Is this due in part to your background in literature?

JLT: I'm sure the studies in Literature have helped but again it goes back to my passion.

8. Who are some of your favorite authors and/or poets?

JLT: Poets... Charles Bukowski...... Authors.. David Icke

9. Favorite songs and/or albums, past and present?

JLT: Past.. Jimmy Hendrix "Bold as Love", Presently... Match Box 20, 3rd Eye Blind, Brother Cain

10. Any song that was particularly difficult to complete?

JLT: Songs are like children, they take time to mature... some songs come quickly and some not at all.

11. Who or what are some of your musical influences?

JLT: R&B artists of the 60's and 70's, the same with rock and roll too. Hendrix, Free, and Otis Redding

12. I love all of your albums, but one of my favorites is "Rescue You", which I have read that your new album will be in a similiar sound to that release, for what reasons are you returning to this style after all these years?

JLT: Thanks for the compliments, but they are not even close. The new albums is a return to Rainbow, Deep Purple, bluesey rock. The title for the CD is "Holy Man". A favorite track of mine.

13. Can you give a description of the kind of 'role' you will be playing in Nikolo Kotzev's upcoming "Nostradamus" album?

JLT: I am Nostradamus. However, I wrote the parts for the inquisitor, the queen, the wife, and part of the choir. This 2 CD set is brilliant, Nikolo has out done himself!!!!!!!!!

14. Several years ago I read that you and Ritchie Blackmore had entertained the idea of doing a blues type album together, is there any future plans to do a project like this?

JLT: With Ritchie who knows.. right now he is deeply into the renaissance thing.

15. Finally, could you share anything amusing that might have happened during the recording of one of your releases?

JLT: We try to keep the recording fun, and get the work done. It's something new everyday.

Alanna Evans, Rainbow Metal Flame Domain, May 2000