Words of a "Holy Man"

1. How can you still find the fire/creativity to go on after so many years?

I love what I do and do what I love it's a passion that burns inside your blood. How's that for a lyric?

2. Are there any currently active singers you can still look up ?

Not many, I love Paul Rodgers, Glenn Hughes, and a couple of new guys like Jorn Lande from Norway.

3. From all the musicians/songwriters, who were the best ones to work with personally and professionally?

You learn something from everyone you work with good or bad. Best is a relative term.

4. What band/album/song are you the most proud of?

I try to put pride into all of my work. There are a few personal favorites... Straight Between the Eyes, and Oddesey. My music is like children you love them all for different reasons.

5. You've got a couple of new albums out: "Holy Man" and "Undercover 2" (it's going to be released here in Finland soon). First "Holy Man": are you happy with it and is this bluesy hard rock direction the one you will follow with your future releases?

I am very happy with Holy Man, I think it's my best solo album to date. As for the future who knows!

6. "Undercovers": Are you already thinking of "UC3"?

No undercover 3 if it comes will be at its own time. I have a couple of songs in mind though.

7. I know a lot of your fans are secretly hoping for a more of a melodic rock release from you (me included), in the vein of "Rescue You" and some of the tracks you've co-written for Lee Aaron, bonfire etc. Any chance of these dreams ever becoming a reality?

I just received a proposal to do the melodic style you are talking about. I think it would be a great idea.

8. What would be the funniest story/incident you could share with us from your career?

My introduction to Rainbow... they completely destroyed my hotel room in Denmark. I was new and unaware of the initiation process. Blackmore had paid for the damage even before it happened. Of course I didn't find this out until the next morning via the hotel manager. They threw everything that wasn't nailed down out of my window 12 stories up.

9. - Last but not least, the obligatory Finn question: What do you know about Finland? I recall you have been here with Rainbow and Purple, any fond memories?

I always had a good time in Finland, as cold as it is there the crowds were always warm and receptive. You guys know how to party!!!!

AOR Europe (Finland) 2000