Rainbow Fanclan Legacy Exclusive Interview   [Part 1]

Some time ago the visitors of the Rainbow Fanclan Legacy Forum were given the opportunity to ask questions to Joe Lynn Turner. Here's the first part of these questions answered by Joe. He'll answer the other questions later when he's got the time for it.

So when are you going to delve way into your past. What was it like the first time you played in public? Which band was it in? Does your manager still play the drums?

JLT: The first band I was in that actually was serious and got paid for our gigs was Ezra. We were the most popular local band in Hackensack, New Jersey when I was in my last couple of years of high school. My manager, Mark, played the drums. Mark still collects percussion instruments and has a fine variety of them from all over the world. It was great to play in front of appreciative crowds and get paid for doing something I enjoyed. And, naturally musicians always seemed to attract girls so that was an extra bonus! ;-)

What is the story behind Doogie White doing some backing vocals on "Hurry up and Wait"?

JLT: Dougie and I are friends we became mutually appreciative of each other's work. We still keep in touch. In fact, we are trying to get Dougies band to open up for some of our HTP shows in the future. It may or may not happen depending on his schedule and other legal issues but it would be great if it could work out.

Who are the guys in the Rainbow videos? I mean the one with a burning newspaper in the begining of "Live between the Eyes" & the patient in "Street of Dreams".

JLT: They were hired actors by a company called Hypnosis. We were never there when those parts were videotaped. We shot our portion and they spliced it in. We were too busy on the road and extensive video work had to take a back seat to touring.

If you had to choose one Guitar player from all the ones you've worked with, which one would u choose and why ?

JLT: Ritchie Blackmore. Why? He is a great songwriter, very collaborative and a reasonable guy to work with.

What's the most memorable and top point in your career?

JLT:There were too many great memories. It would take too long to list them all. I would say being asked to join both Rainbow and Deep Purple were high points of my life. Also---playing with Rainbow, live, in Japan and having those shows videotaped. It was also very memorable doing several sold out shows with Yngwie Malmsteen in Russia in the late 80s.

What's your most favorite singer & band ?

JLT: It's hard to narrow down the list because I have many singers I admire for different reasons. Overall my favorite artist of all time was the great Jimi Hendrix.

What have you been listning too lately ?

JLT: Lately I have been into satellite radio and checking out all the stations. The programming on them is more liberal than commercial stations in the USA so you get to hear a wider variety. My daughter also turns me on to newer music like Puddle of Mud and Good Charlotte. I think Audioslave is one of the better sounding bands out there nowadays.

What are the similarities and differences between the Man in Black and Yngwie Malmsteen ?

JLT: I have answered this many time in interviews and the answer is always the same. They are both brilliant musicians and very intense people. Ritchie is more collaborative than Yngwie but I made some of my best music working with them both.

Which song on "Slaves & Masters" are you the proudest of? Which is your least favorite?

JLT: King of dreams--- most proud
Breakfast in Bed---favorite
They are all like my children they are all decent in their own way.

Are you happy with the way the videos for "King of Dreams" and "Love Conquers All" turned out?

JLT: Somewhat. I did not have complete control. I thought we should have done a different storyline. Big record companies in the 90s and up through now are not as concerned with having a good storyline or mini movie. I actually wrote the storyline for Rainbow's "Death Ally Driver" video.

Did you ever ask Ritchie Blackmore what his fascination with hats was? Especially the pilgrim hats he used to wear.

JLT: No--- don't go there ;-)

Having worked with Glenn Hughes, are there any other ex-Deep Purple members you would love to work with?

JLT: Ritchie and I always liked Roger Glover. He was a very talented and excellent producer.

What are some of your fondest memories of making "Slaves & Masters" down in Florida?

JLT: Fantastic memories. Falling in love with my current wife. Soccer games. Radio station events. Great weather and accommodations. Hearing a really great album being recorded and then finally realized. It was also one of the highlights of my life.

What are your favorite keys to sing/write songs in?

JLT: It depends on the mood of the song the framework it is in. Ritchie liked to write in G so I would hit Cs and Ds. You write the song in the key appropriate to the song's sentiment

What are your three favorite albums of all time?

JLT: It's too hard to narrow it down to 3 best of all time so I will list 3 favorites of all time, how's that?
Hendrix-Axis Bold As Love
Cream's Wheels
Free's First

Thanks Joe! And thanks to Lisa Walker who made this interview possible.

© Rainbow Fanclan, October 2003