Doogie White

If you don't have a metal heart you are not my friend

Well, I think it was a memorable night yesterday, Sunday October 16th, after a very long while we finally had a chatnight again in the Rainbow Fanclan Chatroom. The last time we had a chatnight was last March, Rob Fodder was the special guest back then. By the way he was present this time as well.

This time non other than Doogie White was our special guest. I (admin) was too busy on the background checking if everything kept working fine and answering many questions in private chatboxes people started. Still it was good fun to follow the chat and see the chatroom wasn't brought down by too many visitors. There were 29 people together at once on a certain moment in the chatroom. Not everyone started asking questions. Lucky for Doogie. Because sometimes people were firing questions pretty heavily. Doogie could have sore fingers for the rest of the week. I also found out that Firefox just kicks you out of the chatroom after a while. But as I also had the chatroom logfile running in Internet Explorer on my laptop, I lost nothing of the transcription. My laptop with Internet Explorer was on for 12 hours without crashing once.

Funny to see in the log people entering and leaving the chatroom all the time during the day. Also the few discussions from people doubting if Doogie himself indeed was going to show up. Well, he announced it himself on his own website as well on Saturday. If someone still doubted it was indeed Doogie, then jcsfromagawammausa might have taken that doubt away with his question (and a very funny answer of Doogie). Too bad for some people who miscalculated the times and showed up too late to catch Doogie.

The plan is to do from now on every month a chatsession, although there won't be always a special guest. I think the best way might be to pick a full day each month for the chat. This way also people from other parts of the world in a different timezone could join in. And everyone could pick out the time that suits them best. Either if it's morning, afternoon, evening or night. You can discuss this in the Forum.

Allright, here is the transcription of the chatsession with Doogie, who logged in as [Douglast]. All his answers are coloured blue. [Temple of the King] is the name of the chatroom. And all the people entering and leaving the chatroom are edited out of the logfile, unless it added something to the chat itself.

[englishrob] 7:50 pm: hello room
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:50 pm: hey englishrob, hows it been
[englishrob]7:50 pm: good thanks
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:51 pm: you should also be invited to do a chat rob, you have many insight there too
[englishrob] 7:51 pm: i've already done one
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:51 pm: oh crap, i missed it, lol!
[englishrob] 7:52 pm: lol
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:54 pm: i cant believe how an englishman could become friends with a scot rob, :P
[weissheim] 7:54 pm: Hi EnglishRob. Big J from the Purple boards here...
[englishrob] 7:54 pm: stranger things have happened lol
[englishrob] 7:54 pm: hi big j
[stargazer] 7:55 pm: here are many from the Purple boards
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:55 pm: yes, lets hope you behave, unlike on the dp forum :P
[hank williams] 7:56 pm: hi people, wassup?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:56 pm: waiting for doogie
[thehighwaystar] 7:56 pm: very good
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:56 pm: man, hes gonna get flooded with qeustions, lol
[_HighVoltage_] 7:57 pm: how will we understand that he is here?
[hank williams] 7:57 pm: i don't have questions, lol
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:57 pm: can we agree now that we wont bombard him with questions? ask one by one?
[englishrob] 7:57 pm: just take your time, one at a time lol
[_HighVoltage_] 7:57 pm: i mean - anyone could log on ith a nickname DoogieWhite
[Zito] 7:57 pm: is Doogie in Scotland at the moment?
[Frank] 7:57 pm: i have no idea
[stargazer] 7:57 pm: yeah it would be the best thing to do and fair for Doogie
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:57 pm: he should prove he is doogie by singing ariel
[Temple of the King]: Douglast has entered at 7:58 pm
[englishrob] 7:58 pm: no he isn't
[_HighVoltage_]7:58 pm: ok so now we have people from all over the world
[weissheim] 7:58 pm: Yes. I've participate in webchats on the Glenn Hughes forum and it just gets chaotic if everyone asks questions at the same time. You never know which question is being answered! One at a time is best.
[_HighVoltage_] 7:58 pm: we expect someone form japan now    
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:58 pm: something has entered the chat...........
[Blackmore's Guitar] 7:59 pm: its scottish
[Douglast] 7:59 pm: Evening fellow rockers just enjoing Fused with Glenn and Iommi
[weissheim] 7:59 pm: Hi Doogie - Big John from Uddingston here. How you doing?
[Douglast] 8:00 pm: Hi John I am well. I shot a video of the last days of the Uddingston gas board tower in the mid 80's when I worked for M/well social work and education dept. My mother still has a copy
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:00 pm: silence before the storm
[Zito] 8:01 pm: Doogie, have you started anything for a new Malamsteen album?
[_HighVoltage_] 8:01 pm: oh boy 17 people - it will get messy and unorganized
[hank williams] 8:01 pm: this will be fun
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:01 pm: after the dio era, yours is my favorite. ariel and black masquerade are in the top 20 of my favorite rainbow songs, especially the live bootleg versions, the way you squeezed in some yells, awesome
[cj_pesch] 8:01 pm: Hi Doogie from Russia!!!!
[Douglast] 8:01 pm: I am waiting to do final contracts tonight for the usa tour which begin In about 10 day or so
[weissheim] 8:02 pm: Passion To Warfare's my favourite Cornerstone song. I believe you said it came from an idea that was worked on for SIUA? Any other songs from SIUA sessions that could reappear someday?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:02 pm: thnx for joining us doogie, much appreciated!
[_HighVoltage_] 8:02 pm: speaking of tours. DOogie do you plan to make a tour in eastern Europe? Let's say...Bulgaria    
[weissheim] 8:02 pm: Hear, hear!
[cj_pesch] 8:04 pm: yeah! about Eastern Europe.. There's been lot's of rumours about your visit to Russia with Cornerstone. Are there any plans of this kind?
[Douglast] 8:04 pm: Passion to warefare was an idea I had for the next rainbow album A true story about and old girlfriend it is my least fave RCS song but people seem to like it House of never more was another one I gave Ritchie but the band ended
[Frank] 8:04 pm: Hi Doogie, I saw you with Yngwie at graspop (Belgium) this year, talked to you after the show at the field. We stould at the merchandise tent. I found it was an awesome show, really enjoyed you and Yngwie together!
[englishrob] 8:04 pm: Doogs, you're gonna have to type faster lol
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:04 pm: lol rob
[Zito] 8:04 pm: which bands you have been listening lately?
[stratfire] 8:04 pm: Doogie, do you think there may be a chance you'll be coming up to Toronto in early December with the Yngwie tour? I didnt notice a Toronto date as of yet, but did see gigs being added to the tour for the northest States
[Douglast] 8:04 pm: You can Check my web page for the Yngwie dates
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:05 pm: one by one sweet people  
[stratfire] 8:05 pm: alright Thanks
[Temple of the King]: pauldrax has entered at 8:05 pm
[englishrob] 8:05 pm: don airey!!
[englishrob] 8:05 pm: lol     
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:05 pm: what? lol
[weissheim] 8:05 pm: que?
[Douglast] 8:06 pm: Cornerstone are working on more songs and we will be releasing and new album in the spring and then some major touring and if we can get to Bulgaria then we will
[pauldrax] 8:06 pm: No, David Coverdale  
[Frank] 8:06 pm: Doogie, don't you ever get tired of Yngwie, I mean, all the personal attention..and especially, the guitarsolo's?
[weissheim] 8:06 pm: *hint* Scotland *hint*
[gregorywjkelly] 8:06 pm: doogie, what's your best album of your career,so far?
[cj_pesch] 8:06 pm: Have there been any offers to visit Russia so far?
[_HighVoltage_] 8:07 pm: Great to hear that Doogie! I assure you there a lot of fans here in Bulgaria
[pauldrax] 8:07 pm: How about Sweden Doogie?
[Douglast] 8:07 pm: I knew what I was getting into when I joined up with Yngwie. It is his gig and I am a support artist is you like best supporting artist but I enjoy the vibe and intensity that he has
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:08 pm: well said
[Frank] 8:08 pm: Think so too
[stratfire] 8:08 pm: Mr. White, do you ever listen to Demos from musicians? I read that you had given a demo to Colin Hart once and thats how Ritchie heard you.
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:08 pm: for tourdates check
[Douglast] 8:09 pm: Cornerstone have been offered 3 Russian tour so far but my obligations with YJM kinda nexd that
[_HighVoltage_] 8:09 pm: Is it harder working with Yngwie comparing to your experience with Mr.Blackmore?
[cj_pesch] 8:10 pm: So, will we have a chance to welcome you on our soil?
[betty swollocks] 8:10 pm: Doogie, I had a good idea, I thought to celebrate 30 years of Rainbow and 60 years of Blackmore, a one off gig involving all the former members or Rainbow. Somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall, I'm sure it would sell out and it could be recorded for DVD release. Is that something you would be keen to participate in, and if it is could you convey this th the man in black.
[Douglast] 8:10 pm: I always listen to anything people give me if I like it I make a note but I try not to get personally involved in that side of things as I have a lot going on and dont have time to review people work for them as my typing is very slow
[cj_pesch] 8:11 pm: do you still keep in touch with blackmore, by the way?
[Den Joey] 8:11 pm: Doogie are one op the best metal singer and i see you 2 times with Rainbow in Brussels and Vosselaar
[Douglast] 8:12 pm: Regarding the Rainbow idea at the albert hall I cant imagine Ritchie being interested and we dont speak anymore so I cant pass the message on try Carole Stevens
[_HighVoltage_] 8:12 pm: yeha about thata metal thing - how do you estimate you style Hard Rock or Heavy Metal? A lot of people are arguing about that.
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:12 pm: doogie, which to you are the best bootlegs, performanc-wise of your era rainbow?
[hank williams] 8:12 pm: Joey good idea, you got Brussels on VHS haven't you?
[pauldrax] 8:13 pm: I'll ask her on Tuesday
[englishrob] 8:13 pm: try her for what? impersonating a manager? try her for what? impersonating a manager?
[stratfire] 8:13 pm: Doogie, well if you ever hold auditions for Doogie White's Rainbow Force Stone, be sure to include an address on your webpage where interested guitarists can send their demo
[Den Joey] 8:14 pm: hank yes the Rainbow ,Brussels 1995 i have this on video and i makin this soon on dvd.........Vosselaar i have also 10 minutes if i can remember
[cj_pesch] 8:14 pm: did Carole, by the way, inrude Rainbow manegement? and did you have any problems in you relationships with her?
[hank williams] 8:15 pm: Joey, they catchecd you didn't they? lol
[Zito] 8:15 pm: Which singers you apreciate nowadays
[tehler] 8:15 pm: who`s your favourite guitarplayer?
[_HighVoltage_] 8:15 pm: hey guys slow down a bit - that's a lot of questions for one person to answer
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:16 pm: yes, one by one sweet people
[Douglast] 8:16 pm: I have a few bootlegs from the Rainbow days but I dont listen to them I intend buying a house with a porch so I can relax with my pipe and rocking chair and maybe then I will listen
[_HighVoltage_] 8:16 pm: Blackmore's Guitar had a really nice idea
[Douglast] 8:16 pm: Is this better [Doogie changed to another writing colour, Ed]
[_HighVoltage_] 8:17 pm: let's all shut up and leave Blackmore's night ask questions to Doogie - the guy has made a list
[menza] 8:17 pm: much
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:17 pm: thnx douglas for the answer and yes the color is nice lol!
[_HighVoltage_] 8:17 pm: geez i wanted to say Blackmore's Guitar
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:17 pm: lol highvoltage, heheh
[betty swollocks] 8:17 pm: Carole Stevens! is she that lovely lady who completely dominates Ritchies life, tells him who he can speak to and generally makes a misery of anyones who wants to hear Ritchie make some rock music again. Is that the Carole Stevens you mean!!!!
[cj_pesch] 8:18 pm: and where to you intend to buy a house? something like a villa in France?))
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:19 pm: carole isnt that awful actually, i met her once and she is doing her job
[joey] 8:19 pm: Hé Doogie if you will the concert from you and Raibow from Brussels,Forest national i give the dvd to Hank Williams and he sent to you
[_HighVoltage_] 8:19 pm: Doogie have you heard that Joe Lynn is probably going to do a new version of Street Of Dreams with Blackmore's NIght? If this happens, and Ritchie decides to do more songs like that and if he invite you to do a song together, will you agree?
[Frank] 8:20 pm: I saw Ritchie a year ago with Blackmore's Night, the show was awesome! For the first time with Blackmore's Night ever he played old DP songs, His wife didn't exactly like it, but I saw him shining again when he played them, he really got into it! So let's hope he still has something to say!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:20 pm: check for more
[Douglast] 8:20 pm: I think Ritchie will probably put Rainbow back together with JLT and that is what is going on
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:20 pm: no way!!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:20 pm: it could be
[hank williams] 8:20 pm: I'm off , don't like this, DOOGIE! have fun in the States and come back soon for the new CS recorddeal and new 2006 album!! hank!!!!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:20 pm: do you have BN albums?
[cj_pesch] 8:20 pm: you must be kidding!
[Douglast] 8:21 pm: See ya Henk thanks for the pix
[hank williams] 8:21 pm: no prob!!
[Frank] 8:22 pm: haha, yes as far as BN songs, the show kind of tempered me, but the end with DP...was awesome, something really much better!!
[weissheim] 8:22 pm: Any chance of further collaborations with the Mostly Autumn boys?
[Douglast] 8:22 pm: Everybodys gon white now I am confused [Doogie talks about the writing colour, Ed]
[betty swollocks] 8:22 pm: You performed with Graham Bonnet about 2 years ago at a blues festival. The way he sings tends to polarise peoples opinion, they either love his singing or think it is over the top, which camp to you fall in?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:22 pm: am i white too?
[MobRules] 8:22 pm: Hi Doug, what was the best gig you ever attended, and why? And what was the best gig you ever played, and why?
[Douglast] 8:23 pm: Mostly Autumn I dont think so that was a DVD company idea and a bit of fun I tried to get CS to do it but the DVD co would not have it probably just as well as the DVD sucks
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:23 pm: lets sing a drinking song to get rid of the confusion!
[stratfire] 8:23 pm: Joe is singing great lately, I'd travel to see that Rainbow for sure, but i have a feeling Ritchie may not play in a rock band again, his new stuff is very good, and at least he's not a Keith Richards - playing the same 4 notes badly for 76 years
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:23 pm: driiiinkiing is our oooonly lovvveee
[Douglast] 8:24 pm: Let me recharge my galss
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:24 pm: tellemore dew tellemore dew we all love tellemore dew
[MobRules] 8:25 pm: Doug, what was the best gig you ever attended, and why? And what was the best gig you ever played, and why?
[Douglast] 8:25 pm: I have seen so many gigs and played so many gigs it is hard to pick one
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:25 pm: i hope he said glass not galls
[Douglast] 8:25 pm: Some times I get my wuckin furds mumbled
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:25 pm: doogie, is rainbow eyes the first song you played with ritchie?
[Douglast] 8:25 pm: Yes
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:26 pm: was that recorded?
[Douglast] 8:26 pm: No
[perfectstranger] 8:26 pm: Doogie, on your website you said that you where glad tot have joined Rainbow en hoped that people enjoyed the work you did. Well, I still have a video-tape of a 1995 show in Germany and I play and enjoy it a lot. It seems to me that there was great pleasure on stage, in a relaxed atmosphere. So very spontaneous. Is that impression correct?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:26 pm: i only have 1 bootleg where you do it but ritchie cant remeber the chords
[menza] 8:26 pm: Doogie, I heard you wanted to play Kill The King back in '95 but Ritchie just told you to forget it.. Is that true and if it is, can you tell some details on why you weren't allowed to play the song?
[cj_pesch] 8:26 pm: did you rehearse any songs with rainbow that finally appeared on any of blackmore's night albums?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:26 pm: and then you bust out in laughter, lol!
[Douglast] 8:27 pm: With the Rockpalast show it was the 5th show and we were still finding our legs but we got better but it is a fairly good representation of the band
[barney] 8:27 pm: Hi Doogie have you any plans to include your brother Ian in any of your own solo projects
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:27 pm: doogie i sat next to you in a pub before ashow in providence rhode island usa and then you slayed us at the show you're awesome
[MobRules] 8:28 pm: Doug, what was the best gig you ever attended, and why? And what was the best gig you ever played, and why?
[_HighVoltage_] 8:28 pm: so Doogie if it's not a secret are there any studio out-takes form the Starnger In Us All
[betty swollocks] 8:28 pm: The reason I asked the Graham Bonnet question was because I read that when you were in Rainbow you did not cover the Down to Earth tracks because the vocals too much, is that true
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:28 pm: indeed
[_HighVoltage_] 8:28 pm: we know about the Emotional Crime the Japan bonus track but are there anymore else?
[Douglast] 8:28 pm: I know who you are you thought I was the roadie and I said I was
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:28 pm: lol!
[cj_pesch] 8:29 pm: could you tell us what was the REAL reason of replacing JOHN O.REILLY?
[Leon] 8:29 pm: Hi Doug, do you remember me? Me and my friends spoke with you at Graspop this year, right after the Maiden gig. you said that I had a nice haircut and you just was the victim of somebody who puked over your pants.
[Douglast] 8:29 pm: Ther is only one song uncompleted called Pagan Love song which we wrote and recorded but never finished
[stratfire] 8:29 pm: Bonnet has a hard time singing Bonnet Live, studio is fine
[_HighVoltage_] 8:29 pm: haha
[_HighVoltage_] 8:30 pm: Pagan Love interesting Now everybody's gonna look for this song
[Douglast] 8:30 pm: Ritchie wanted a different drummer other than John
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:30 pm: how did that one sound like?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:31 pm: the last drummer mitchely (spelling?) was awesome
[Douglast] 8:31 pm: Pagan you will not find it was never finished or mixed it is not in the public arena it was Rich cheese salad Ritchies ballad geddit
[markus] 8:31 pm: Hi Doogie, how was the touring with Ritchie Blackmore. Some people say that he is a difficult person! Is he really??
[Douglast] 8:31 pm: Micelli rocked
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:32 pm: rich cheese
[stratfire] 8:32 pm: Doogie, i noticed Yngwie lost a lot of weight, was he drinking like A Keg A Day on the Attack tour?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:32 pm: he was playing in the hard old powell tradition wasnt he
[cj_pesch] 8:32 pm: and I heard that some problems appeared with Chuck Burgi and he was replacad by some other drummer later on. Is that so?
[Douglast] 8:32 pm: I had no problems with Ritchie We worked well togethr till we didnt
[_HighVoltage_] 8:32 pm: yes but we've already found an early Rainbow demo of Purple's Perfect Strangers     So we might find something...sometime
[Douglast] 8:32 pm: Yngwie does not drink and is getting fitter all the time
[perfectstranger] 8:32 pm: which song of Rainbow or DP you like most playing?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:33 pm: right highvoltage, good point
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:33 pm: i noticed you are a member of the DP forum, would you consider joining our more peaceful forum too ?
[_HighVoltage_] 8:33 pm: Doogie was Ritchie jealous when you were making the Ariel clip, when you were dancing with Candice?
[Douglast] 8:33 pm: Well is Pagan come out it can only be fro TMIB or Pat Regan
[englishrob] 8:33 pm: there were no problems with Chuck, he got a lucrative offer to tour with Enrique Inglesias
[menza] 8:34 pm: Doogie, I think many of uswould have wanted to hear Kill The King in the 1990s. What was the reason you didn't play it?
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:34 pm: since somebody mentioned malmsteen will you make cornerstone eventually your main focus or be a gun for hire 
[stratfire] 8:34 pm: excellent on the fitness
[Douglast] 8:35 pm: I dont think Ritchie was jealous of me dancing with Candy It was all proffesionally done and 6 burly minders keep a strict eye on us
[_HighVoltage_] 8:35 pm: hahahahahah
[markus] 8:36 pm: Why don't exist an Live-CD from the "Stranger-Tour"?
[Douglast] 8:36 pm: Well the CS stuff works well and the YJM stuff works well and I have room for both so I will continue to do both and more as and when I want
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:36 pm: doogie, as a guitarist this is important for me,did blackmore use his signature engl amps or the savage 120s, because on a video bootleg of palo alto in 1997 i clearly see savage 120s with a sovereign, no signature blackmore which was released in 1996?
[Zito] 8:37 pm: sorry for repeting the same questions, but which bands have you been listening lately, and which singers you like to listen nowadays.
[Douglast] 8:37 pm: If it was the savage or not I dont know I was bummed it was not a big wall of Marshalls
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:37 pm: ok, thnx
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:37 pm: keep us all informed you have the best voice i've ever heard
[stratfire] 8:38 pm: Doogie, i've always been intrigued by the "Deep Tradtion" of recording in old abandoned villas and so on. Was Stranger In Us All recorded in an unconventional surrounding as well? If so, What was that like?
[englishrob] 8:38 pm: i think it was just the savage
[Douglast] 8:38 pm: The Storys, a Welsh band in the style of Crosby Still Nash Nsd Young and the Eagles. Great singing and harmonies. Fused with GH and TI plus Masterplan
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:38 pm: thnx rob, thats what i thought
[Frank] 8:39 pm: Doogie, what do you think of Yngwie's unusual interest to play with mostly unknown Swedish musicians? It does create a great opportunity for them doen's it?
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:39 pm: it was in brookfield ma. usa 40 miles from me and i had to buy the cd from germany go figure
[Douglast] 8:39 pm: SIUA was recoreded in North Brook field at a studio built in a barn in the coldest place I have ever been
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:39 pm: lol
[Zito] 8:40 pm: good that you mentioned Masterplan, it is my favoutire band nowadays, Jorn Lande is a really powerfull singer, like you are
[_HighVoltage_] 8:40 pm: Doogie if I'm not mistaken you did the Nostradamus rock opera with the bulgarian guitarist Nikolo Kotzev. Do you still hear from him? Do you have any plans to work again with him?
[Douglast] 8:40 pm: Well some of the best mucicians come from Sweden coz they have nothing to do but drink and play music for 8 months of the year
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:40 pm: same in holland
[Frank] 8:40 pm: same here in holland yea
[Douglast] 8:41 pm: I spoke with Nik last week. We have no plans to work together at the moment
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:41 pm: he is a solid guitarist
[cj_pesch] 8:41 pm: Doggie, why don't you participate in numerous tribute albums which are released by Bob Kulick and co? I mean, if there'a one released, you can be shure that there are JLT , Glenn Hughes and lots of other chaps there. But I've never seen you participating in one.
[MobRules] 8:41 pm: Amen, I drink to that
[_HighVoltage_] 8:41 pm: I think the work you did on the rock opera was MARVELLOUS!
[Douglast] 8:41 pm: Well you dont want yer bollox rubbing in the snow
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:41 pm: about guitarists, in case in the future you would need a new guitarist....i am the best that has ever walked on this planet but noone knows it yet....and i am cheap
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:42 pm: it's doogie not doggie
[Frank] 8:42 pm: we're trying to get metal alive here again, but here in Holland, the try to boycot it, you just get sick of it!! We can hardly get a gig every month with metal interest!!
[Douglast] 8:42 pm: Bob is in the uS I have done more than my faishare of tributes in the UK
[_HighVoltage_] 8:42 pm: stop this metal thing. It's all about Long Live Rock N Roll right guys
[Leon] 8:43 pm: metal is underground nowaday's, but it's coming back slowly!
[Leon] 8:43 pm: rock 'n roll = metal
[MobRules] 8:43 pm: we carry the torch
[Leon] 8:43 pm: metal = rock 'n roll
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:43 pm: bingo,winner
[Frank] 8:43 pm: rock&roll never dies, it continues within metal!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:43 pm: *applauds highvoltage*
[Leon] 8:43 pm: right Doogie?
[barney] 8:43 pm: Hi Doogie, when will you play a gig in Scotland again
[Leon] 8:43 pm: right Frank
[Frank] 8:44 pm: hell yeah
[Douglast] 8:44 pm: I dont know when I will BE in Scotland again
[Leon] 8:44 pm: Dougie, are you going to a show of the current tour of Ronnie James DIO?
[Frank] 8:44 pm: I'm really glad we as young guys, (18:P) still have the opportunity to catch some of the great legends at stage!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:44 pm: where are you know if i may ask?
[Douglast] 8:45 pm: If you dont have a metal heart you are not my friend
[Frank] 8:45 pm: and you certainly are one of them doug! thanks!
[Douglast] 8:45 pm: I am in Chiswick London
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:45 pm: never heard of it, lol!
[Leon] 8:46 pm: Douglast, are you going to a show of DIO, from his current tour?
[waldio] 8:46 pm: that's the spirit Doug
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:46 pm: whats the next gig on your list?
[stargazer] 8:46 pm: Doogie do you have plans to gig in Finland next year?
[Douglast] 8:46 pm: I cant make Dio as I am going to be flying to America
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:46 pm: doogie do you know if yngwie will be playing the webster theatre in hartford,ct on the east coast
[MobRules] 8:46 pm: hey Doug, wanna hang out with me and Leon and grab a few beers? we'll be in London for DIO friday and staying there for the weekend
[Douglast] 8:46 pm: I am touring for 2 months with Yngwie in the US and Japan
[Leon] 8:47 pm: when you're going to America?
[MobRules] 8:47 pm: oh man, you'll miss us as well then
[Douglast] 8:47 pm: Friday 21st
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:47 pm: best of luck on your tour
[MobRules] 8:47 pm: oh man, that's the DIO date
[Douglast] 8:47 pm: Ta
[tehler] 8:47 pm: doogie,,who`s your favorite guitarplayer?
[Frank] 8:47 pm: Doogie, what do you think is the best song of Unleash the Fury?
[barney] 8:48 pm: How long does Yngwie warm up on the guitar before going on stage?
[stratfire] 8:48 pm: Doogie, where'd you get that awesome Ritchie Blackmore Sweater i saw you wearing in pictures? They only sell Ashley Simpson & Justin Timberlake shirts in Toronto
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:48 pm: another guitargeek question, i apologise, but do you know if blackers has a les paul or es335?
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:48 pm: bogeyman
[tehler] 8:48 pm: 335
[_HighVoltage_] 8:48 pm: i heard he had an es335...
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:49 pm: that was sold by his ex wife
[waldio] 8:49 pm: stop that malmsteen thing man, talk for example about the gig in holland, I stand in front before DIO
[jcsfromagawammausa] 8:49 pm: i read that
[Douglast] 8:49 pm: When I was at Ritchies house he had one black strat that was used to record SIUA and 4 off whites and a Washburn 335 look alike and that was all
[waldio] 8:49 pm: That was much better then malmsteen at graspop
[stratfire] 8:49 pm: blackmore's guitar - i read Ritchie say that his ex wife stole his es335, and he said he wouldnt get a Les Paul due to their early 70s popularity explosion
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:50 pm: thanks again
[Leon] 8:50 pm: it was not a gig in Holland, it was Belgium, Graspop
[menza] 8:50 pm: Doogie, you must have some great memories of Finland as your era in Rainbow started with a gig in the House of Culture, Helsinki.. Wouldn't it be great to come and visit Finland again?
[englishrob] 8:50 pm: and he's just got a gretsch
[mill19] 8:50 pm: what songs would you have liked to sing when in rainbowthat you weren't not allowed
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:50 pm: gretsches are amazing too but too expensive for me
[Douglast] 8:51 pm: I think the older songs like stargazer and KTK but they are awesome pieces of work and intimidating ever for the writer
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:51 pm: true stratfire, very tru
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:51 pm: yes, he said he was afraid to not capture the album versions
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:51 pm: gates of babylon would have sounded great with you on vocals
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:52 pm: best song of all time
[_HighVoltage_] 8:52 pm: guys you should spend more time on the Rainbow Fanclan Webpage - most of the question you ask Doogie has already answered in interviews
[pauldrax] 8:52 pm: U bet
[tehler] 8:52 pm: tru
[mill19] 8:52 pm: any more m3 gigs for you inthe future
[Douglast] 8:52 pm: I had a blast in Finland first gig and football and jammin at the hotel and wearing crazy hat we were given may be that where the idea for BN came from
[Douglast] 8:53 pm: No more M3 gigs
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:53 pm: he wanted to do it with you first right? a quiet album
[markus] 8:53 pm: Hi Dougie, why don`t exist an offically CD from the "Sranger-tour"?
[menza] 8:53 pm: Thanks, hope you come here some day to do a great show again!
[mill19] 8:54 pm: amy gigs in the midlands maybe coventry
[Douglast]8:54 pm: TMIB and I never taked about a "quiet album" he was working on BN way before we did Rainbow
[cj_pesch] 8:54 pm: Who of the musicians did you get along best while staying in Rainbow?
[Frank] 8:54 pm: Doogie, what do you think is the best song of Unleash The Fury?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:54 pm: ok, thnx, i read that somewhere
[_HighVoltage_] 8:54 pm: I think Gates of Babylon isn't the greatest Rainbow song. I think Black Masquarade is - a grate tune with the gratest guitarist and vocalist
[Douglast] 8:55 pm: Greg Smith remains a great friend and I think Chuck is cool
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:55 pm: black masquerade sounds awesome live
[cj_pesch] 8:55 pm: colud you tell us what Greg and Chuck do now?
[Douglast] 8:55 pm: We were better live than the record suggests and it would have been fun to do another
[tehler] 8:56 pm: has gates been played live??
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:56 pm: *fills the glass of doogie*
[Douglast] 8:56 pm: Greg and Chuck are on Broadway in a Billy Joel musical and very good it is to
[mill19] 8:56 pm: what about a rainbow dvd any chance
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:56 pm: for more info/interviews/diary/etc check
[pauldrax] 8:56 pm: For even more info
[Leon] 8:57 pm: Doogie, you said that Iron Maiden is the best band all over the world, at Graspop this year you said that to me, right after the Maiden gig
[_HighVoltage_] 8:57 pm: Blackmore's Guitar you really want Doogie to get you for a guitarist don't you
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:57 pm: lol
[menza] 8:57 pm: After your last gig in '97, was it planned that Rainbow would still continue it's journey and probably do a new CD as well?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:57 pm: yes highvolatge, i am the best guitarist on this planet, lol!
[stargazer] 8:57 pm: smartass :P
[_HighVoltage_] 8:57 pm: second best
[_HighVoltage_] 8:57 pm: don't forget ritchie
[Frank] 8:58 pm: exactly
[tehler] 8:58 pm: do have any homepage then?
[Douglast] 8:58 pm: I think Maiden at the moment have no equal love em or hate em the rock so hard and Bruce is the BEST frontman ever and I dont say that lightly
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:58 pm: the last gig in esjberg is maybe not your favorite, but performance wise it is mine, what a great last show that was, vocals were topshape, whaling guiatrs, awesome drums
[stephs66] 8:58 pm: Hi everybody . I'm french . Sorry my english is fair .Doogie I just like to know what kind of relation have you got with Ritchie now . Thanks
[mill19] 8:58 pm: ronnie montrose is 2nd best
[Frank] 8:59 pm: what do you think of the fight between miss.osbourne (the bitch) and maiden? what would you do when you would be Bruce?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 8:59 pm: montrose cant touch me, lol!
[Leon] 8:59 pm: you are right Doogie. are you inspired by Bruce?
[Douglast] 9:00 pm: Hello French perrrrrson Ah do not know what you mean about a relation sheep with dee Ritchie. How dare you I am a married man
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:00 pm: hee hee tee hee!
[Douglast] 9:00 pm: I am not inspired by Bruce he owes me beer
[markus] 9:01 pm: By the way HighVoltage, you have a nice colour that you choose.
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:01 pm: another one that bruce owes a beer!
[cj_pesch] 9:01 pm: I think think this is alright for France))
[perfectstranger] 9:01 pm: Did you have a hero, or just an example, before you became a famous rocksinger yourself, Doogie?
[Leon] 9:01 pm: lol
[stargazer] 9:01 pm: Doogie when was the last time you met Ritchie? in Esjberg?
[stephs66] 9:01 pm: Sorry people
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:02 pm: i didnt know you were married, kids?
[Douglast] 9:02 pm: I dont have heroes and I am not famous I am always mistaken for the bus driver
[Douglast] 9:02 pm: Which is cool coz I get to have a life
[_HighVoltage_] 9:03 pm: true
[cj_pesch] 9:03 pm: I wish all the bus drivers here in Russia lookes like you)))
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:03 pm: or the guy who sells the hotdogs like you joked once in london show!
[Douglast] 9:03 pm: No I married a mature woman
[_HighVoltage_] 9:03 pm: doogie what are your hobbies besides music
[mill19] 9:03 pm: jaffa
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:03 pm: o crap! i meant do you have children lol!
[Douglast] 9:03 pm: I really did sell hot doga at the Hammersmith
[Leon] 9:03 pm: I guess... drinking beer?
[Douglast] 9:04 pm: No Beer I am just back from yoga
[cj_pesch] 9:05 pm: You are the only Rainbow vocalist that has never been in Russia. But have you heard any stories from other musicians about visiting our counrty?
[Douglast] 9:05 pm: I have no kids but everybody around me seems to so I just steal their dinner money
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:05 pm: yoga is nice after itisover and done with
[jcsfromagawammausa] 9:05 pm: YOGA HURTS I TOOK IT FOR A YEAR
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:05 pm: lol
[Douglast] 9:05 pm: MMMM TYrone
[stargazer] 9:05 pm: Doogie have you ever met Ronnie James Dio?
[_HighVoltage_] 9:05 pm: What do you think about Ritchie's obsession with rennaisance
music? Do you find it amusing or do you respect him for what he is doing?
[Leon] 9:06 pm: yeah, he did so on Graspop this year
[Leon] 9:06 pm: Malmsteen and Dio played there
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:06 pm: have you heard the last album of the ian gillan band...i mean...deep purple?
[stargazer] 9:06 pm: oh I forgot...stupid question...thanks Leon!
[Leon] 9:06 pm: (sorry for answering your question)
[Leon] 9:07 pm: it's allright man
[jcsfromagawammausa] 9:07 pm: CRAPOLA THEY SHOULD DUMP THE SINGER
[markus] 9:07 pm: Right word for Deep Purple, Blackmore`s guitar!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:07 pm: :P
[Douglast] 9:08 pm: Downward dog is NOT aposition of rest
[mill19] 9:08 pm: do you think we could have a one of reunion gig with all the x singers doing a turn just think how the dvd would do after
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:08 pm: you know what would be awesome....doogie in purple!
[markus] 9:08 pm: Yes
[Douglast] 9:08 pm: EX Yngwie singer #$%^&* the stage wouyld not be big enough
[_HighVoltage_] 9:08 pm: yeah but without morse
[jcsfromagawammausa] 9:09 pm: YEAH!!!!!!!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:09 pm: tee hee!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:09 pm: yes,with m as the guitarist! ok! deal!
[markus] 9:09 pm: Maybe with Blackmore`s guitar!
[jcsfromagawammausa] 9:09 pm: OK
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:09 pm: i have 1 vote already
[mill19] 9:09 pm: sorry that was rainbow not yngwie
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:10 pm: when is the last DP gig you have seeen doogie?
[Douglast] 9:10 pm: Hammersmith when Jon Lord "Guested"
[markus] 9:10 pm: And did you need a bucket?
[_HighVoltage_] 9:10 pm: Doogie have you spoken with Yngwie about doing more songs from the JLT era of Yngwie Mamsteen?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:11 pm: did you meet any of them at the show?
[Douglast] 9:11 pm: Yngwie picks the songs I learned 47 for the last tour
[_HighVoltage_] 9:11 pm: and do you like these songs anyway?
[Douglast] 9:11 pm: Love em
[stratfire] 9:11 pm: 47, wow
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:11 pm: you did child in time right with malmsteen? how did that go
[mill19] 9:12 pm: sweet child in timre
[tehler] 9:12 pm: I heard it in gothenburg..
[menza] 9:12 pm: that's a huge ammount, 47 I mean
[stratfire] 9:12 pm: Break a Leg on the tour Doogie, gotta let wifey use internet now. You Rule!!
[Douglast] 9:12 pm: CIT was fine coz YJM is tuned down an half step GUITARISTS EXPLAIN
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:12 pm: yes, it means that it was sung a half note lower
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:13 pm: which still is hard to sing, it is a very minor change
[Douglast] 9:13 pm: But helps
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:13 pm: im still searching for a recording of that btw :P
[markus] 9:13 pm: It`s hars to play guitar too!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:13 pm: i can sing it too.....3 whoe notes lower
[stephs66] 9:13 pm: Well. I think you did a great work with Rainbow. I saw you in Lyon (France) in 1995 . Do you remember you jumped in the crowd. Did you do this cascade all the time ...???
[_HighVoltage_] 9:15 pm: Doogie is there a song you really hate doing? With Rainbow or Yngwie it doesn't matter. Is there such a song?
[Douglast] 9:15 pm: Brothers and sister of Rock I have the Malmsteen management on the phone contract negotiations and sadly I have to go thanks for indulging and wee Scottish person stay safe
[Douglast] 9:15 pm: Maybe we can do this again some time
[markus] 9:15 pm: Maybe rapture of the deep!
[Douglast] 9:15 pm: If we are at a show just come up and say hello I dont bite
[cj_pesch] 9:15 pm: did you have any offers to sing in any well-known bands which you rejected?
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:15 pm: it was much appreciated, thanks for this and be well!!!!! be sure to check out the rainbow fanclan forum too!! :P
[_HighVoltage_] 9:15 pm: It was a great pleasure to chat with you Doogie!
[menza] 9:15 pm: ok thanks Doogie
[_HighVoltage_] 9:16 pm: hope to see you in Bulgaria
[Douglast] 9:16 pm: have a great evening and remember...........
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:16 pm: have an amazing tour and rock and rollll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[tehler] 9:16 pm: thanks!!!!!!!!
[Apostate] 9:16 pm: Bye Doogie you are still awesome!
[stargazer] 9:16 pm: Thanks Doogie!
[jcsfromagawammausa] 9:16 pm: thanks doog!!!!!
[Douglast] 9:16 pm: What do you mean STILLL
[Douglast] 9:16 pm: ta ta
[cj_pesch] 9:16 pm: thank a lot for sharing this evening with us! hope to see you soon in Russia!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:17 pm: lol!
[_HighVoltage_] 9:17 pm: he wanted to say ALWAYS!!!
[perfectstranger] 9:17 pm: thank you Doogie. Wishing you all the luck. Long live rock 'n roll!!!!!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:17 pm: *waves at doogie*
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:17 pm: *standing ovation*
[_HighVoltage_] 9:17 pm: May the force of Rock N Roll be with You!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:17 pm: *jumping ovulation*
[Leon] 9:18 pm: bye Doogie
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:18 pm: *throws beer*
[Leon] 9:18 pm: have a great time in America
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:19 pm: thanks to admin for making this happen, topman!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:19 pm: englishrob, thanks for the comments to!
[_HighVoltage_] 9:19 pm: yeah Thanks admin. Keep up the good work
[markus] 9:19 pm: Standing ovations from me to. And don`t forget Admin
[englishrob] 9:19 pm: no problem BG
[stephs66] 9:20 pm: It was a plaisir but i must progress in english . Thanks everybody ...!!!
[Blackmore's Guitar] 9:20 pm: yes, this was done well, very informative and fun
[Temple of the King]: Douglast has left at 9:20 pm

A special Thank You to Doogie White!!

Rainbow Fanclan Chatroom, Sunday October 16, 2005