Anne: Did you know any of Yngwie's songs before you wereoffered the Mexico/South America tour gig, or have you had to learn everything from scratch?

Doogie: Yngwie's manager sent me some CD`s back in May when Jorn Lande left the band. I gave the albums a listen. Some of the songs I had obviously heard; others were somewhat new to me. So it's been a blast getting familiar with them.

Anne: Any singer for Yngwie must have a wide octave range. How challenging is the selection of songs you are learning for the tour?

Doogie: These songs are probably the toughest songs I have ever had to sing, and believe me I had to sing some hard songs over the years! The range that these guys like Mark Boals and Jeff Scott Soto have is quite astounding. While I can sing in this register, it's not something I ever had to do in any previous band I`ve been in. Something like "Hiroshima Mon Amour" is climbing to notes no human being should sing unless you are Graham Bonnet. I am looking forward to bringing my own interpretation to the songs, as I did with the old Rainbow and Purple tunes I had to do with Ritchie.

Anne: Could you list some of the songs you are rehearsing for the set list?

Doogie: Well, I don't want to spoil the surprise of the set but we will be covering songs from most areas of Yngwie's career to date. "Crucify" from WTEAW, which I love, "Rising Force," of course and lots of instrumentals so you can get up close and see what he`s doing and ask.... How does he do that?

Anne: Have rehearsals with the full lineup started yet in Miami?

Doogie: No. That's all happening at the beginning of September.

Anne: Have you met any of the players in this new lineup?

Doogie: I met Mick Cervino, the bass player, once a couple of years ago when he was a travelling minstral with Ritchie and Candy`s band. My good friend, Greg Smith, who played bass in Rainbow with me talks highly of Derek, but I have not met him. So it's going to be lots of fun meeting and getting to know them all. I don't know the tour manager or any of the crew, so it's gonna be kind of like "first day at school".

Anne: Have you ever toured in Mexico and South America before? If Yngwie's past tours are any indication, the fans there are really crazy and passionate - are you ready for this?!

Doogie: Gawd yeh....I toured SA with Rainbow in '96 and it was crazy. I have friends and fans down there and am so looking forward to getting on stage in front of them and rocking it up big time. It's a great way to introduce a new line up for Yngwie, and also a brave move, but with the support of the crowds down there we can't lose. So this will be a bit special! Turn up the band and shine those spotlights!

Anne: Yngwie can be pretty demanding during rehearsals - any concerns?

Doogie: I`m glad that he is demanding --- and so he should be with his name fronting this! He`s picked good musicians, who know their stuff. You can rehearse as much and as intensely as you like, but it's not until you're under the lights, with the roar of the crowd and the smell of your sweat, that you know if it's right.

Anne: So many fans are expressing their great excitement that you have joined Yngwie's band - there is obviously a large overlap among the fan base for Yngwie and yourself. Any thoughts you'd like to share with the fans about working with Yngwie and the other members of the band?

Doogie: I am glad to hear it!!! At the moment we have only talked about this SA tour. If we get on well and I sincerely hope we do - and see no reason why we can't - then, we should do an album together. He is a great player and writer and if I can add to that then........ goody goody. I met Yngwie in London and we had a long chat and he seemed cool. People have their Yngwie stories and of course the myths. I take people as they are to me. I`ll learn my lines and will give 110% for this band, as I always have in the past for others. I`m just sorry that the touring is ending rather than beginning, as 6 months touring around singing with Yngwie would have been fun. Maybe next time, Huh??

Anne: Thanks again for your time, and best of luck on the road!!

Doogie: Fear not, all will be well. Kind regards, Doogie

Yngwie Malmsteen Fan Club Director's Interview with Doogie White August 29, 2001