An exclusive interview with former Uriah Heep / Ken Hensley bassist.

Following is Kevin Julie's exclusive interview with one-time HEEP member, and former Hensley sideman - Mark Clarke! The discussion touches on various aspects of Mark's lengthy and successful career, with some interesting commentary from one of rock's most well travelled bassmen!

This interview was conducted in the fall of '97, but due to timing was not printed in Kevin's Hensley/Heep Related Fanzine - FROM TIME TO TIME; thus it is posted here for the HEEPSTERS enjoyment! Kevin says "Mark was a pleasure to interview, a real gentlman, and I (Kevin) hope to be in ouch with him in the future!....

FT: You were briefly in RAINBOW, what can you tell me about that ?

MC: It's not worth talking about really. I rehearsed for 3 months, got paid a lot of money. It was not my kind of music, again. I think these people ask me to do stuff just because they think I can play anything. Well I can play anything, but it's whether or not I like playing anything, you know!? There's certain songs that I don't like playing, and I don't like playing those songs that Rainbow recorded.

FT: Did you get along with Ritchie Blackmore and Ronnie Dio OK ?

MC: Well, we ended up having a big argument, but we're friends again. We've been friends for the last 10 - 12 years.

Source: 1997