Ritchie Blackmore

Interview Bravo Magazine - June 1981

Ritchie Blackmore's new album is titled Difficult To Cure. And the process of creating it was really difficult, because the former Deep Purple guitarist had to replace the drummer and vocalist right during the recording.

RB: When I went to the studio to record the record, I didn't know who would play in the band. Friends helped me with the search for musicians, and the first days in the studio I only checked them. I was about to quit when I finally found the perfect musicians in Joe and Bob. This search also influenced the title of the album.

For the title composition, Richie came up with something special - he recorded in fatal form passages from the last movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.

RB: I have long been a fan of German classical composers. In my personal life, I only listen to records of their music almost all the time. The fact is that I am convinced that in my past life I lived in Germany. Probably somewhere in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

Richie loves Germany so much that he will spend most of his European tour there.

RB: The tour was planned for last fall, but due to problems with the musicians, nothing came of it.

This tour will be Richie's honeymoon - in May he got married for the third time, this time in New York. Like the first two wives, his new wife have long black hair.

RB: I just like this type of women. Hopefully this time it will be a marriage forever. In my personal life, I became a little calmer - but not on stage. I still have the same habits, and if someone gets in my way, they will understand that I have not forgotten anything.

© Bravo, Germany 1981