Ritchie Blackmore

Interview Muziek Expres 1979

He played with DEEP PURPLE for seven years then RITCHIE BLACKMORE thought it was time to leave. He left the group and formed RAINBOW. Now, five years later, he is very successful with his new album "Down To The Earth".

It really wasn't easy When Ritchie Blackmore left DEEP PURPLE he was a star. He thought he would make it right again. But it wasn't. It took several years for him to regain a foothold. During that time he hit his friends and his lost money, but not his self-confidence. On the contrary: his big mouth did not let him down for a second.

"If you believe in yourself then you go on," he said, adding, "I'm the best guitarist in the world, no one can match me. Success I'll get anyway!"

Now his dream has finally come true. RAINBOW is a fact and the newspapers are full of praise. But Ritchie does not get cold or warm.

"RAINBOW is totally awesome," he says. "The group is better than PINK FLOYD has ever been." Ritchie has also not changed his character. He is still hot-tempered and very quickly tempered. When he was still playing with DEEP PURPLE he constantly got into a fight with the other musicians and he even got into a fight with Jon Lord. But he doesn't go that far now anymore.

"I have calmed down", he says. "I don't get angry that easily anymore." But angry tongues still manage to mention that it also gave some misunderstandings in Ritchie's new group. Everyone had to do exactly what he wanted "I'm the boss", he would have said. "You have to shut up and do what I say. Otherwise you can go."

But Ritchie denies such statements, "I only give them directions I explain to them how I want it, but the most important thing they have to do themselves. I've been in the business for so long, I know exactly how it should be done. But everyone is free to to do what he wants. " But RAINBOW continues.

And the musicians get along well as Ritchie claims. They are Roger Glover (vocals), Don Airey (keyboards), Cozy Powell (drums) and of course Ritchie Blackmore (guitar). "We worked really hard", says Ritchie. "I believe that we will finally break through internationally. Our record "Down To The Earth" was only the beginning. Our next record will be even better I promise. We will soon enter the studio. 1980 will be an even better year for Rainbow.

© Muziek Expres, Holland 1979