Ritchie Blackmore

Interview August 1979

Why don't you like interviews?

RB: Because it's boring. I don't like talking about myself. When I read my own interviews, it seems to me that I am talking very pompously, and this is unpleasant for me.

Where do you live now?

RB: On Long Island. My house is by the ocean, I like to watch the ocean, and I also like to watch TV. After 10 days, we will begin rehearsals. And then there will be our tour with Blue Oyster Cult.

Do you like the music on television?

RB: Yeah, I like music in many TV programs, for example, in Charlie's Angels or in The Dating Game.

During a long tour, skirmishes and quarrels often occur. How do you manage to avoid this?

RB: We do not talk with each other and stay away from each other.

Do you ride the same bus with the rest of the band?

RB: No, I do not.

If someone in the group begins to consciously make many mistakes or goes into conflict with you, how do you discuss this issue with him?

RB: I do not arrange negotiations. If someone starts to behave like that, I immediately dismiss this person.

Cozy has long been a member of Rainbow.

RB: Yeah, I won’t be able to throw this guy out. He continues to inspire me. But I think I would have beaten him many times already if he hadn't been stronger (laughs).

Is there something that makes you especially angry during concerts?

RB: In some concert halls there are always problems with sound. My amplifier constantly picks up noise and interference. This is very unpleasant.

© Ongaku Senka, Japan 1979