Last May I went with my colleague Rob to the Pinkpop festival in Geleen (Holland). Just like at the Brugge Festival (Belgium) two days earlier Mr. Gary Moore was not interested to do an interview, so we did a short interview with his keyboard player Don Airey.

Can you tell why you are every time for just a short period in a different band?

I want to be free in what I do. I'm not 'permanent' in any band, but play with any band I like. Before I also travelled all over the world and played everywhere possible to earn a living. Besides I was lucky, I got so many connections, so everybody asks me. For example Cozy Powell, with whom I was in Cozy Powell's Hammer, he asked me to join Rainbow. Via Roger Glover, who produced the first Michael Schenker LP, I played on that album and that's just how it goes.

From all the hardrockbands you were in, you stayed in Rainbow for the longest period. Why didn't you want to play in Rainbow anymore?

Ritchie wanted to play with American musicians and I wanted to play English hardrock.

What are your plans for the near future?

I'm going back to Ozzy Osbourne and will play with him on the Oz Festival. Neil Carter (ex-Wild Horses, ex-UFO - Mike) will take my place in Gary Moore's band for the time being. They will tour the US. I also will play on the new Ozzy Osbourne album and I hope to work again with Gary Moore on his new album.

© Metal Mike, Aardschok, Holland, August 1983 - [translated from Dutch language]