Vienna Arrest 1977

Blackmore Arrested

Ritchie Blackmore spent a night in jail in Austria last week after he was arrested at the end of a concert at the Vienna Stadthalle. Blackmore was charged with inflicting serious bodily harm on an attendant. The incident happened at the end of the group's concert when the crowd surged forward towards the stage. The attendants stepped in to keep them back. Their behaviour with the crowd angered the group and a row flared up, during which punches were thrown.

After he was charged Blackmore was kept in jail overnight, but was released the following day after a date for the court case was settled by his sollicitors, and he was able to join the rest of the group for the next concert in Munich.

At first the Austrian authorities wanted to hear the case on November 4, which would have conflicted with Blackmore's British tour dates, but his lawyers managed to get the case postponed untill after the tour.

Sounds, UK - October 29, 1977

Stern Magazine Report

Richard Blackmore, 32, former guitar player for rock band Deep Purple and now band leader for Rainbow, had to spend 24 hours in a jail in Vienna. The reason: During a concert in the Danubian metropolis, "Ritchie" Blackmore kicked a security guard in his face from onstage. While his bleeding victim was brought into hospital, the furious guitarist tried to hide in an equipment case, but was finally detected by the Vienna police. Having left 40.000 Deutschmark deposit, Blackmore was released - but too late to reach his next concert in Munich.

Stern, Germany - October 1977

Star Whispering

A quarter of a million on the table - that's how star lawyer Dr. Othmar Stunsky, my neighbor at Belafonte-Konsert, Thursday afternoon at 15:30 hours got the wild rock star Ritchie Blackmore out of jail. Ritchie, once guitarist of Deep Purple and Tuesday evening in the Vienna Stadthalle with Rainbow, had, as reported the city hall manager Kracher was kicked by Blackmore with his feet which resulted in a cheekbone and mandibular fracture. His "Gorilla" tried Ritchie, hidden in a spotlight flightcase, to roll out of the Stadthalle. But the police was not so easy to fool. They took Ritchie out of the flightcase and locked him plus the "Gorilla" in a cell.

Meanwhile, Stimmen der Welt Manager Joachim Lieben had a problem. Because Wednesday evening Blackmore should play with Rainbow in Munich. 5000 Rockfans were comforted Thursday. "The court was great" confirmed Dr. Slunsky, "after all the scene in the case was considered as a flight risk. Otherwise they had Blackmore, who indicated his residence is Los Angeles, only brought to the prosecutor."

Blackmore's lawyer Dr. Slunsky settled now for the 250,000 Shillings deposit. Manager Lieben keeps Ritchie fee, and all hope that the now completely and even soft Popstar early November will come to the process. Because of the fog Ritchie could not fly to Munich. The ride by car suffered also from that, while his bodyguard stayed in jail. Lieben: "The view was aty times only 15 Meters. We had scheduled the concert at 22:00 hours, but at the tine the star was not yet in Munich."

The Vienna police will remember the 48 hours incarcerated rock star anyway as one of their most remarkable entries. Registered in their objects in custody list they received from Ritchie: 1 pair of red boots and 1 black suit - embroidered with a green cactus..."

Austria News Paper- October 1977

The Popstar remains free

Because at the concert with his group Rainbow in the Stadthalle he kicked and broke the left jaw of security guard Kurt Kracher, Popstar Richard Blackmore, 32, resident of Hollywood CA was accused of serious physical injury. He was released from custody on bail of 250,000 Shilling. Now the Bassgitarist (!) did not appear to the main lawsuit for OLGR Dr, Klàr in Vienna. Attorney Dr. Kloyber requested forfeiture and alert for arrest of the security guard.

Austria News Paper - November 1977

Blackmore jailed

Rainbow guitarist Ritchie Blackmore (together with manager Gerald Oxford) after a tangible dealing with a security officer got arrested in Vienna, jailed and not released before the next day on bail. A trial was set on November 4th to clarify the question of guilt. Because Ritchie was on tour that day in England the judges gave mercy and postponed the trial date to the end of December.

Pop Magazine, Germany - December 1, 1977