Tour Dates

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  • Tourdates Japan:

  • 11.01.1978 Shi Kokaido, Nagoya, Japan
  • 12.01.1978 Kenritsu Taiikukan, Hiroshima, Japan
  • 13.01.1978 Kenritsu Taiikukan, Hiroshima, Japan
  • 14.01.1978 Kyuden-Kinen Taiikukan, Fukuoka, Japan
  • 16.01.1978 Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Osaka, Japan
  • 17.01.1978 Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Osaka, Japan
  • 18.01.1978 Kaikan Daiichi Hall, Kyoto, Japan
  • 20.01.1978 Koseinenkin-Kaikan, Osaka, Japan
  • 21.01.1978 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
  • 22.01.1978 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
  • 24.01.1978 Shimin Bunka Center, Koriyama, Japan
  • 27.01.1978 Nakajima Sports Centre, Sapporo, Japan
  • 29.01.1978 Kenmin Kaikan, Akita, Japan
  • 31.01.1978 Kenmin Kaikan, Niigata, Japan
  • 03.02.1978 Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan

  • Tourdates U.S.A.:

  • 09.05.1978 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN, USA
  • 11.05.1978 The Checkerdome Arena, St. Louis MO, USA
  • 12.05.1978 Kemper Arena, Kansas City MO, USA
  • 13.05.1978 Kemper Arena, Kansas City MO, USA
  • 18.05.1978 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles CA, USA
  • 19.05.1978 Swing Auditorium, San Bernardino CA, USA
  • 20.05.1978 Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco CA, USA
  • 21.05.1978 Warners Theatre, Fresno CA, USA
  • 22.05.1978 Sports Arena, San Diego CA, USA
  • 26.05.1978 Sports Arena, Toledo OH, USA
  • 27.05.1978 Louisville Gardens, Louisville KY, USA
  • 28.05.1978 Fairgrounds, Allentown PA, USA
  • 29.05.1978 Civic Arena, Springfield MA, USA
  • 31.05.1978 Hara Arena, Dayton OH, USA
  • 02.06.1978 Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ, USA
  • 03.06.1978 Palace Theatre, Albany NY, USA
  • 04.06.1978 Civic Center, Providence RI, USA
  • 05.06.1978 Garden, Boston MA, USA
  • 07.06.1978 Mid-Hudson Civic Center Arena, Poughkeepsie NY, USA
  • 09.06.1978 War Memorial Auditorium, Rochester NY, USA
  • 10.06.1978 Suffolk Forum, Commack NY, USA
  • 11.06.1978 Capitol Center, Largo MD, USA
  • 16.06.1978 Florida Coliseum, Jacksonville FL, USA
  • 17.06.1978 Civic Center, Lakeland FL, USA
  • 19.06.1978 Jai Alai Fronton, Miami FL, USA
  • 23.06.1978 Freedom Hall, Johnson City TN, USA
  • 24.06.1978 Omni, Atlanta GA, USA
  • 25.06.1978 Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte NC, USA
  • 27.06.1978 Civic Auditorium, Knoxville TN, USA
  • 28.06.1978 Municipal Auditorium Arena, Nashville TN, USA
  • 29.06.1978 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis TN, USA
  • 30.06.1978 Convention Centre, Pine Bluff AR, USA
  • 01.07.1978 The Armory, Springfield IL, USA
  • 02.07.1978 International Amphitheater, Chicago IL, USA
  • 04.07.1978 Edgewater Speedway, Cincinnati OH, USA
  • 07.07.1978 Fairgrounds Pavillion, Tulsa, OK, USA
  • 08.07.1978 Myriad, Oklahoma City OK, USA
  • 09.07.1978 Civic Coliseum, Amarillo TX, USA
  • ??.07.1978 Taylor County Coliseum, Abilene TX, USA
  • 13.07.1978 Sam Houston Coliseum, Houston TX, USA
  • 14.07.1978 Convention Center Arena, Dallas TX, USA
  • 15.07.1978 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio TX, USA
  • 16.07.1978 Fair Park Coliseum, Beaumont TX, USA
  • 20.07.1978 Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge LA, USA
  • 21.07.1978 Municipal Auditorium, Shreveport LA, USA
  • 23.07.1978 Municipal Auditorium, Austin TX, USA
  • 25.07.1978 Memorial Coliseum, Corpus Christi TX, USA
  • ??.07.1978 Coliseum, El Paso TX, USA
  • 28.07.1978 Richfield Coliseum, Cleveland OH, USA
  • 02.08.1978 Tower Theater, Philadelphia PA, USA
  • 05.08.1978 Leroy Concert Theater, Pawtucket RI, USA
  • 09.08.1978 Salem Civic Center, Salem VA, USA
  • 13.08.1978 Convention Center, Dallas TX, USA
  • 14.08.1978 Music Hall, Royal Oak MI, USA
  • 15.08.1978 Music Hall, Royal Oak MI, USA
  • 17.08.1978 Stanley Theater, Pittsburgh PA, USA
  • 18.08.1978 Calderone Concert Hall, Hempstead NY, USA
  • 19.08.1978 Paramount Theater, Wilkes-Barre PA, USA
  • 23.08.1978 Palace Theater, Albany NY, USA
  • 24.08.1978 Palladium, New York City NY, USA

  • Setlist Japan:

  • Kill The King
  • Mistreated
  • Sixteenth Century Greensleeves
  • Catch The Rainbow
  • Man On The Silver Mountain
  • Long Live Rock'n'Roll
  • Still I'm Sad
  • Do You Close Your Eyes

  • Setlist Rarities/Notes/Rumours:

  • "Man On The Silver Mountain" played as medley including "Blues", "Starstruck" & "Night People"

  • Setlist U.S.A.:

  • Kill The King
  • Mistreated
  • Long Live Rock'n'Roll
  • Man On The Silver Mountain

  • Setlist Rarities/Notes/Rumours:

  • "Man On The Silver Mountain" played without "Blues", "Starstruck" & "Night People"
  • The set has been said to have included "Gates Of Babylon" and "Lady Of The Lake" in Los Angeles CA (no proof)
  • "L.A. Connection" was performed on a few shows, at least in Fresno CA & Louisville KY (bootlegs exist)
  • "L.A. Connection" & "Gates Of Babylon" are rumoured to have been played in Passaic NJ (no proof)

  • Support Act Japan:

  • Unknown
  • Headliners U.S.A:

  • REO Speedwagon
      REO Speedwagon is an American rock band. Formed in 1967, the band cultivated a following during the 1970s and achieved significant commercial success throughout the 1980s. REO Speedwagon headlined the tour with Rainbow as (main) support-act.
  • Foghat
      Foghat are a British rock band that had their peak success in the 1970s, formed in London in 1971. Their style can be described as "blues-rock" or boogie-rock, dominated by electric and electric slide guitar. The band had far more success in the United States than home in Britain. Foghat headlined on 5 shows with Rainbow as support-act.
  • Cheap Trick
      Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973. They have often been referred to in the Japanese press as the "American Beatles". They supported some shows of Rainbow in 1978 but also did a headliner show in Springfield IL where Rainbow was the support-act.
  • The Outlaws
      The Outlaws are a Southern rock/country rock band best known for their 1975 hits "There Goes Another Love Song" and "Green Grass and High Tides". They headlined a festival in Cincinnati OH where Rainbow was also on the bill. Other acts were Rick Derringer, Rare Earth, Dixie Dregs & Max Webster.
  • Kansas
      Kansas is an American progressive rock band that became popular in the 1970s initially on album-oriented rock charts and later with hit singles such as "Carry On Wayward Son" and "Dust in the Wind". Kansas headlined a show in Dallas TX with Rainbow & Thin Lizzy as support act.
  • Support Acts U.S.A:

  • No Dice
      No Dice was a blues/rock band from Britain in Stones/Faces style. No Dice was the 2nd support act on several shows early in the tour. REO Speedwagon was the headliner.
  • The Godz
      The Godz was an American hard rock band which released their self-titled debut album in 1978. It contains their most notable radio hit, "Gotta Keep A-Running". The Godz was the 2nd support act in Commack NY. REO Speedwagon was the headliner.
  • Henry Gross
      Henry Gross is an American singer-songwriter best known for his association with the group, Sha Na Na and for his hit song, "Shannon". He was the youngest person, at age 18, to play on the main stage at the Woodstock Music & Art Fair in 1969. Henry Gross was support. Henry Gross was together with No Dice support act in Louisville KY. Rainbow headlined the show.
  • The Hounds
      The Hounds were a mainstay of the south-suburban Chicago bar scene in the late seventies. Led by the charismatic keyboardist/vocalist, John Hunter the Hounds performed a lively brand of late seventies hard rock with tinges of glam mixed in. The Hounds were 2nd support in Allentown PA where Foghat headlined.
  • Uriah Heep
      Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in 1969 and are regarded as one of the seminal hard rock acts of the early 1970s. They supported Rainbow in Passaic NJ.
  • The Sweet
      Sweet (also referred to as The Sweet) were a British rock band that rose to worldwide fame in the 1970s as a prominent glam rock act, with their most prolific line-up: lead vocalist Brian Connolly, bass player Steve Priest, guitarist Andy Scott, and drummer Mick Tucker. Foghat headlined the show in Providence RI. Rainbow was 1st support-act. Other supports were The Sweet & Atlanta Rhythm Section.
  • Atlanta Rhythm Section
      Atlanta Rhythm Section, sometimes abbreviated ARS, is an American southern rock band, formed in 1971. Foghat headlined the show in Providence RI. Rainbow was 1st support-act. Other supports were The Sweet & Atlanta Rhythm Section.
  • Cheap Trick
      Cheap Trick is an American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973. They have often been referred to in the Japanese press as the "American Beatles". They headlined a show with Rainbow suppporting, but also were support-act this tour when Foghat headlined with Rainbow as 1st support and on a few shows that Rainbow headlined.
  • Max Webster
      Max Webster was a Canadian hard rock band formed in 1973 in Toronto and led by guitarist and vocalist Kim Mitchell. Max Webster was 2nd support in Springfield IL (with Cheap Trick headlining) and seven shows in Texas (REO Speedwagon as headliner).
  • Nantucket
      Nantucket is a hard rock band that formed in Jacksonville, North Carolina in 1969. Originally known as beach music band Stax of Gold and later Nantucket Sleighride (after the song by Mountain). Nantucket was 2nd support act on some show with REO Speedwagon as headliner.
  • Ultra
      Ultra is a twin guitar boogie rockband from San Antonio, Texas. They were founded in 1974 and broke up late 1978. Ultra was 2nd support act on some show with REO Speedwagon as headliner in Oklahoma City OK.
  • Blackstone
      Blackstone was a Hard Rock group based in Amarillo, Texas. Michael Lee Thomas was the Founder and sole Original member throughout the existence of the band from Spring 1972 until Fall 1982. Blackstone was 2nd support act on some show with REO Speedwagon as headliner in Amarillo TX.
  • CS Trucking
      Unknown band, most likely a local band. CS Trucking was 2nd support act in Baton Rouge LA. REO Speedwagon headlined and Rainbow was the main support act.
  • Black Oak Arkansas
      Black Oak Arkansas is an American Southern rock hillybilly psycho-boogie band named after the band's hometown of Black Oak, Arkansas. Their style is punctuated by multiple guitar players and the raspy voice and on-stage antics of vocalist Jim "Dandy" Mangrum. Black Oak Arkansas was support act for a show in Cleveland OH.
  • AC/DC
      AC/DC are an Australian hard rock band, formed in November 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. Commonly referred to as a hard rock or blues rock band, they are also considered pioneers of heavy metal and are sometimes classified as such, though they have always dubbed their music as simply "rock and roll". To date they are one of the highest-grossing bands of all time. AC/DC was support act for Rainbow on the last couple of 1978 tourdates. AC/DC were also support on the 1976 European Tour.
  • The Cars
      The Cars are an American rock band that emerged from the new wave scene in the late 1970s. The band originated in Boston MA. The Cars was support in Royal Oak MI for two days (rumour said there were 3 dates)
  • Eddie Money
      Eddie Money (born Edward Joseph Mahoney), is an American rock guitarist, saxophonist and singer-songwriter, who found success in the 1970s and 1980s with a string of Top 40 hits and platinum albums. He was support act at the Pittsburgh PA show where Rainbow played only 45 minutes, audience almost rioted after the show.
  • Thin Lizzy
      Thin Lizzy is an Irish rock band formed in Dublin in 1969 featuring bassist/vocalist Phil Lynott (who died early 1986). Thin Lizzy was 2nd support in Dallas TX. Kansas was the headliner, Rainbow was support-act too.