Rock Ahead Review

  1. Still I'm sad
  2. Stargazer
  3. Kill the king
  4. LA connection
  5. Rainbow eyes
  6. Since you been gone
  7. Makin' love
  8. Danger zone
  9. Veilleicht das nachste mal
10. Eyes of fire
11. Stone cold
12. Fire dance
13. Fool for the night

In the light of Richie Blackmores ongoing fascination with mediaeval music in Blackmores Night it seems a reasonable time to re assess the man's work post Deep Purple throughout the late seventies and early eighties. Pot Of Gold is a fair introduction to anyone not up to speed with the comings and goings of what was essentially a vehicle for Richie Blackmore.

It has been said that if Rainbow were to have a reunion of its ex members then they would have to hire out the Birmingham NEC. Joking apart the various comings and goings never seemed to get in the way of the music. This CD whilst not being definitive certainly is a good introduction to their music, including hits like Since You've Been Gone and Stone Cold that made Top Of The Pops worth watching in the late seventies and early eighties.

The material is split between three vocalists who all manage to leave their individual mark on the various albums they recorded with the band. The material, by and large, is excellent and only a fool would find fault with the performances throughout. My personal favourites come from the original line up of Rainbow that was presided over vocally by Ronnie James Dio. Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner however can hold their respective heads high as although their contributions are totally different they are a worthy and important part of the Rainbow story. Best tracks? Well the compilers have done an excellent job and the material does justice to the legend that is Rainbow. They're all great but I do have a fondness for Kill The King and Stone Cold which neatly bookends their career.

This CD is an invaluable introduction to a great band.

Jon Kirkman, Rock Ahead 2002