Joe Lynn Turner

Eight Ball Club - Thessaloniki, Greece   August 30, 2014

After 4 years of waiting JLT visited my home town Thessaloniki giving joy to all his fans. We all had been waiting a lot to listen to the legendary performer singing unforgettable classic songs of Rainbow and Deep Purple. The concert took place in Eight Ball Club, a very rock place. Two new bands opened the concert creating a great rock atmosphere. Later G. Gakis performed too together with Troublemakers singing several songs including his own.

JLT was in a good mood as usually, full of energy and his great voice took us back to the nostalgic years of Rainbow and DP music. His set list did not also include not Rainbow and DP songs but also a duet with G. Gakis 'Street of broken dreams', a very beautiful song. The surprise came with the hit 'King of Dreams'. It was the first time for me to listen to this song live from JLT.

On stage he told us about how the two songs ('King of Dreams' and 'Street of Dreams') were written so that we got an idea. We went to this concert together with some members of the family as usually, in order to enjoy real great rock music. It was another enjoyable rock live of JLT.

We wanted to listen to some Malmsteen and solo but maybe another time we’ll get the chance, together with his band we hope. At the end of the concert we took pictures of him, he signed autographs talking to all his fans. This is Turner an artist and a real guy.

Special thanks to Lisa Walker and Paul Morris, people from Eight Ball as well and of course JLT. We are waiting for you to rock again maybe toghether with Rated X this time.

Review by: Nikos Aidonidis - JLT GREEK FAN CLUB