Graham Bonnet
with Walter Giardino & Greg Smith

El Teatro, Buenos Aires,Argentina    December 18, 2010

The Band

Graham Bonnet: Vocals
Greg Smith: Bass
Walter Giardino: Guitars
Fernando Scarcella: Drums
Danilo Moschen: Keyboards

Set list

 1- Eyes of the World
 2- Island in the Sun
 3- Danger Zone
 4- Night Games
 5- Red House (Jimmy Hendrix cover feat. Greg Smith on vocals)
 6- Hiroshima mon Amour
 7- Love's no Friend
 8- Jet to Jet
 9- Hero of Eternity (song from Walter Giardino's solo band Temple)
10- Only One Woman
11- Kree Nakoorie
12- Too Young to Die, Too Drunk to Live
13- Since You Been Gone
14- All Night Long
15- Lost in Holywood

Thanks to: Gustavo Solinas