Doogie White

Mad Hatters, Inverness, Scotland UK    December 10, 2010

Got home late last night from my first shows with Doogie White at the weekend. We were all delighted with the shows and the opportunity to perform and play with Doogie so much over the weekend was teriffic. We performed two shows as well as an acoustic set which was filmed and broadcast on Moray Firth Radio. The Acoustic set included the DIO era Rainbow classic "Temple Of The King", the Coverdale-Deep Purple track "Soldier Of Fortune" and the ROADWAY/Doogie White track "This Is Why".

The Inverness show especially was fantastic, playing such an amazing set to a home crowd was a whole new experience and something I'll remember for a long time. Doogie and the guys were a delight to work with and I think we all did a good job. The set list included tracks from every era of RAINBOW (DIO, Bonnet, Turner, White) as well as a few Deep Purple classics and some of Doogie's post and pre RAINBOW material.

So what's next?... well I'm delighted to announce that this line-up of the Doogie White band will be performing again in Summer 2011 on a Scottish tour which has yet to be confirmed, no dates or plans are able to be released yet, just that Doogie, myself and the guys are looking forward to performing again and working together on more shows next year. Any plans, or confirmed dates will be announced here FIRST, so please keep checking back throughout the year and I'll update the site with any new developments.

Ross McEwen

all pics taken by fans at Inverness, Scotland show, December 10th, Mad Hatters

Thanks to: Ross McEwen