Blackmore's Night

Munich - Prinzregenten Theater, Germany    September 10, 2010

In beautiful Munich, I had the fortune to meet the Great Ritchie Blackmore for the second time, and of course to be on a Blackmore's Night concert on 10.09.2010.The weather at the day of the concert and during my stay in Munich was brilliant. The concert took place in Prinzregenten Theater, a beautiful neo classical building that brought in mind a medieval place. A fact, that is quite typical for the venues BN choose to play their music.

Dressed in garb, joyful, and with great anxiety, we, the fans filled with anticipation were waiting to watch the show. As I was sitting on the front row among people I knew from other fan clubs, we admired the impressively decorated stage.

A few hours before, R.Blackmore had appeared backstage, where a lot of fans had been waiting for him. Ritchie was very friendly and simple, and signed everything that was handed in to him, even Rainbow and Deep Purple vinyls just saying that 'that was many years ago'.

The concert started off with the beautiful melodies of Albert Dannenman who used various medieval wind instruments as well as a Hurdy Gurdy.

BN started off with their rhythmic 'Locked within the Crystal Ball', getting the audience on its feet who enjoyed every note. The song list included both old and new songs from the new 'Autumn sky' album. Songs like 'Highland', 'Believe in me', 'All the fun in the fayre' were the most pleasant memories of the night.

The troubadours gave a great performance. Candice and Ritchie enjoyed the audience's love and enjoyed playing all this music that that they had created all these years. Seeing Ritchie on his knees playing for his audience it is easy to realize that he is dedicated and closer to his audience, more than any other time before. In the end everyone was pleased, renewing their next meeting (friends) for the next concert.

Review by Sir.Nikos (BN Official Greek Fan Club)

Blackmore's Night Setlist

01 God Save The Keg (Play Back)
02 Ritchie's Intro / Locked Within The Crystal Ball
03 Queen for a Day
04 Under A Violet Moon
05 Soldier Of Fortune
06 Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus / Violin Solo
07 World Of Stone
08 All The Fun Of The Fayre / Piano & Drums Solo
09 Highland
10 Journeyman (Vandraen)
11 Believe In Me
12 Renaissance Faire
13 Toast To Tomorrow
14 Ghost Of A Rose
15 Fires At Midnight
16 I Still Remember You
17 Home Again
18 Village Lanterne
19 Mid-Winter's Night

SUPPORT BAND - The Geyers - (Minstrel Albert)

Setlist & Photos: © Sir.Nikos Aidonidis (Blackmore's Night Greek FanClub)