Over The Rainbow

Hedon, Zwolle, The Netherlands    April 23rd, 2010

After the show last night in the deep south of the Netherlands we're now heading off to the east of the country. Over the Rainbow plays tonight in Club Hedon in the city of Zwolle. We see tonight many familiar faces of Dutch fans. Again no support-act. The stage is a lot bigger than the one last night, a bit like the one last year in Uden. Here is also a balcony.

About ten past nine the tape with Cozy Powell's "Dance With The Devil" is started. The place is nicely filled up with fans. The band kicks off again with "Tarot Woman". Right away it's clear the band is again in a good mood. The crowd reacts enthusiastic so we're in for another good night.

The setlist is exactly the same as in Kerkrade. Paul Morris is wearing a t-shirt of the Rock Temple, the venue of last night (You can buy these t-shirts online at www.therocktemple.nl), Greg plays again with a big smile on his face. Joe has again his sunglasses on the first few songs. Bobby is hitting his kit again pretty hard. And Jürgen seems to be in a much more active mood then yesterday.

He plays again on the sunburst Stratocaster. And tonight it's the only guitar he uses. The Jacksons remains untouched today. While he yesterday stand quietly for his amps, tonight he's on fire. It's obvious where he got it from. At times he really look a dead ringer for his dad. Just amazing, it reminds us from all those great concerts in the 70's and 80's when his old men was hitting it off with Rainbow. Well that was then, this is now.

Jürgen does a great job in Over the Rainbow without getting playwise close to what Ritchie has done in the past. But the looks are amazing. Besides he plays all the Rainbow songs very well. His solospot in "Eyes of the World" is longer tonight. And better than last night too.

In "I Surrender" we got another memory flash. Jürgen tells Paul with hand gestures that he should play his keyboards a certain way. Just like the old man used to do in the past when something wasn't going like he wanted to. It just proves Jürgen is still growing and is on his way to step further in the boots of his dad.

The leader these days in this band is still Joe Lynn Turner. He's in form too. JLT has no problems with songs whether it's the Dio, Bonnet or White era they came from, he can handle them all very well. But he really shines in the ones he recorded himself with Rainbow in the early eighties.

Greg and Bobby are an excellent tight rhythm section. Paul adds a nice broad carpet of keyboard sounds on the songs. You get to hear the keyboardplayer these days a lot more than in the old days when they were always kept low in the mix.

Although the fans would have loved to hear some other Rainbow songs that haven't been played at the show last year or even better new material you can't go wrong with a setlist of all the classic Rainbow tracks. After the majestic "Tarot Woman", it's the rough rocker "Kill the King", followed by one of Rainbow greatest hit successes "Street of Dreams".

We'll get the expected jam before the sing-a-long "All Night Long", the short "Over the Rainbow" interlude before the bikers song "Death Alley Driver" and the keyboard and guitar solos in "Eyes of the World". The songs really rock, the audience is enjoying every minute of it and so is the band.

The nineties edition of Rainbow is remembered with two songs, "Ariel" which sees JLT dancing like an Egyptian and the rocking "Wolf to the Moon". After "Man on the Silver Mountain" we get some more Turner era goodies with "Can't Let You Go" and "Jealous Lover".

Bobby Rondinelli gets time for his solo that is followed by the Rainbow classic "Stargazer" which has been an audience favorite right from the start. The show ends ofcourse with "Long Live Rock'n'Roll. With ofcourse some audience participation.

The encores see the band returning for another three songs. First it's Rainbow's first commercial success "Since You Been Gone" before a very good version of "Can't Happen Here". Did it sounded that good already in the old days? Well, these days it sounds really hot!

Over the Rainbow finish the show and this short tour with the opener of the Turner live eighties period. It's the "Spotlight Kid". Joe is singing "You don't know what's happening, you want to go home". Well, actually we wanna stay here all night long. But it's the last song of a very good show. The band thanks the audience and it's all over.

We can say we saw two great shows in both Kerkrade and Zwolle. Kerkrade was very intimate in the small Rock Temple. Zwolle was bigger, more to the size of a standard show. Mind you, Rainbow used to play in huge halls like Ahoy which can have 8.000 - 10.000 people but the times have changed. Hardrock is not so popular anymore, not only in The Netherlands but in all Western countries.

All the hardrock bands who used to play in the big halls, are now playing venues like these. The times they have been a changing. Still we got a very good feelin' about both shows. Most fans in other West European countries did not see the band at all while we got a double helping. And it tasted good! Really good! Thanks guys, see you on the next tour!

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