Over The Rainbow

Biebob, Voselaar, Belgium    April 21st, 2010

Over The Rainbow at Vosselaar 21/4/2010 was such an exciting and astonishing experience, that I would like to share a bit of this unforgettable concert with all other fans :)

I saw OTR the first time at Uden last year, and that show was great. This show however, was a non-stop firework of the five members in action with unlimited power and speed and first class playing!

They opened with Tarot woman and it was at once very clear, that the band was in great shape, bursting with energy !

The rest of the setlist was : Kill the King, Man on the silver mountain, Street of dreams, Death Alley Driver, Eyes of the World, Can’t let you go, Ariel , Wolf to the moon, All night long, Jealous Lover, Stargazer, Long Live Rock 'n' Roll, I surrender, Since You Been Gone, Can’t happen here, Spotlight kid.

Rondinelli, my favorite drummer, was more alert as a soldier in full war, and his drum work an explosion of skill and fastness. I like one of his great specialties, and that's the changing of the rhythm at complete unexpected moments, and this was so noticed and appreciated by the audience! We loved his solo, his hand drumming, and this time the gong was also present at stage :)

Paul Morris was much better to hear as in Uden, and so we could much more enjoy and become aware how gifted this man is. He is never dominant but his keyboard accompaniment is supporting harmonious and sensitive, with special effects when needed. Truly inspiring and refreshing. Beautiful solo also :)

Greg Smith is not only a full of live bassist, but what a voice has this man! And he never stopped one moment with giving all contribution of one could dream and even more... of one could not dream of! Vital with style and untiringly !

Joe's voice was excellent, and his well known and true friendliness gave great pleasure... Turner gave all in singing and performing, touching, energizing, rocking! He added nice personal messages... and yes... this man is true, and he is not repeating the same words at every place! He has such a warm heart for the fans! :D

Jürgen's playing is in one word beautiful. He is not a show off, although he did kick the ass of Greg Smith... He is very relaxed, he accompanies very adequate and with touching solo's! He express feelings and moods, and he is not only stuffing up songs with noise as so many do these days!

There were also people from the south of Belgium and even France to see them, and we all wanted other fans to know that OTR becomes day by day more superb, fast and exciting!!! There are many good hard rock concerts, but at an OTR concert, one would need an extra couple of eyes and ears... so much was happening in a wonderful speed…not in hurrying, but in creating not one dull moment!!!

Only one remark but not to their address... can't the concerts in future not take place in bigger halls? We were now like sardines in a box! Can we buy CD's next time?

Thanks to smashing good looking OTR for this unforgettable evening in Belgium.

Review by Skow