Over The Rainbow

Namba Hatch, Osaka, Japan    April 27th, 2009


01 Tarot Woman
02 Kill The King
03 Street Of Dreams
04 Man On The Silver Mountain
05 Death Alley Driver
06 Keyboards solo
07 Eyes Of The World
08 Ariel
09 Wolf To The Moon
10 Power
11 Band Jam
12 Can't Happen Here
13 Jealous Lover
14 Drum solo
15 Stargazer
16 Long Live Rock'n'Roll
17 Since You've Been Gone
18 Stone Cold
19 I Surrender
20 All Night Long

Over The Rainbow

Kosei-Nenkin Hall, Tokyo, Japan    May 1st, 2009

Saw Over The Rainbow yesterday evening here in Tokyo, and me (and the friends I went with) went away leaving slightly impressed.

When I first saw the footage of OTR in Russia, I had the impression the band felt a bit stiff, and Blackmore JR. really seemed a bit uncomfortable on stage. As said in other threads his tone on the Russian tour in February seemed too metal, and missed a more subtle tone. I have to say the band I saw yesterday had none of these issues. Here are my impressions:

-The Overall sound was fantastic, amazing even. This can also largely be contributed to the Kosei Nenkin hall which had amazing acoustics, the best concert hall I ever been to. While Blackmore still played with his Jackson guitars, his tone was more clear and much rounder sounding then the sharp metal tone I heard from Russia gigs.

-The members obviously had a great time. Blackmore Jr himself was smiling all the way and cracking jokes with JLT and talking to the audience. While he seems a more tranquil person when compared to his dad, he comes away as a person much at ease at what he does now. The ad-lib moments they put into songs were very nicely done, the moment they launched from a jam straight into Can't happen here for example really got a huge response from the audience.

-Blackmore actually played very good. It's interesting to see how much his style differs from his dad. He doesn't have that wide vibrato but also tends not to overplay on the songs. I really liked his approach on most stuff, he isn't the showman but wants to put a down a good flowing song or solo instead of just showing off.

-Actually I never really noticed how good a drummer Rondinelli is, probably also because of the horrible production on the 80's albums. But man the guy can play.

-Setlist: pretty much the same as in Russia if I'm not mistaken, but they added Stone Cold in the encores. Why they play "Power" and no Spotlight Kid is beyond me though.

-JLT was in a very good vocal shape. While still my least favourite Rainbow singer, he really had the audience on his hand.

-Tony Carey: I really liked how he added his own touch to all the songs. I think I can still feel the acoustic thump of the sounds he got out of his keyboard on the intro of Eyes Of The World, another highlight of the show.

-Apparently the place was sold out (a pretty large venue in Tokyo) and JLT pretty much confirmed they would return next year for another tour in Japan. So I guess this small Japanese tour really must have gone well for them. Perhaps they plan to tour next year after they finished the studio album, as Carey said they were planning. The Japanese audience seemed really into it by the way, something which is not the general case in concerts in Japan.

-Will try to post my pictures later this week!

review by Gatts888
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