The Haunt, Yonkers NY, USA    February 27, 2009

Graham Bonnet has been doing 3 US shows with Alcatrazz in February. The new Alcatrazz line-up has Howie Simon on guitar and backing vocals, Glen Sobel on drums and Tim Luce on bass and backing vocals. After playing two weeks ago in Paladino's they did last weekend two shows at The Haunt in Yonkers NY and The Jaxx in Springfield VA. Holly Craven went to the show in Yonkers and has send us the following review.

Friday is always a day to look forward to, but Friday, February 27, 2009 was a VERY special one! ALCATRAZZ were playing THE HAUNT, in Yonkers, NY!! I had seen them back in '83 in Milwaukee, WI, when No Parole From Rock N Roll was released. It had been a great show, seeing Graham & Yngwie for the the 1st time. The new Alcatrazz rocks way harder than it's predecessors.

Due to some snafu's on the club's part, Graham & the boys didn't come on till 1:10!! Sadly, the crowd had thinned a bit, but there were still about 225 faithful left when they came on. Eyes Of The World was the opener, then into Too Young To Die Too Drunk. It was fabulous to hear the Graham again- no one does it like him! Howie Simon did a killer solo, then in to Jet To Jet. He is such a talented player, and fits in perfectly, weather he's doing Hiroshima Mon Amour or Desert Song. Tim Luce put down a strong rhythm throughout. It's great that he & Graham will be together on the Savage Paradise project.

Glen Sobel had me having a Cozy flashback during his solo. I was half suspecting that 1812 Overture was going to be next. The night ended on a Rainbow note- All Night Long, Since You Been Gone and Lost In Hollywood. It was around 2:35 when they went off. Considering that it was quite late & they had been travelling most of the day & had just finished playing to go and meet people right away, shows how much they care about their fans. Graham was absolutely charming. Glen, Howie & Tim were all very nice & took time to talk, even as it was approaching 3:00 in the morning & they had a long drive ahead.

I hope they do more shows, as they have a tremendous line up & there are loads of fans who would be "over the rainbow" for it......

Review by Holly Craven

Photos Duncan Craven