Blackmore's Night

Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb, Croatia    January 27, 2009

In rainy Zagreb on the 27th of January 2009 Blackmore's Night started their European Tour for 2009 and we did all we could do to be a part of another concert-delight as we covered more than 2000km to meet them. Zagreb is a very beautiful town of traditional architecture which reminds medieval times (Renaissance). Rain was a small drawback as we could not enjoy the town as much as we would like to.

Lisinski Concert Hall is a big modern building where all kinds of concerts take place and it was appropriate for Blackmore's concert as well. In the venue we got to know the driver of the band and we had the chance to talk about our favourite topic, Blackmore's Night...

The stage effects took a long to be set up because Croatian people for some unknown reason did not allow the staff to do their job properly… Fortunately, it all went fine and the concert was held without any unexpected incidents.

Doors opened at 20:00 and till 18:30 there was no one around. Around 19:00 the first medieval figures dressed in nice costumes began to show up and so the feeling was reminding a lot of Blackmore's Night. Queens, Kings, Witches, Elves, Knights were all there. When I put on my medieval costume, I feel something special. It is like going back in time and living some moments of that era...

We saw the concert sitting on the second row together with the other medieval-dressed people as we were in the Guest List made by Carole Stevens (manager BN). We thank her so much for her amazing help.

The set of the concert was just amazing and fabulous with the Secret Voyage as background, the nets, Blackmore's guitars and the very beautifully decorated piano of Bard David.

The concert started ideally with Locked within the Crystal Ball and they followed the rest of the magical songs as you can see on the play list. In most concerts people usually sit and they stand up at the end of the show. On the contrary, we rushed ahead while they were playing Home Again and we stayed there until the end. People from Zagreb seemed to know well the band and there were a lot who were dressed in medieval costumes and not in irrelevant T-shirts or even Deep Purple T-shirts. I hope we will make a good impression here in Greece if they ever come.

For those who have never been to a Blackmore's Night concert, I would recommend it without a second thought. It is a great pleasure-concert, something different which is worth seeing and listening to.

I have never seen Ritchie so in the mood. He changes songs in his own way and his makes them sound magical and so were the solos he was playing. Candice, very beautiful as usual, was singing great and she was joking with the audience. It was a magical night, very typical of Blackmore's Night.

The band was renewed with the two new members: Gypsy Rose - Violin and Earl Grey of Chamay - Bass, that gave their better self ..... This is the first concert afterwards their marriage Candice & Ritchie.

After the end of the concert with the help of my friend Richard Michels (Personal Security BN) and Carole Stevens, we managed to meet Candice and Ritchie Blackmore. They were sitting on the couch and they welcomed us in a good mood. I have heard a lot about Ritchie, that he is a bit strange etc. I haven't noticed anything like that; on the contrary, he was very friendly and simple.

At last, my dream came true. Candice Night was so cute, beautiful and pleasant that it is impossible for anyone not to like her. They were very surprised when my uncle (Boris) told them that he had met Ritchie outside his house in the USA in 1999. They promised to come to Greece. I hope it will be soon...

*** This time I tasted the beer that Ritchie gave me***
*** In the end, I decided not to take away from Ritchie his Fender Stratocaster that's why I didn't take it. J ***

Blackmore's Night Tracklist - Zagreb

01 God Save The Keg (Play Back)
02 Ritchie's Intro / Locked Within The Crystal Ball
03 Queen for a Day
04 Under A Violet Moon
05 Streets Of London / The Times They Are A Changin'
06 Soldier Of Fortune
07 Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus / Violin & Piano Solo
08 World Of Stone
09 Home Again / Blues
10 Ritchie's Intro / Wish You Were Here
11 Ocean Gypsy
12 Toast To Tomorrow / Bard David Piano Solo
13 Ariel
14 Loreley
15 Diamonds And Rust
16 Far Far Away
17 Peasant's Promise
18 The Clock Ticks On
19 Minstrel Hall
20 Wind In The Willows
21 ????????? (Special Song)
22 Black Night / Woman From Tokyo "riff"
23 Smoke On The Water
24 Difficult To Cure / St. Teresa
25 All For One
26 Mid-Winter's Night
27 Dandelion Wine

Review & Photos by Sir.Nikos Aidonidis (Blackmore's Night Greek FanClub)

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