Purple Rainbow

Vechtse Banen, Utrecht   March 31st, 2007

Dommelsch Clash of the Coverbands 2006 Finals

Purple Rainbow reached on February 10 the finals of the Clash of the Coverbands with a performance in the Dutch pop temple Paradiso in Amsterdam. The finals were held last Saturday March 31st in Icestadion De Vechtse Banen in Utrecht.

Purple Rainbow had to start with their half hour set as the first of eight bands. It was splendid to see them perform this time on a big stage. The hall was filled with 5000 people. They started with a great steaming version of "Burn", followed by Rainbow's "Man On The Silver Mountain". Great they did a Rainbow track in the finals. And a excellent version as well. Mario played his guitar like Ritchie in his best years. Sabine her voice was very strong and powerfull again. Fine rhythm section by Pat & Menno and temporary stand-in John added some great Hammond organ (Purple Rainbow is still lookin' for a permanent organ/keyboardplayer, so if you live in The Netherlands.......). To end the show the crowd got 3 more Purple classic hits with "Highway Star", "Smoke On The Water" and "Child In Time". Another great performance by this superb Dutch Deep Purple and Rainbow tribute band.

After Purple Rainbow 7 other bands followed, mainly bands who had a wide choice of top 100 all time hits. Only The Blues Brothers & Band were the other tribute band. And they ended as the winners of the Dommelsch Clash of the Coverbands 2006 with their act. Rattlesnake Shake, a good rockband, who did heavy rock versions of hits by the likes of George Michael, A-HA and Pearl Jam won the public's choice award. Pity Purple Rainbow didn't won but they made a lot of promotion for the music of Deep Purple and Rainbow in this contest which started over a year ago. The finals were covered by various Dutch press including 3voor12 and Music From NL.

all photos: © Rainbow Eyes Photography