Joe Lynn Turner


Joe Lynn Turner just returned to California for a set of solo shows. Site reader Barry Hoffman was set to attend and offered to do a review. Barry reports in: "This show was quite a surprise. After having seen it on the schedule for September of this year and then it being cancelled I had little hope it would still go on after seeing it posted for November. Thankfully I was wrong. Apparently this was the first time Joe has toured solo out here in 20 years. My best friend Greg and I showed up in time for the second opening act.

They were fine but we were there to see Joe. Having positioned ourselves at the front of the stage just to the right of Joe we really had no idea what to expect. All hopes for a good show were immediately confirmed as soon as JLT hit the stage.

Opening with Death Alley Driver we were treated to a performance by someone who obviously knows how to entertain a crowd. Though there were probably no more than 150-200 people he gave it his all. Playing all the songs we know and want to hear from Rainbow and Deep Purple he pretty much gave the audience what they wanted. It was also apparent that he was having a good time, smiling, telling jokes and stories about the songs and his time with Rainbow.

Songs I can recall from the set but in no particular order are as follows: Death Alley Driver, Can't Happen Here, Spotlight Kid, I Surrender, Power Of Love, Devil's Door, Jackknife, Unfinished Business, Stone Cold, King Of Dreams, Street Of Dreams, Highway Star, Smoke On The Water.

Having never seen JLT before in concert this show was particularly a surprise to me as I had no idea what to expect. It was great how Joe made us all feel a part of the show, talking to the audience, slapping hands with us etc. My recommendation is if you ever get the chance to see him GO! I don't believe you'll be disappointed."

Barry Hoffman, Melodic Rock

pic: Poughkeepsie 13 May 2005 by Holly Craven