South America Tour 1996

Santiago, Chile 27 June 1996

The inaugural concert for the 1996 South American leg went quite well. The band's performance was outstanding and showed no weaknesses from a six month layoff. However the catalyst for this great performance was te audience, which consisted of 5000 screaming, enthusiastic Blackmore maniacs. The energy projected by the fans was exhilarating and thrill for the band to experience. Simply stated … the fans were absolutely phenomenal.

The program for the Santiago show din't present a supporting band, only Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow to reign the stage on this night. The concert lasted well over 2 hours. However the excitement from the audience made this time pass too quickly. Tonight's set list concluded a couple new classics into last tour's set list - Maybe Next Time and Mistreated. Hunting Humans wasn't played, but that doesn't mean you won't hear it on a fiving night. Ritchie has stated that he will be mixing up the set list every night.

The highlight of the show was Candice's performance of Ariel. Towards the ending she enters from the darkness into a red spotlight. Her entrance and presence on the stage was stunning and the focus of the Chilean audience. Her outfit consisted of a deep indigo skirt and black laced while featuring her usual trademark - moon necklace and ring. It was clearly the show stopper.

Ritchie's attire reaffirmed that he is The Man In Black. He wore a black skirt, which he designed, black leggings, and black boots, that he purchased at a renaissance fayre in upstate New York. Doogie wore the typical rock-n-roll stage clothes - black shiny-wet-look pants and a t-shirt.

The band is now heading to Argentina for the next show. On their off day they have arranged for a soccer game with the international soccer star, Maradonna. In addition to their farewells Ritchie and Candice would to thank the Chilean audience for a most memorable evening.

Buenos Aires, Argentina 29 & 30 June 1996

Both shows at Teatro Opera were sold out. Rainbow played for nearly two hours with encores at both shows. The setlist didn't change much from the Santiago, Chile show except Rainbow Eyes was added in.

According to Ritchie and the band, the fans were absolutely intense and wonderful. They were mobbed by fans at the hotel, transportation, and concert hall. Ritchie and would like to thank Argentina for their enthusiastic support and warm hospitality. They loved performing for them.

Porto Alegre, Brazil 2 July 1996

The first night of the Brazilian leg for the Stranger In Us All tour is sold out. Ritchie and Rainbow receive a warm reception by the Brazilians. Candice received several bouquets of roses from some Brazilian and Swiss fans! She would like to thank those fans for the beautiful flowers. Rainbow performed several Deep Purple classics that set the crowd into a singing frenzy.

One of the more comical moments of the tour happened in Porto Alegre. Candice was introduced by Doogie for the part in Ariel as 'one of the most beautiful woman in the world and I want to take you home with me!' Doogie then picked Candice up and carried her off stage. Then they returned dancing and twirling to finish their vocal parts.

Curitiba, Brazil 4 July 1996

After a day off Rainbow electrifies another sold out crowd of wonderful fans. Ritchie could see banners in the crowd saying 'Ritchie Blackmore - you are our inspiration' and 'Ritchie Blackmore is God!'

They are still being mobbed by fans for autographs at the hotel, car and venue. The show was two hours long with encore.

The setlist varied slightly with the removal of the keyboards solo. Doogie really got into this show and the fans! He was stage diving into the crowd. The crowd would carry Doogie around the arena and return him back on stage.

Sao Paulo, Brazil 5, 6 & 7 July 1996

All three shows are sold out. Rainbow plays two hour sets with encores at all three shows. The second show was the longest of the three with additions including Black Night, Greensleeves, Hey Joe, Blues and Love Hurts, but Still I'm Sad was removed.

During the encore playing of Smoke On The Water from this night, Ritchie and Greg exchancing instruments. This weekend local music television stations aired Ariel video single along with the 30 minute B & W promo of Ritchie And Doogie from the electronic press kit. The warmth, intensity and emotion from the fans continued at peak levels.

Somebody stole Doogie's white shoes, so he played the second show barefooted. Doogie changed the lyrics of Waltzing Mathilda to 'Waltzing With Ritchie' and sang about his lost shoes.

At the third show somebody threw a DIO t-shirt on stage and Doogie sang about that as well. He received many laughs from the crowd for his spontaneously ingenious and entertaining song writing.

At both the second and third show the first string on Ritchie's guitar broke in the middle of the song, but he continued playing like a true professional. Both times the attentive crowd had recognized Ritchie's five string effort and gave a huge ovation at the end of the song.