European Tour 1981

Brøndby-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark - June 5, 1981

I remember Ritchie going completely beserk at the end of that show. Brøndby Hallen has one of the worst acoustics and maybe felt he had to make up for the terrible sound. He threw the remains of his demolished guitar up into the lighting rig where it stuck and Ritchie tried to pull all of it down. Two minutes later he actually leaped out into the audience and was carried off stage by two security guards!

Jacob Hastedt

Theatre de Plein Air du Parc Expo, Colmar, France - June 21, 1981

Like me, everything has not aged very well! moreover, a personal resentment with the master! let me explain .. June 21, 1981, Colmar, my very first concert .. Rainbow, tour "Difficult to cure"; an excellent pre-group, I'll come back to it later and the Man in Black .. 10 minutes of concert! and a "Fuck offf Colmar!"

Reason? a crate of tomatoes thrown on stage .. while the excavations at the entrance were very strict at the time! Ten years later, I met, through a job on the site itself, with the "thrower" of tomatoes! 500 francs to do it?!? ; nice sum! the ticket at the time was worth 30 francs! This story is true! the guy in question was chief of staff of the "wine fair" during long time and responsible for the site during the other concerts ...

Concerning "Difficult to Cure", it is from this disc, (I do not criticize the compositions), that I can not get used to it anymore, to get used to what? AU SOUND !!! This is not a personal revenge at the time I continued to buy the group records), but about the sound of the 80s .. I think Rainbow really suffered! The satisfaction of my first concert, was the support-act, very little known at the time, which for nearly an hour played their show! a certain Def Leppard!!

Jean-Marc Gaebele
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Theatre de Plein Air du Parc Expo, Colmar, France - June 21, 1981

I was at the 1981 show in Colmar (21/06/81), front row, in front Ritchie. The oranges did not come from the audience but from the big pit in front the stage. This pit was dark, but I saw the man who threw the fruit on the stage. Look in the article (from a French newspaper), Joe was alone on stage. And it is easy to guess who was able to make a joke to Joe Lynn Turner.

Jean-Marie Voisin
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