Video of the Month

The true Blackmore disciples will have tears in their eyes once again: The credits of "The Final Cut" look like the definitely demise of a band, whose maestro is blessed with a never-ending fountain of creativity.

To anticipate it right away: The absolute highlight of this 60-minute video is the live recording of "Difficult To Cure", in which the manic Ritchie fulfills his dream. Rock Meets Classic again: Our hero quotes with a full symphony orchestra behind him Beethoven's Ninth in many variations and plays in such ecstasy that the viewer cannot stay seated without being grabbed by the scenery.

Further live recordings are the opener "Spotlight Kid" and the fiery "Power", both of which come from the "Straight Between The Eyes" tour. Otherwise, songs are lined up, which, in addition to the music made visible, also roughly illustrate the recent history of the video clip: from mere filming of a playback performance ("All Night Long", "Since You've Been Gone") to towards the lavish short film "Street Of Dreams", which is also meaningful in terms of content).

"The Final Cut" is limited to the Rainbow phase from 1978 with Graham Bonnet and Joe Lynn Turner as singers. Dio is completely dispensed. This does not detract from the attractiveness of the video - especially because most clips in Europe have hardly been played, so far only on some cable station - a must for Rainbow fans!

Reinhard Harms, Metal Hammer Magazine, Germany 1986