The album where many were waiting for; the third Cornerstone album called "Once Upon Our Yesterdays". The question a lot of fans will have is "will this one be as good or even better than last year's brilliant 'Human Stain' album"?. Well, let's say it's different. It's like Doogie announced before somewhere inbetween the first album, 'Arrival', which was dark AOR but still a great album, and the huge much heavier 'Human Stain'. This third album is indeed somewhere inbetween. It's heavy, but also a bit dark and still it's one hell of an album. Fans of Cornerstone and Doogie White won't be disappointed. And yes there's enough that reminds us to Rainbow as well.

The line-up is the same as on the last album: Doogie White on Vocals, Steen Mogensen on Bass and keyboards, Kasper Damgaard on guitar & Allan Sørensen on Drums. And there are guest contributions by Rune Brink and Andre Andersen (Royal Hunt) on keyboards. The album is unfortunately less than 50 minutes long, but hey, it has 10 great songs and why spoil it by two or three fillers. All the songs are great, there are no weak ones.

We get some great hardrock, a few midtempo songs and some excellent power ballads. Great guitars, thundering basswork, some hot organ/keyboards stuff and ofcourse the excellent vocal work by Doogie. And let's not forget the violin in "End of the world" which have a great Celtic vibe, and sounds like Blackmore's Night meets Rainbow. There are two fine ballads on this album, the bluesy "Man Without A Reason" and "Some Have Dreams" which has a nice Hammond organ. "Welcome To Forever" is a great rocker that opens the album. "When The Hammer Falls" is another one of the great rockers on this album, with a great thundering bass by Steen. "Passion To Warfare" & "Hand Of Doom" are good midtempo rockers. "21st Century Man" is a fine track, very good bass and organ and - like on all tracks - excellent axework by Kasper Damgaard. The titletrack "Once Upon Our Yesterdays" is a bit more dark but still very heavy. "Scream" finishes the album, another huge powerrock song.

This is just another excellent Cornerstone album. Great production as well! This is top quality European melodic heavy rock with Rainbow influences. Top guitarist, great bass, powerfull drums, pumping organ/keyboards and one of the best vocalists of the moment. If you liked 'Human Stain', you'll dig this one too. What more can we ask for? A live tour of this excellent group ofcourse!

Releasedate: November 17th, 2003