Jürgen Richard Blackmore has recorded together with his keyboarder and longtime friend Malte Rathke 4 songs on this "Recall The Past" EP. This EP is a foretaste of the planned album that should be relaesed early next year. Jürgen describes it on his site as: With the music from J.R.Blackmore we try to open up a new dimension of rock. An instrumental work, which includes modern elements from different cultures besides classical and baroque influences. Orchestral arrangements and groovy guitar riffs united in many different melodies. We both wanted to combine our love for melodic rock and classical music in a unique way.

And that's exactly what you get to hear on this EP. Right from the start of the first song there's a wide variety of styles. It's a fine mix of classic meeting Uli Jon Roth, The Scorpions and ofcourse his dad, Ritchie Blackmore. Malte delivers a very catchy keyboardsound and there's an excellent guitarsound from Jürgen.

There are four songs: Recall The Past, Sheet Lightning, Time Travelling & Invisible Touch. The best song is Time Travel, especially the second part when Jürgen taking the lead and plays like his dad in the good old days. Great rockin' guitarsolo, organ in the background. It's good to have a Blackmore playing the electric guitar again, instead of poncing about like Robin Hood's nephew ;-)

Although these instrumental tracks are well worth listening, it would be even more enjoyable if Jürgen gets himself a heavy basher of the Powell/Rondinelli type plus a good rock singer....

Jürgen Richard Blackmore

He was born in London in 1964 as the son of Ritchie Blackmore --founder of the legendary rockgroup Deep Purple (Smoke on the Water), Rainbow, etc.-- and his German wife Margit.

Raised in Hamburg he received his first acoustic guitar at the age of 10. Blessed with the exceptional musical talent of his father and the self-assertion of his mother, a career as a musician was looming early in his life. In 1979 he started apprenticeship as a guitar maker at the famous Georg's Music Shop, first experiences were gained in small rock bands.

When he joined the rock band Iron Angel their first CD "Winds Of War" was his starting point as a professional musician. Parallel to this there were small solo projects, followed by the collaboration with the bands Straight, J.R. Blackmore's Superstition and finally the foundation of the J.R. Blackmore Group in 1990. Their gigs in the famous Docks in Hamburg started their international career. Videos, a tour through Czechoslovakia and many more activities made the album "Still Holding On" a success in Germany and abroad. The encounters with musicians like Michael Borman (Jaded Heart), Wolf Hoffmann (Accept) and Ulli Roth (formerly Scorpions) had a lasting influence on his musical sense.

Various solo projects as e.g. the cover version of "Smoke On The Water" with King Kurlee (Top 10 in Australia and New Zealand) and studio works with Gerd Liedtke broadened his musical spectrum. In 2004 he started his solo instrumental project with Malte Rathke, their first album is currently worked at full blast. With the foundation of the label Musikerei, Jürgen wants to give his ideas in personal music more room.


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