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Joe Lynn Turner did already two albums under the Sunstorm moniker, "Sunstorm" (2006) and "House of Dreams" (2009). Now three years later a third one gets a release. The album is titled "Emotional Fire". There's a slight difference with the last two albums. On those we got a collection of songs that came out of Joe's archives combined with tracks Frontiers suggested.

On this album it's all material Frontiers suggested including sessions Joe did in the past as the singer himself was busy with other things to be able to include this time his own stuff. It's only a subtle difference and the album sounds like a logical step in the Sunstorm series.

Joe sings fine -like always- the musicians play very good and the production by Dennis Ward is excellent. Still the material is not that strong as the first two albums. Not that it's bad, but we get songs from old JLT session work, left overs and slightly less compositions than on the previous Sunstorm albums.

Having said that, we still have a collection with good AOR songs that as said before have been recorded very well. You get some good old stuffs from the past that we have been heard before by top stars like Michael Bolton and Cher. Joe brings these songs a bit heavier than the originals without leaving the AOR path.

Michael Bolton included "Gina" originally on his album "The Hunger". Also "Emotional Fire" and "You Wouldn't Know Love" are written by Michael Bolton. Both these song landed on Cher's "Heart of Stone" album. Joe Lynn Turner did on both albums some backing vocals. These three songs are definitely some of the best ones on this album.

Joe Lynn Turner fans will love this album nevertheless as much as all his previous ones. Others might prefer to wait for another real harder rock album like "The Usual Suspect" or "Second Hand Life". Let's hope JLT have something like this included in his plans soon. Especially since that last one came out already five years ago.


01. Never Give Up
02. Emotional Fire
03. Lay Down Your Arms
04. You Wouldn't Know Love
05. Wish You Were Here
06. Torn In Half
07. Gina
08. The Higher You Rise
09. Emily
10. Follow Your Heart
11. All I Am


Lead Vocals: Joe Lynn Turner
Drums: Chris (Schmidtic) Schmidt
Bass, partial guitars and backing vocals: Dennis Ward
Guitars: Uwe Reitenauer
Keys: Justin Dakey

Releasedate: February 24, 2012