Frontier Records FR PR CD 390 Promotional Copy

Joe Lynn Turner did a few dates last year in both the US and Europe after releasing his "Second Hand Life" CD. The last date of the tour was in Ludwigsburg, Germany on the United Forces of Rock festival. Now one year later this show is released as a live CD. It's Joe Lynn Turner's first solo live album. The line-up of Joe Lynn Turner's band for this concert: Joe Lynn Turner (vocals), Greg Smith (Bass / Backing Vocals), Mike Sorrentino (Drums), Carmine Giglio (Keyboards) and Karl Cochran (Guitar / Backing Vocals).

JLT is together here with a fine bunch of musicians. Greg Smith is ofcourse best known for his stints with Rainbow and Alice Cooper. Nowadays he's on the road with wildman Ted Nugent. He was also in the band for Billy Joel Broadway show "Movin' Out". The drummer in that last band at the time is Mike Sorrentino who also has been in Blackmore's Night in the past. Keyboardplayer Carmine Giglio has also been part of the "Movin' Out" band and Blackmore's Night. And Karl Cochran is especially known for his excellent guitar work on JLT's studio albums.

After a very short introduction the band starts with the "Over the Rainbow" theme like in the old Rainbow days before they kick off with the excellent rockin' "Death Alley Driver". Once meant to be the opener for the "Straight Between The Eyes Tour". Ritchie however was satisfied with it live after a few nights and dropped it. Joe Lynn Turner proves here it's a fine opener and he and his band can handle it quite well.

After the opening song the party goes on with many Rainbow classics from the past. "I Surrender", "Power" and "Street of Dreams" are next. All very striking versions. Joe sing like in his Rainbow days, Karl Cochran play great and give us a few excellent guitar solos, Carmine Giglio let us hear some very sparkling keyboards and the backing duo Greg Smith and Mike Sorrentino play tight and heavy.

From JLT's solo album "The Usual Suspects" we get "Power of Love". And there are 2 tracks from "Second Hand Life" with "Your Love is Life" & "Blood Red Sky". All great songs that fit in excellent between all the Rainbow material.

Ofcourse we also get to hear all those killer ballads from the early 80's including "Stone Cold" and "Can't Let You Go". The last one with a superb intro by Carmine.

More Rainbow stuff with the rocker "Can't Happen Here" and also the surprising "Jealous Lover" (which was a B-side single for "Can't Happen Here") is played. A great version of "Spotlight Kid" with again some great guitar and keyboards is the last of 9 Rainbow songs. JLT tell the Germans to wake up and ends the show with Deep Purple's "Burn". Some good backing vocals by Greg Smith on this one and Karl is very impressive on this track too.

This live CD is a must have for JLT fans as well as the fans of the JLT Rainbow era. There's almost 75 minutes of great music. No less than 9 Rainbow tracks. Besides there are songs from JLT's solo albums and a Deep Purple classic. We know the qualities of JLT and the man proves it again here to us. And he has here a band with top musicians. Great axeman, excellent bassplayer who also can sing backing vocals very well, fine basher behind the drums and a real keyboardwizard.

Releasedate: October 10, 2008 (Frontiers Records)

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5)