Iain Ashley Hersey

Vintage Love - The Best
Avenue 11 15 0035 - Released: December 9, 2011

Iain Ashley Hersey has released 3 albums so far; Fallen Angel (1999), The Holy Grail (2005) and Nomad (2008). All albums contained very good heavy, bluesy and melodic rock in the vein of Deep Purple during the 70's.

On his albums Hersey used more than a handfull of excellent rock vocalists including ex-Rainbow singers Graham Bonnet and Doogie White. Graham Bonnet did three songs on "The Holy Grail", whereas Doogie White was to be heard on "Nomad" with a fine cover of Rainbow's "L.A. Connection".

We reviewed both cd's with the Rainbow singers in the past and already told then that Iain Ashley Hersey is a heavy, bluesy and melodic guitarplayer in the style of guitarists like Ritchie Blackmore, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix and bands like Deep Purple, Rainbow, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company.

It has become pretty quiet about the talented guitarplayer but now he caught our attention with a new album, even though it is a compilation album. The album has 15 tracks, with 4 tracks of the first and both 5 of the last 2 albums. The last track is the previously unreleased "Red Head Rampage".

This release proves once again that Hersey is a top class guitarplayer. He hired several excellent vocalists through the years. Also the songs are very good compositions. Pity he don't get more attention in the press.

If you already have all the albums of Iain then this one has not much new to offer, although all songs are remastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio. However if you don't have any of the albums then this is an excellent opportunity to get to know this excellent guitarplayer who has now this very good compilation out that shows his superb skills and give you 15 excellent songs.


01. Goin' Down And Dirty 5:16 (Lead Vocals: Dante Marchi)
02. Distant Memories 5:19 (Lead Vocals: Dante Marchi)
03. Hold On 4:07 (Lead Vocals: Paul Shortino)
04. The Outcaste 5:01 (Lead Vocals: Mike Stone)
05. Blood Of Kings 7:24 (Lead Vocals: David Montgomery)
06. Walking The Talk 4:38 (Lead Vocals: Graham Bonnet)
07. Calling For The Moon 6:20 (Lead Vocals: Carsten Schulz)
08. Blink Of An Eye 4:59 (Lead Vocals: Randy Williams)
09. The Holy Grail 5:09 (Lead Vocals: Graham Bonnet)
10. Voodoo Spirits 4:28 (Lead Vocals: Carsten Schulz)
11. Sacrifice The Sun 5:13 (Lead Vocals: Carsten Schulz)
12. L.A. Connection 5:08 (Lead Vocals: Doogie White)
13. Vintage Love 4:15 (Lead Vocals: Carsten Schulz)
14. When Will My Love Fade 5:58 (Lead Vocals: Carsten Schulz)
15. Red Head Rampage 4:47 (Lead Vocals: Carsten Schulz)