Two Tales Of One Tomorrow
Massacre Records

Cornerstone is back with their 4th studio album. The last one was released late 2003, since then we only got a live double album. But finally here is the new studio album. There's not much news under the sun. Nevertheless we have here an excellent album with 10 great new songs.

"Misery" kicks off the album. It starts with acoustic guitar but in no time we hear the characteristic Cornerstone sound. The band has created a very recognizable sound with a heavy guitar and a clear keyboardsound plus a great rhythm section. And then there's Doogie's great voice to top that all.

The album includes several great rockers like "One Man's Heaven", "Prey", "Starlight and Mystery", "The Dance" and "Wicked". "Mother of Mercy" is a bit more of a power ballad. Same goes for "Blinded". Both very good songs. The titletrack starts with a mysterical eastern scales. It has many Rainbow influences and sounds just excellent. Great guitarwork by Kasper Damgaard, and some pretty good keyboards by Rune Brink. This is how Rainbow most likely would have sounded if they should have continued after "Stranger In Us All". Top class!

"We Are The Dead" ends the album, great rock song again. Great axework, nice touchy keyboards and excellent rhythm section by Steen Mogensen (bass) & Allan Sørensen (drums). The song, and so the album, sounds with dark moody pianowork.

Cornerstone delivered another great album. Nothing more, nothing less. If you liked the other Cornerstone CD's than I only can give you one advice. Just go out and buy this one too right away. If you're still not familiar with Cornerstone, then give this band a chance. If you like European metal in the Rainbow "Stranger In Us All" vein, then you won't be disappointed with this or any of the other Cornerstone albums.

Releasedate: February 23, 2006 (Massacre Records)

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5)