Brazen Abott

My Ressurection
Frontier Records FR CD 244

Brazen Abbot is the band of guitarist Nikolo Kotzev. He was born in Bulgaria, but already lives since about 15 years in Finland. In the past he played in Swedish rockband Baltimoore. Since 1995 he has delivered several solo-albums. Most under the Brazen Abbot monniker. He also recorded a rock opera called "Nostradamus".

He doesn't have a steady singer on his albums, but has several guest vocalists most of the time. On the Nostradamus project he had two ex-Rainbow singers with Joe Lynn Turner and Doogie White amongst another range of good vocalist like Glenn Hughes, Alannah Myles, Sash Jordan, Göran Edman and Jörn Lande. Also on all his Brazen Abbot he's having a wide range of vocalists often including Joe Lynn Turner and Glenn Hughes.

On this new CD he used 4 vocalists: Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Malmsteen), Göran Edman (Malmsteen), Tony Harnell (TNT, Starbreaker) and Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse). Joe Lynn Turner sings on 4 of the 12 tracks.

The opener "My Ressurection", a good fast rocker. Then there's the ballad "Dreams", one of the highlights of the CD. Joe Lynn knows how the handle ballads ofcourse best. Two more rockers have JLT also on vocals, the excellent "More Than Money" and "Rage of Angels". The last one has Erik Mårtensson as well on vocals. The tracks with Joe sounds definitely the best. But the other tracks are rockin' fine as well. Sometimes the singers try to sound a bit too much like Glenn Hughes, like in "Bad Madman" (Göran Edman) and "Another Day Gone" (Tony Harnell). Even Joe Lynn Turner goes into the (great) screaming Glenn Hughes style at the end of "More Than Money".

"The Shadows" (Erik Mårtensson on vocals) is also a nice ballad, but don't come close to the superb "Dreams". All in all this is still a very enjoyable album. Nikolo is a very good guitarplayer, the rest of the band (Nelko Kolarov - keyboards, Wayne Banks - bass and Mattias Knutas - drums) are playing very well. And then there's Sofia String Orchestra for the finishing touch.

Conclusion: This is pretty diverse, but fine rockalbum using 4 different vocalists. Maybe Nikolo should fix himself on the use of one vocalist an album, so he get a better picture of a band and total sound. Then he also could focus himself on a band thing with live concerts and everything. Now it sounds too much as a project and that's hard to take out on the road with so many singers. Still this album is definitely worth checking out!

Rating: **** [4 out of 5]