The More Black Than Purple Interviews

compiled and edited by by Jerry Bloom
Wymer Publishing / ISBN 978-0-9557542-0-3 / Released: November 1, 2007

Jerry Bloom has released another book recently. It's called "The More Black Than Purple Interviews". More Black Than Purple is the name of the Ritchie Blackmore magazine that Jerry is the editor of. A great magazine and a must for every Ritchie Blackmore fan. The magazine has been published for over ten years now. And during that time they have had some very in-depth exclusive interviews with Ritchie himself, ex-members of Rainbow and more people related someway to Ritchie Blackmore.

In this book that just have been released last month we'll get a collection of these interviews. Some of them even partly or fully previously unpublished. There are 3 very in-depth interviews with the man in black himself. And he tells a lot more than in standard ints, he tells his vision on several Rainbow members but also on illustre names you might have heard occassional like Mrs King, Jack Green, etc. There are many interesting stories in this book. Like asking Ian Gillan to join Rainbow. Fighting with David Coverdale backstage at a Rainbow gig. And much more ofcourse. Ritchie finally gives his story on it.

There are also many facts on auditions and why members left or were fired. You can all read it here in great detail.

And there's more beside these 3 ints with the man himself. There are fine ints with Bob Daisley, Don, Graham, Cozy, Mark Clarke and TC. Especially the one with Tony Carey is very good.
There are also a few nice fillers with Steve Morse, John McCoy and Glenn Hughes.

Fascinating book again by JB. A must for every RB and especially Rainbow fan.

The book is bolstered further by a selection of b/w photos, many of which have never been published before.

· Includes interviews with: Don Aireyº • Ritchie Blackmore (x3) • Graham Bonnet • Tony Carey* • Mark Clarke • Bob Daisley* • Glenn Hughes* • John McCoyº • Steve Morseº • Cozy Powell

º Part, previously unpublished * Previously unpublished

Rating: ***** (5 out of 5)